How to Bring Vintage and Industrial Style into Your Home

How to Bring Vintage and Industrial Style into Your Home

Every ten to twenty years styles make a comeback, only in slightly different way. Usually the world of fashion will encourage the new trends and home interiors will follow suit, in this case, the past few seasons have seen us experience a growing number of vintage and industrial styles becoming increasingly popular within homes.


Old styles reinvent themselves in new forms, peeling back the original designs and going back to basics, industrial style reveals the bare bones of existing materials. Industrial style emphasises sharp lines, polished and rough surfaces. Textures are an important part of industrial style so, if you’re planning to introduce more than one industrial style, make sure you use colours that complement each other. Much of the colouring for our various products is taken from the same palette with metallic tones in either a matt or shine finish.



Vintage style takes into consideration the past trends and how they can be adapted to the present. This is an alternative to those who love an older style but prefer a modern finish on the design.

When adapting a vintage concept to your home it is important for everything to tie in together in order to avoid clashing themes or unintentional cross over; this is why vintage style with a modern twist is easy to work with. Our furniture and lighting offer a number of vintage looks, from caged lighting and textured glass shades through to brass pendant lights, solid oak and metal furniture.


All of our products will fit in with any vintage or industrial style to choose for your home, should you require further advice or details on our products visit the Industville website and view the wide product range available or visit our Facebook page to see how some of our customers have used our products.