35 Essential Mobile Apps For Interior Designers

interior design mobile apps

Take a look at our 35 Essential Mobile Apps for Interior Designers list. Use the buttons below to browse apps by category, otherwise, scroll and enjoy!

Measurement Apps

Measurements are one of the most important elements when starting an interior design project.

What size chandelier should I get? How many dining chairs will this dining table fit? What is the ideal distance from rug to wall?

These are all common questions we ask ourselves and a solution to many questions regarding measurements can be found within the list of apps below, which offer tons of useful features, all in your pocket.


Photo Measures

Described as one of the easiest measurement apps to use, Photo Measures allows you to measure your surroundings using your Android Device.
Whether you’re moving in to a new house, constructing a house or working on an engineering project, Photo Measures is the all in one solution to taking photos, noting the dimensions you need to and storing them within the app, simple.
You can download the app here:


iHandy Level

As one of the 5 apps from the iHandy Carpenter toolkit, iHandy Level is one of the most useful free apps you’ll find on the market, boasting a range of desirable features.
You can use iHandy Level for home decoration, picture alignment, measuring angle, roof pitch calculation and much more.
You can download the app here:


My Measures and Dimensions

My Measures is one of the best apps for storing and sharing object dimensions with minimum fuss.
It’s simple, all you need to do is take a picture of the space or object you wish to manipulate, and then add dimensions, arrows, angles and text notes for easier understanding.
This is a great little app for interior designers who are working with a particular amount of space which needs greater attention to detail.
You can download the app here:


Home Sizer

When designing a new home, it’s important to be aware of the exact spaces you have around you, which is where Home Sizer comes to the rescue.
It’s a great app for calculating the dimensions of each room in your home, not only that, it estimates the cumulative usable square footage of the rooms and entire house.
You can download the app here:


iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter is another iHandy app worth a mention, as it’s well known for being one of the handiest carpenter tools on the app market.
There are five main features to this app which are all great for making specific measurements with your smartphone, which includes measuring angles from 0 to 180 degrees to verifying the verticality of any given wall.
You can download the app here:


Multi Measures

Multi Measures is an all in one measuring tool kit that allows you to turn your iPad into a multi functional measuring device.
With 12 compelling tools within the tool kit, you can do just about anything when it comes to interior measuring.
Other features within the app include a compass, sound meter and timer which all come in handy also.
You can download the app here:

Colours & Painting Apps

Selecting the best paints and colours to compliment your project is a crucial decision for any interior designer to make, and sometimes it isn’t always so easy.

Whether you’re looking for recommended paints or you need to browse specific colours in more detail, you’ll find an appropriate app within the list below.


Peppermint 2

Peppermint 2 takes the guesswork out of choosing colours for your interior design needs. With its powerful colour wheel, this app allows you to adjust colours whilst maintaining a relationship with the original selected colour.
Peppermint 2 even allows you to extract colours directly from your photos, so again, no need to try and guess any specific colours, just take a snap and use the colour extraction tool to get the exact colour you desire.
You can download the app here:


Colour Capture

Colour Capture by Benjamin Moore & Co is one of the best colour capture apps on the market, available for both apple and android devices.
It couldn’t be more useful for interior designers, simply snap a picture of any colour that inspires you and the app instantly gets its match for you.
It’s also super easy to share your findings via email and through social media.
You can download the app here:



Another highly recommended colour capture app, ColorSnap is another great app that collects the colours you need from the images you take.
It will also offer a range of similar colours which allows you to explore further options and perhaps spark new ideas for your interior design projects.
You can download the app here:



PANTONE has been one of the biggest influencers for designers and manufacturers all around the world, and their app isn’t something that should go unseen.
With the myPANTONE app, easily create and share colour palettes for inspiration and instantly access your favourite PANTONE colours. An app well worth having for the array of features and, well, colours it has to offer.
You can download the app here:


Dulux Paint

Dulux are known as one the biggest, most reputable paint brands in the UK, and many don’t realise that they also have two really great apps (one for apple, one for android).
Their apps are created for home painters, decorators and interior designers, and provides you with useful tools and information for on the go.
The Apple app includes the all new “Dulux Trade Paint Expert Visualizer” which allows you to see your room in any colour, hugely helpful before buying or applying any paint.
You can download the app here:


Paint My Place

Paint My Place is an app that allows you to virtually paint your home using brand named paints and also suggested palettes. Quite simply take a snap of your room, and begin the painting process.
It’s unique to other similar apps as you can also add new colours to your existing furniture, which is really useful for interior designers.
You can download the app here:


Paint Calculator

Paint Calculator is a great little app to help you save money on buying paint.
The app was created for you to quickly and easily input a few numbers, and the app will estimate how much paint you’ll need for your project.
Simply input the height/length/width of your wall or ceiling, and let the app calculate the rest for you.
You can download the app here:


Room Painting Ideas

Room Painting ideas is a way to save and share all room painting and decorating images with friends, clients and with you.
Browse hundreds of interior and room decoration ideas and also read tons of useful articles to gain some colourful inspiration for your next interior design project.
You can download the app here:

Creating a Layout

Imagine being able to design room plans and layouts and jotting down ideas whilst out on the job, it would be a huge time saver.

No need to worry, there is an extensive range of apps that offer exactly that, as well as apps that offer endless inspiration. So whether you’re designing a living room or a kitchen layout, there’s an app for you...


Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker is one of a kind on the app market, using augmented reality technology to show the solar path in any given area, whilst displaying a range of statistics, including winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times and it’s hour intervals.
So, why is this useful for interior designers? Well, Sun Seeker comes in handy when creating a layout in any room, particularly with furniture placement.
It’s also great for getting a feel for the spatial availability of the solar angle throughout the year, why not give it a try?
You can download the app here:


Thermador Design and Planning Guide

Thermador is well known as a business for its handcrafted kitchen appliances and innovations, and their app is no different in class.
Browse and discover tons of ideas to inspire your next kitchen design, plus, there kitchen design and planning guide is well worth looking at, a brilliant free resource packed with endless ideas.
You can download the app here:


Floor Plan Creator

The Floor Plan Creator app allows you to identify predefined room shapes but also jot down initial floor plans.
The app stores all information in the cloud so you can automatically backup and share your floor plans between devices and with friends or clients.
You can download the app here:



MagicPlan is a way to quickly create professional floor plans and work estimates. The app also measures your rooms and draws out floor plans for you, just by taking pictures with your phone.
This is an ideal app for interior designers to conveniently and quickly create a floor map in seconds, and share them in a range of formats, or to publish as an interactive map on the web.
It’s also great for getting a feel for the spatial availability of the solar angle throughout the year, why not give it a try?
You can download the app here:


Inard Floor Plan

Inard Floor Plan is one of the best Android apps to create great floor plans within minutes, using only your phone to measure and draw objects.
The sensors within your phone allow you to measure most distances and other features include the ability to change and create new furniture along with changing colour schemes.
You can download the app here:


Floorplans Pro

Floorplans Pro is another hugely powerful and user-friendly floor plan creation app available for the iPad.
It’s pretty simple, use your fingers to swipe the screen to draw a room. It also has a PDF compatibility and annotation features which allows you to import existing plans where you can then add notes and annotate further.
You can download the app here:


Mark on Call

Described as “the next best thing to hiring a designer or a having an assistant”, the Mark on Call app is the complete home design and interior room space planning tool.
If you’re having trouble carrying out your designs and creating a viable layout, this app allows you to design and plan the space around, along with implementing visual plans in minutes.
You can even store shopping lists of items you think would be a good fit, and save your floor and room plans for future viewing.
You can download the app here:


Homestyler Interior Design

The hugely practical Homestyler app allows you to visualise your interior design ideas by placing furniture and decorative items in your home before you go ahead and purchase them.
How? Just snap a photo of a given space or room and allow the app to transform into a virtual fitting room. You can test everything from wall colours, specific items of furniture, decor items and much more.
You can download the app here:


TapGlance Interior Design

TapGlance is another powerful interior design app, which allows you to create photo-realistic images for any interior design project you’re currently working on.
No prior experience needed, simply drag and drop items of furniture, fixtures and appliances to see how they’d look within your project.
Plus, you can choose from over 2000 items for free within this app, and you can even import your own textures from you camera if you wish.
You can download the app here:


The Art of Window Dressing

The Art of Window Dressing app by Hunter Douglas offers a superb variation of window fashions via their virtual showroom app.
Simply load up the app and begin to browse hundreds of designs, fabrics and colour selections, to help your window dressing decisions that much easier.
Plus, they have a gallery of readymade images to inspire interior design ideas.
You can download the app here:



LivingRoom is one of the best iPad apps that gives you the tools you need to plan and design any room or space.
Whether the main focus of your project is to create a floor plan or choosing relevant sized furniture and materials, LivingRoom can accommodate for all of your interior design needs.
You can download the app here:


RAM Kitchen

As one of the only app for kitchens on the market, RAM Kitchen allows you to choose specific doors, handles, flooring and wall colours to help you bring your dream kitchen to life.
The RAM Kitchen app boasts a custom tool that allows you to create thousands of creative colour combinations, whilst using all the relevant components of a kitchen.
You can download the app here:


Room Planner Home Design

Room Planner Home Design is a way of creating realistic floor plans and 3D models in minutes, perfect for your next room or home design project.
You can quickly place and arrange furniture, doors, and windows so you can truly visualise what your room would look like. With hundreds of colours, textures and 3D objects to choose from, this app is well worth exploring.
You can download the app here:


Master-Design Furnish

Master-Design Furnish is a proficient furniture software solution, which takes you through the full process from design to production.
You can draw rooms, furniture and also obtain rendering for each, along with position and personalise your furniture to get a real feel for customised pieces for any given room as part of your interior design project.
You can download the app here:

Inspiration and Trends

Keeping up with industry trends and the latest products on the market can be difficult for any professional in their industry.

Whether you’re looking for the latest vintage lighting towards a kitchen project or want inspiration from your favourite interior designers, our list of inspirational apps is sure to help you out.



Even if you aren’t a regular shopper of Architonic products, their mobile app contains a full database of their stunning products.
Browse a range of manufacturers, designers and new products and discover the new furniture pieces on the market today.
You can download the app here:


Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Whether you’re redecorating or completely renovating, the Houzz app contains everything you need to improve the interior of your home.
The app includes over 7 million high resolution images of both home interior and exteriors that you’re able to browse by location, style and room.
This app gives you the opportunity to connect with a range of interior designers around the world to gain the tips and inspiration you require.
You can download the app here:


My Dream Home Interior Design

The My Dream Home app offers a free amount of inspirational designs of everyday spaces to inspire just about anybody.
It’s “Live Wallpaper” feature lets you browse a range of high definition interior photos, so you’ll never run out of interior design ideas, it’s also a great tool to explore other designers interior styles.
You can download the app here:


Home Design Ideas HD

Browse over 10,000 eye catching home design ideas and never be short of interior design inspiration again.
Home Design Ideas HD offers loads of beautiful images to help gain ideas for your living room, study room, basement – every room imaginable!
You can quickly share with friends and through social media if you wish to get a second opinion, great little app.
You can download the app here:


IKEA Catalogue

The IKEA Catalogue app allows you to download the latest edition of the physical catalogue.
This app is a great way to get some affordable inspiration and to expand your home furnishing knowledge, and even better, it’s all for free.
You can download the app here:


Phaidon Design Classics

Looking for your daily dose of interior inspiration? If you haven’t already, it’s time to download the Phaidon Design Classics app.
This app gives you access to a huge database of timeless design classics from some of the most renowned designers to date, including Marcel Breuer, Achille Castiglioni and Jasper Morrison.
The apps layout is organised in a chronological timeline including original sketches and prototypes from each of the included designers.
You can download the app here:


Living Room Decorating Ideas

The Living Room Decorating Ideas app by ZaleBox offers a massive selection of living room decorating ideas for at home; particularly useful for interior designers to analyse how others are decorating their living rooms.
Plus, you’ll find a tips section that offers a range of tips on everything living room related, for example, arranging furniture for maximum comfort.
You can download the app here:

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