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If you have not already started your Christmas decoration or you have the tree but are not sure how to make it work with the rest of your home decor. At Industville we have put together three unique inspiration boards, which will hopefully shed some light and help you create the perfect and most stylish Christmas yet.

As we are sure you are all aware, the trend for metallics in the home has maintained momentum through 2015 and we see no abating its popularity into 2016.

Nevertheless, it is during this time of year, when the nights draw in that they come into their own, adding a warmth and glow to a room that is unrivaled. With Christmas round the corner, they are especially season appropriate, as they are the perfect way to bring that added bit of stylish sparkle and little extra 'Je ne sais quoi' to your interior!

This year, we have divided our inspiration into three distinct themes, making the most of the different finishes that Industville offer. We hope that this illustrates not only the unique diversity of metallics themselves but also the flexibility of Industville’s products more generally and how they can be innovatively used by our customers to create any number of fantastic interior effects, no matter the style or feel that you are trying to achieve. Our three looks are Copper Christmas, Monochrome and New Traditions, with each board illustrating our very own take on some the most popular trends in Christmas decoration this year.


Copper Christmas - 

This beautiful burnished hue has been filtering into our hearts and homes over the past year, with many singing it's undeniable praises. It’s unique pinkish tones adds a lovely new dimension to any interior and works beautifully with any number of interior styles. This Christmas, it has especially come into its own. At Industville, we love the combination of our pure copper fittings with the natural colours and textures of the rich green fir trees alongside a sophisticated palette of textured whites and creams, creating a reassuring yet refreshing take of our favourite time of year.


Monochrome - 

Prefer something a little more subtle? We have seen a huge buzz around the idea of a more restrained palette this Christmas with monochrome colour schemes using patterns, textures and different mid tones to create unique interpretation of the festive season. As many of our products are inspired by the industrial style, we love the way our products work in this scheme, as texture and finish become more important. Monochrome is a fantastic alternative for those wishing to create a more sophisticated and restrained perspective on the festive proceedings.


 New Traditions - 

Then there are some things that never goes out of style! Perhaps in a slightly new understanding, our 'New traditions' inspiration board, combines traditional Christmas flavours but looking to the effortless chic of Scandinavian style.The festive colour combination of red and white with an added sprinkling of vintage style antique brass that oozes Christmas spirit. The golden tones of brass are especially brought alive with when used with Industville’s vintage style LED bulbs, it is a gorgeous way to introduce the warming and comforting effects of candlelight at Christmas. With ‘New Traditions’ we illustrate a new interpretation of our beloved Christmas traditions.

Which is your favourite style for Christmas? Do you stick with the same style every year or do you like to change it up?

Let us know in the comments! Or you can Tweet, Instagram or email us at [email protected] any pictures of how you've created the perfect Christmas interior featuring our Industville products! 

Go to Industville to see all the products featured in our inspiration boards. 

and if you want to see more like this make sure to take a look at our Projects Page and Pinterest now!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

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