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A Darker Take on Scandi: New Nordic Interiors

Scandinavian interiors have long-since been adored across the globe for their authenticity and detail. However, as with all styles, the Scandi interior is experiencing a revolution, with new, more dramatic shades being introduced.

The New Nordic Style

One of the most popular interior styles right now is known as ‘New Nordic’. This interior trend builds upon the simplistic Scandinavian style and compliments it with more dramatic tones and textures that you see in other modern interiors.

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Incorporate Darker Shades

This is where the New Nordic style differs from the more traditional Scandinavian interior. While Scandi designs are usually associated with light tones, New Nordic incorporates more dark and dramatic shades that make a big impression.

Dark colours are perfect for highlighting statement furniture, while they can also create wonderfully warm and inviting interiors. Our Sleek range, starting at just £29, fits perfectly into these dark styles, adding subtle colours and textures to a space.

A dark interior with bright pink furniture, plants and industrial-style lighting

Sleek Edison Wall Light - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @our_cornish_life)

Combine with Lighter tones

Of course, to fully commit to darker interiors is a big step and one that may not suit every home. Thankfully, the New Nordic interior still keeps those light furnishings which work as the perfect balance to more dramatic dark tones, creating a light yet warm space.

Our industrial-style lights are the perfect way to introduce more tone and textures to an otherwise light interior. We love how our Flat Pendants are used below to create more focal points in the dining room, adding yet more character to a room full of texture!

A wooden, simplistic dining room interior with industville lighting

Sleek Flat Pendant - 15 Inch - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @thelittleyellownest)

Giant Bulbs

Another common feature of the Scandinavian style is simplistic, exposed elements. In this respect, the industrial style can work hand-in-hand, introducing deep textures to create a dramatic space that retains its effortlessness.

Our Sleek Large Edison Pendants are the perfect feature for a darker, New Nordic interior. With their dramatic large bulb and subtle metallic shades, they add an eye-catching element into any minimalist space.

Large hanging industrial light bulbs by Industville

Sleek Large Edison Pendant - 1 Wire, by Industville (image supplied by Andy Haslam Photography)

Declutter Your Space

Another one of the critical aspects to maintain in any Scandinavian interior is its minimalism. Any signature Nordic style will use accessories sparingly but effectively, creating a clean, airy space that supports individual character and authenticity.

One of the first steps to creating a New Nordic interior is to remove excess clutter from your space. Organise your storage and tidy your shelves to bring more focus to every room.

With New Nordic, the darker tones help to bring a minimalist style to life. Combined with strong textures and subtle shades, such as our gorgeous pewter, the darker tones can create a real sense of warmth.

A dark interior design with wooden shelves and pottery

Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Oval Light - 6 Inch - Gunmetal, by Industville (Image supplied by Charlie Kingham Kitchens)

Simplicity in Scandi Bathrooms

If you were to choose any room to incorporate the Scandinavian style, let it be the bathroom. Minimalist and inviting but bursting with character – it’s everything you could want from your bathroom interior! By introducing more clean lines and deep textures, you can easily recreate a Nordic design, no matter what the size of your space.

Our range of waterproof industrial bathroom lighting is the perfect accompaniment to any minimalist New Nordic interior. We have a wide selection of IP44 and IP65 lights, suitable not only for the bathroom but also outside the home. 

A Scandinavian-style bathroom with large mirror and industrial lights

Sleek Edison Wall Light - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @dugdigs32)

Textured Kitchen

While simplicity and minimalism are essential in Scandinavian interiors, this shouldn’t be mistaken for creating a sterile, lab-like room. Character is hugely important, particularly in New Nordic, and the best way to introduce this to your space is through textures.

Textures come in all shapes and sizes, from our hanging industrial lights to wooden and metallic furnishings, such as our gorgeous retro stools. Combined with dark, New Nordic tones, these subtle touches can create really dramatic interior designs.

Don’t forget to make your house your own, also! Whether you hang your favourite morning coffee mug or utensils on a wall, or simply have family photos on the work surface, adding those touches will just enhance your home’s Nordic charm.

A smart kitchen interior with wooden furniture and grey cupboards

Brooklyn Flat Pendant - 8 Inch - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Colin Poole)

Dramatic Bedrooms

The bedroom is the perfect place to experiment with darker tones. By using blacks and greys, you can create a warm, inviting space that has a luxurious feel.

Hanging side table lights are the perfect addition to a Scandinavian interior, adding a subtle burst of interest to otherwise simplistic walls. Our Sleek Edison wall lights, available in copper, pewter and brass shades, make the perfect light and simple addition to your Nordic interior.

A white and grey bedroom interior

Sleek Edison Wall Light - Pewter & Brooklyn Balloon Cage Pendant - 6 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by W Birch Developments Ltd)

Go All Out Hygge

Of course, it’s impossible to have a Scandinavian style now without incorporating a touch of hygge! We’ve all fallen in love with the Danish/Norweigian lifestyle trend, not just because of how it makes us feel, but also because of how it can be used to create truly personal and warm homes.

The living room is the perfect place to incorporate some hygge energy. Fill your space with love and warmth through accessories such as blankets, rugs and photos on the walls. Dim the lights and add some candles for an evening of cosy loveliness.

A warm Scandinavian-style living room with industrial-style lighting

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by @dreambound74)

Share Your inspiration

Scandinavian interiors will always be in fashion, but New Nordic offers a more dramatic take on the simplistic style.

Have you added a dark twist to your interior? If so, we would love to see what you’ve achieved! Check out or social media channels at Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, where we share inspirational interiors every day. Remember to get involved with the hashtag #Industville!

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