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Energise Your Interior With The Colour Green

Spring is around the corner, and so is St. Patrick’s Day, do we really need another excuse to talk about green interiors?! We’re ready for the sunshine, cool breeze and the interiors to match! Spring and flowers go together hand-in-hand, and so does green and brass!

Have you ever walked into a yellow room and felt instantly happy? Or a red room and felt passion? Colours have the ability to affect our moods, with green emitting balance and harmony. Green has a strong association with nature; therefore, it’s said that the colour rejuvenates, radiates peace and energises us. What does the colour of your interiors say about you? In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re going to look at ways in which you can incorporate a touch of green into your interiors to give your décor a refresh!

Make A Statement

Wallpaper is a great way to make a bold statement in your interior, with a number of stunning patterns and prints to choose from. Wallpaper has the ability to transform your room completely, and there are various ways you can decorate with it. From covering all your walls in a print or opting for a statement accent wall, a pattern is a perfect way to add character.

Botanical print wallpaper and vintage lights in interior

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light – 7 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @happy_number_38)

Wall lights pair perfectly with wallpaper, putting the focus more on the print. Our wide range of wall lights look incredible with bold green wallpaper, emitting a warm glow. The warmth in brass works perfectly with green tones as they work in unison to create a bold interior. Why not incorporate some statement wall art too?

Create Harmony

Opposites attract and you can’t get much different than pink and green! The chic colour combo is incredibly calming, and when paired they create a soothing and relaxing effect. In recent years, pairing together the two shades have become increasingly popular, with searches for the combo skyrocketing by 1150%.

Complementary Colours – Green by Samuel Deacon

Complementary Colours – Green by Samuel Deacon

Whether you combine the colours through wallpaper, a blend of cushions or putting the focus on your walls with a piece of artwork, the colour pair is worth trying! Want to create an even bigger statement? Opt for Bulkhead lights which add industrial charm to any interior. Our Bulkhead range is available in the rustic gunmetal, brass, copper and black finishes, adding plenty of character to your green and pink dream!

Industrial interior design with green walls and pink furnishings

Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Round Light – 8 Inch – Gunmetal, by Industville (Image supplied by @off_the_wall_interiors)

Add A Splash Of Emerald Green

There are numerous different shades of green and depending on your interior style will determine the shades of green you opt for. Emerald green is a luxurious tone which adds elegance and depth to any space. It’s a tone which can be overpowering, so incorporate splashes of the rich colour, rather than have the colour cover your walls, to energise your interior.

Living room interior with green velvet sofa

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light – 7 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @Archer.t.j)

For a splash of the tone add cushions, chairs or even a statement sofa to become the focal point. Brass lights pair perfectly with the rich tone as they add a contemporary chic twist.

Go Mad With Metallics

Adding a touch of metallics in our interiors adds luxury and glamour, whether you opt for brass or gold. Brass is a warmly toned metal which works best with bold blocks of colour rather than warmer colours. When brass is paired with green, they add elegance to any interior. If you need some extra inspiration, you can read our blog about interiors dripping in gold here!

Green wall with brass industrial lights

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light – 7 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Focus Designs)

Bring The Outdoors In

As we’ve mentioned, the colour green reminds us of nature and the outdoors, so what better way to add a glimmer of green than with house plants? Plants are a great way to add a touch of green into your interior, but there are also a number of other benefits. Such as increasing the amount of oxygen in the room and adding freshness. Incorporating plants bring a room to life and make a room feel brighter, not only adding a therapeutic value but also bringing a calming effect.

Industrial inspired bathroom interior

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by

Commercial establishments are starting to incorporate plants into their interiors too. As plants bring tranquil and peace into interiors and bringing the outdoors in has many benefits. If you want to create an Insta-worthy interior for customers, our glass pendants are the perfect way to create a natural atmosphere which works incredibly well with greenery.

Industrial inspired coffee shop interior

Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant – 7 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @mylondonfairytales)

It’s All In The Details

The finishing touches are what brings a whole interior together, allowing the style you’ve envisioned to be tied together. A subtle way to add a touch of green into your interior is by opting for our fabric flex cables paired with our retro pendant lighting – adding freshness and a spring-like vibe all year round!

Green fabric flex cables from IndustvilleSage Green Round Fabric Flex – 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, Dark Green Round Fabric Flex – 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, & Light Green Round Fabric Flex – Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, by Industville

Artwork is also important in interiors, as it makes a space feel more vibrant and unique. With various types of art available, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your décor! We celebrate unique art here at Industville as it uplifts a space and adds an instant colour pallet. Green is an optimistic colour and adds a rich, playful outlook to any space.

Green is a restful colour with calming effects, incorporating the energising colour into your interiors will give your space a refresh. From emerald through to lime, there is a shade of green for everyone whatever your chosen style. We hope we’ve inspired you to add a touch of green into a room of your house or business. How will you be integrating the colour into your interiors? We’d love to know! We love seeing your pictures so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram - @industville – or by using our hashtag #industville.