How to Incorporate the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

How to Incorporate the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

The wait is finally up. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re pleased to announce that Pantone’s Colour of the Year is finally here! The company is a long standing trend-setter in multiple industries including fashion and interior design, with the Colour of the Year presenting an indelible opportunity to catapult yourself into the trend for the following 12 months. It is perhaps not surprising that when this important brand announces its ‘Colour of the Year’, that interior experts sit up and take notice. This winter, why not banish the traditional neutrals in favour of something a little more bright, bold and interesting? From small details, to interior overhauls, this is how you can incorporate the Colour of the Year into your interior.

Introducing Classic Blue

It’s easy to see why this colour has been chosen to welcome us into 2020. A timeless and enduring hue, this blue oozes confidence, calmness and connection, perhaps at a time we need it most. Provoking thoughts of the sky at dusk, Classic Blue brings with it not only dependability and a welcome well-roundedness but also inspires peace, tranquillity and clarity.

Using Classic Blue in Your Home

When it comes to interiors, we can hear people celebrating across the spectrum. This Classic Blue works with a wide range of styles and compliments both furnishings and fixtures in almost all homes. It’s important that your home reflects your personality and style, along with being a beautiful space for you to spend time. Beautiful interiors are a source of happiness for you and your family, and together with this classic shade, can create a perfect synergy.

There are numerous ways you can incorporate the colour into your home. Whether you have played with colour before, or are new to the idea, we’ll be highlighting how you can embrace this hue into your home for 2020. Here, you can see just how well it works with our brass wall light and highlights it as a jewel tone in your home. These pairings are perfect for bathrooms, lounges or even bedrooms, providing you with your own slice of interior paradise.

Bed with bedside table and lamp

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Brass, by IndustvilleVintage LED Spiral Edison Bulb - 5W E27 Small Globe G95, by Industville (Images supplied by @alexwroephoto)

Blue Walls

Blue, of course, evokes images of the sea, lending it to being perfect for recreating relaxed, coastal scenes within your home. Whether this is your bedroom, kitchen or lounge, it can be a big change to transform the room’s colour entirely, which is why two-tone walls can work just as well allowing for a much less significant change.

Two-tone is a style that creates laidback and welcoming interiors, leaving you lots of breathing space to be able to inject some of your own personality into the room. Why not introduce some natural elements such as rattan, jute or linen, allowing for a sensorial experience.

Pairing well with the coastal style, our caged lights allow the room to shine by putting the focus firmly on the interior below. Their authentic coastal vibe matches seamlessly with the relaxed style of the kitchen and ties the interior together nicely. A simple designed created by expert craftsmen, the caged design is one that shines all year round, providing light into your life.

Kitchen with hanging ceiling caged lights

Brooklyn Wire Cage Pendant - 5 Inch - Pewter – Cylinder, by Industville (Image supplied by @kylamcgrathinteriors)

Instead of opting for two-tone, why not create a Classic Blue feature wall in your lounge or bedroom? Doing this will allow you to not only enjoy the new colour but also draw attention to the hue by pairing it with copper or brass lighting.

Bedroom with blue wall and industrial lights

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @ruthzoo)

There are only a few more classic colours than blue. Other than the favoured neutrals of white and grey, blue is a hugely popular choice for all rooms around the house. Instilling a sense of calmness and composure to any interior, introducing this hue into your home will add a splash of brightness without feeling too ‘in your face’. A modern yet classic feel, combining this with industrial style lighting not only captures the essence of past styles but gives a modern and contemporary feel.

A great option that you could look to implement would be lighting from our double colour selection. These fixtures enjoy the best of both worlds, with pewter and copper, and pewter and brass combinations. If you decide to implement these dual-colour fixtures into your home, you’ll benefit from the warmth and luxuriousness of the metal, especially in the kitchen.
Kitchen island with bar stools and hanging ceiling lights

Old Factory Pendant - 12 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by Fiona Power)

Bathroom Blues

At this time of year, we all enjoy spending time in the bathroom. Whether this is relaxing in a lovely hot bubble bath, or taking a warming shower after a long day at work, the bathroom is a place that rejuvenates and re-energises us for the following day.

Bathroom with blue walls and brass wall lights

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @scrumblesliving)

Blue is a classic bathroom colour, bringing to mind images of water and clear sky. There are countless ways you can incorporate this timeless shade into your bathroom, either by using it as an accent to an already primary colour within the space or as the main colour of the room. You could also create a stylish pairing with patterned wallpaper, to really allow your creative flair to shine through. No matter how you choose to incorporate blue into your bathroom, make you have the perfect lights to match! Our range of lighting fixtures can provide the perfect finishing touches for your room and allow it to glow, even on the darkest of days.

Patterned bathroom wall paper with copper lights

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by @inspirerefurb)

Using a floral wallpaper can add depth and diversity to your interior, breaking up the blocks of solid colour and bringing previously two-dimensional walls into 3D. It can also bring a freshness to the room, almost like you are surrounded by nature in a peaceful and tranquil environment. Or, you could choose to bring nature into the room with you. Flowers and plants can thrive in the bathroom thanks to the ever-present moisture in the air. Remember to check to see which plants can survive the best in these kinds of environments, as having a room of dead plants will undo all of your interior handy-work!

Subtle Hints

For a short, sharp injection of this classic colour into your interior, why not consider picking up some artwork that makes use of the hue? Artwork not only adds colour to your space but also creates a new texture to the room, bringing with it a sense of style and elegance. Equally, using small features such as our flex lighting cable can bring some colour to your room. These can be purchased in a range of colours including a beautiful blue. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have your lights delivered already boasting a dash of colour, our rewiring service can take care of this. 

Thalassophile 2 by Navdip Kaur

Thalassophile 2, by Navdip Kaur

Want more inspiration on how to create the perfect home interior? Look no further than our Pinterest and Instagram pages! Updated daily, these are the only sources you’ll ever need to create your dream home interior. You can also find a wide range of products on our online store, our vintage lighting is a popular choice and can work perfectly with Pantone’s Classic Blue hue! Make sure you let us see your space once they are fitted as well, tag us on Instagram so that we can admire your handy work.

Featured Image Credit: Higham Furniture