New Product - Image Incentive

Thank you for recently purchasing a product from our New In range.

Proud to show the world about your new project? We are offering a chance to get 25% cashback for the new items shown in an Instagram-worthy image that you would like us to promote on Instagram or in our marketing.

If you would like to submit an image for consideration, simply follow the guide below to submit your photos for review.


Image Submission Guide

Step 1 - Install your new light fitting
(This must be from our currently active New In range)

Step 2 - Take an amazing photo
(For inspiration be inspired by our Instagram feed)

Step 3 - Upload your photo on our Inspiration Gallery page
(Just click 'Add Photo' and ensure you include your order number. You can submit up to 10 images.)

Step 4 - Wait for an email
(No need to contact us, we will send a confirmation once your photo has been reviewed)

We expect to respond within one week of submitting an image. 


Terms and Conditions

1. This discretionary incentive is offered to invited customers who have purchased a product from the 'New In' collection directly from the Industville website. 

2. Invited customers who submit a photograph of their newly installed light fitting from the 'New In' lighting collection may be eligible to receive cashback to value of 50% of the price 'New In' items in their order, that are shown in the image. 

3. Images will be judged by Industville staff to assess their suitability for wider marketing use, if deemed to be suitable, the customer will be notified of their successful submission within 30 days of submission using the details provided with the order.

4. The decision of Industville staff will be final and no negotiations will be entered into.

5. Images that are successful in being awarded cashback will be used across the Industville website, advertising and social channels. Images that are deemed not eligible for cashback, will not be used for marketing without permission.

6. Customers may submit more than one photo, up to a maximum of 10 photos for consideration and although any number of these may be successful, cashback will be capped at 25% of the value of the 'New In' items shown in the approved image of any one order. Any discount value applied to the order or item in question, by any promotional or good-will codes, will be deducted from the value of the cashback.

7. Cashback will be given for those items shown in the approved image(s), items on the order which are not shown will not receive cashback.

8. Customers should submit their photo within 30 days of receiving their order to be eligible for the incentive. 

9. Submission should be through the Inspiration Gallery 'Add Photo' button available here:

10. All submissions require a name, email, social handle, order number, the acceptance of terms, and consent to the free use of the imagery in all Industville marketing, product listings and print materials both by internal and 3rd party teams. 

11. Customers with approved submissions may be asked to supply full-resolution versions of their images before a cashback is processed.

12. Industville reserves the right to suspend, cancel or adjust the terms of this incentive at any time.