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by Diana Savostaite

Artist’s Statement

I use oil painting as my primary medium. In 2019 I have started to experiment with irregular shaped canvases and enjoyed doing it since. My aim is to create a story on the wall, where paintings interconnect with each other in various shapes. Refusal of rectangular shapes gives me more freedom for imagination.

The painting process is very important and serves like meditation to me. I use rich, deep colours and expressive movements of the brush. I begin an artwork by drawing the main structure, then build up layers of paint, add lots of details in some areas and wipe off the paint from other places. Often, I over-paint on old paintings so my artwork looks completely different from the first version of it.

The subjects are chosen very intuitively and always dictated by the closest surroundings or life situations. My inspiration comes from observing nature and my own senses. In my current work, I am interested in conveying the relation between body and mind, self-understanding through all the senses and exploring connection with nature.

 Title Landscape
Artist Diana Savostaite
Size 70 (W) x 50 (H) cm
Medium Oil on canvas


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