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by Marianne Simonin

Artist’s Statement


Primarily a painter, I work with oils to obtain a contrast of textures and layers. My inspiration comes from being mostly attuned to natural surroundings, be it the sea or wide-open spaces. By connecting with the primordial elements of water, earth, fire, air or space, my compositions move beyond landscape reproductions and seek to express emotions or states of mind. For example the ‘poppies’ series was a way to render the act of walking in nature, the awareness of one’s inner world as one moves step by step along a path.

I frequently travel alone to remote areas of India or other countries to find inspiration, and spend many days in silence, observing, while moving from place to place. The titles that I use are part of the creative process, and in many occasions they initiate the work. Photography plays also an important role in my artistic expression, which can become a final statement, or used during my travels as a way to capture inspiring shapes and forms, as well as colour schemes for future projects.

Recent exhibitions have included: Thoughts become Art, Baumhaus Berlin, Germany (2017) These Studios Cities, #1: Origins & Motifs, SE18 - curated by A. M. Hanson (2017) Siger Gallery, Yami-ichi (Black Market), Tate Modern, SE1 (2016)

Private collections: UK & Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Canada and Italy.

 Title Secret
Artist Marianne Simonin
Size 76 (W) x 81 (H) cm
Medium Oil on canvas 


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