Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle

Brooklyn Step Pendant - 16 Inch - Pewter, (Image supplied by Restoran Juur)

INDUSTVILLE’S adjustable pendant lighting was selected to complement the juxtaposing natural and industrial elements of Restoran Juur’s interior.

Restoran Juur is a restaurant in  Estonia that prides itself on using clean, organic and locally sourced ingredients, many of which have been forgotten or undiscovered.  Inspired by Nordic cuisine, the menu reflects both seasonal rotation and ancestry, championing contemporary molecular gastronomy. Restoran Juur also boasts a wide range of Estonian made drinks, from speciality coffee to craft beer and sparkling wines.

The restaurant’s interior had to reflect the raw ingredients used throughout the menu as well as the urban creative nature of the space, which sets out to provide customers with a unique and enjoyable fine dining experience. Plants feature prominently throughout the space, offering a green “foresty” feel. Light natural wooden tables and flooring contrast with the building’s high ceilings, exposed brickwork and overall industrial appeal.

When it came to choosing the lighting, the team at Juur, which translates as ‘root’, wanted something distinctive to balance with the look and feel of the interior. That’s when they stumbled upon Industville, a lighting company that has provided versatile lighting solutions for a number of prestigious bars and restaurants in both the UK and overseas. The high-quality lights specified have been handcrafted from raw materials, enhancing the premium look of Restoran Juur and echoing its innovative and organic food offering.

The outlet selected the Brooklyn Step Pendant in light pewter with a copper pendant holder and cage, ideal for harmonising the interior to create the ultimate dining ambience. Black flex accompanies the light and the top of the light, which again, is in keeping with the ‘urban jungle’ feel. The team chose to adjust the lights to different heights according to what area they covered for a sense of asymmetry.

Britmarii Kroon, Restoran Juur marketing manager, said: “The lighting in Restoran Juur creates an atmosphere where good design, new Nordic style and a hint of Estonian elements come together. Thanks to  the  adjustable height and intensity, we are  able  to make every  guest  feel at home.”