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by Jessica Oliver

Artist’s Statement
“Exploring ideas of landscape, gesture, expression and representation- these works sample neo-romantic journeys and abstract landscapes inspired by my interest in oceanic seascapes and coastal vistas.
Both my drawings and large immersive oil studies are enquiries into ideas of the bodily, phenomenology and gestural spaces of precipice.These paintings embody the expressive and painterly experiments in my seaside studio over recent months and, I hope, convey the authenticity and energy felt from my expeditions around the UK and abroad in pursuit of inspiration.”
Designed as a collection of immersive, large scale ‘painterly vistas’, this series of abstract nature painting represents a motif of bodily nature through the use of gesture and mark making. Through the visceral application of paint, the focus is to present a mapping of space for the viewer to explore visually.
Title Lillooet

Based on the explorative drawings and studies taken from Whistler,  towards the Northern Rocky Mountains, ‘Lillooet' is based on the waterfall and atmospheric forests I discovered and was sketching from as I explored the trails and hikes of Canada. It’s composition is designed to immerse and lure the viewer into the otherworldly elemental space. Lillooet is a Lagoon space, composed of misty water pools and dark forests overlayed with sketches of foliage and a dream like space. Cool spring light also filters through the nymph enclosure, evoking to the watery atmosphere an impression of tranquility.

Artist Jessica Oliver
Size 190 (H) X 170 (W) cm
Medium Oil and Charcoal on Canvas


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