Illuminate The Garden During Summer Evenings

Illuminate The Garden During Summer Evenings

As much as we love the sunshine, for us, summer is equally about long balmy evenings spent outdoors – preferably with an ice cold beer in hand. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, patio space or balcony, you can extend the enjoyment into the night with smart lighting.

The best outdoor lights are highly durable and weatherproof and can withstand being left outside.

Look for those with a minimum IP43 rating to protect against inclement weather – essentially the higher the number the more waterproof your light will be.

We tested a range of garden lighting from ditsy fairy lights up to giant outdoor floor lamps, looking for the best in high quality and low-maintenance illumination for our exterior spaces.

Industville Brooklyn outdoor and bathroom pendant

Waterproof and weatherproof, this simple, industrial style pendant is made for bathrooms and exteriors alike – but we loved its glowing presence in our front porch. It’s a beautifully designed lamp that offers understated elegance.

Handmade, the glass shade is robust and artisanal in feel, while the brass holder offers a warm and inviting vintage look. It can take a classic shaped bulb, we recommend the T45 tube to echo the shaping of the shade.

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