Q&A with Letty White-Spunner an Interior Design Interview

Q&A with Letty White-Spunner an Interior Design Interview

Q&A with Letty White-Spunner Tweet: Q&A with Harriet Anstruther

It's part three of our interior designer Q&A, and we're so pleased that we had the chance to speak with Letty White-Spunner from the wonderful Jane Churchill Interiors.

Jane's style is well known to combine both classic and contemporary designs, and each and every project is treated individually, gaining completely unique, beautiful and personal results each time.

Jane and her team have worked on several exciting past projects and have many more to come in the future, which is just one of the elements we were lucky enough to find out more about...

To start, tell us about how it all began for your interior design career.

"Jane’s great-aunt was Nancy Lancaster who started Colefax & Fowler and so the design streak has been ever-present.

After owning a gift shop called Treasure Island, Jane started her own range of fabrics and wallpapers, which made her a household name. After selling the company in 1989, she made the permanent move into interiors and Jane Churchill Interiors has been based at 81 Pimlico Road ever since."

Talk us through your creative process, how do you approach each project?

"It entirely depends on what the client wants. A whole property renovation would start with architects, surveyors and builders whereas a one-room project would probably begin with discussions about schemes and sample boards between the client and the designer.

What we want is for the client to be involved as much…or as little…as they like so our creative process very much follows theirs."

How would you describe your style, to those who aren't familiar?

"Traditional mixed with touches of the contemporary. We are very much a design team that focuses on classic British style and our interiors reflect this.

Our ethos is about creating homes that are comfortable, practical and personal! Jane is also not someone to shy away from colour, which ties in very well with her belief that interiors should have a slightly modern twist."

If you could only pick one project from the last 5 years that you're most proud of, which would it be?

"The project we’re proudest of is a very recent one; the complete interior design of a spacious apartment next to London’s Albert Hall. It’s not the biggest project we've done but it’s one of Jane’s favourites."

How often do you incorporate industrial or vintage elements in to your designs?

"We try and use vintage items where they work. I like pendant or squirrel lights in Kitchens and with woodwork.

If placed properly, they can add a rustic and a modern look at the same time."

What's your take on the introduction of metallic tones within interior design?

"We've used a lot of metallic tones in Bathrooms recently; they go very well with materials like marble or granite and a Bathroom isn't necessarily an obvious place to use them.

Aside from that, Hallways that are in danger of being too empty and walls that need a finishing touch both really benefit from a gilt picture frame or silver edged mirror.

If it’s too much to go full-on metal; something like antiqued silver is a really attractive finish."

Name (any) three things that you think will shape the future of interior design.

  1. Fabric Wallpaper

  2. Eco Houses

  3. Apps (as in the iPhone kind!)

What's to come for you in the coming 2016, anything exciting you can share with us?

"We’ve got several on-going projects in London as well as others in Russia and St. Barts.

Interiors aside, we’re planning to branch out and create something very special indeed."

In our next interior design Q&A, we'll be speaking with Beata Heuman.

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