Geometric Patterns: The Interior Trend To Look Out For

Geometric Patterns: The Interior Trend To Look Out For

The best thing about interior design is that the trends are forever evolving, and we can’t get enough of all the new trends that are being discovered. A trend that has become increasingly popular in recent times are geometrical patterns; geometric prints add visual interest to any space they’re placed in as well as adding a pop of colour. Geometric prints can often be seen as futuristic and the balance is often hard to get right, but they contrast perfectly with retro lighting, which help to balance the old with the new. In this blog, we’re going to give you plenty of inspiration as to why you should pair the two in your interior design!

Tile It Up

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the geometric look in your interior is by opting for some patterned tiles. There are plenty of options out there, whether you prefer a pop of colour or something neutral, you can even opt for shaped geometric tiles rather than a pattern for a different effect. In this bathroom interior white geometric style tiles were paired with brass accents to create a luxurious, on-trend look.

Orlando Wire Cage Wall Light - 4 Inch - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @Resi_UK and say 'Home design by @Resi_UK)

Freshen Up With White

The heart of the home deserves an incredible interior! We spend longer in the kitchen nowadays, and homeowners want to create a more homely vibe to wow guests. Dark kitchens are currently in the spotlight, but white kitchens are starting to make more of an appearance as they make the room appear brighter and lighter. The perfect way to add interest is by opting for white geometric patterns to create an elegant look. This kitchen interior has opted for a white splashback with a vintage wall light to create a harmonious interior. The contrast between the modern patterns paired with vintage lights is mesmerising!

Kitchen side with white tiles on the wall

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Sturman and Co. Interior Design Studio @bess_designs @photokathryn)

Go Bold

If you want to swap out your splashback for something a bit jazzier, then geometric splashbacks are the way forward. Patchwork style, bright hexagon shapes and coloured tiles are the seamless way to create visual interest to your kitchen décor. Pairing metallics with a bold splashback adds a funkier feel, by mixing and matching industrial lights you are creating a bold interior, unique to you. The various vintage shades contrast perfectly with the futuristic geometric splashback, creating the ideal balance between vintage and modern design.

Kitchen with stone walls and hanging lights

Brooklyn 5 Wire Pendant - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Sarah Wright Kitchens Union Mill)

Wow With Wallpaper

An easy and more cost-effective way to incorporate this trend in your interior is by switching to abstract geometric wallpaper. There are a variety of different styles to suit every interior out there, from modern and contemporary to classically vintage. This bedroom interior utilises geometric style wallpaper with metallic accents within; it looks perfect with vintage ceiling lights adding a glam and luxurious feel!

Bedroom with white and foil geometric wallpaper

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 8 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Megan Hearse @meganhearse)

Pretty With Pink

Name a better match than brass and pink, it’s impossible! Brass is the perfect metallic finish to incorporate into bathrooms as it contrasts perfectly with a number of colours. Our lights are pure brass, and they start from just, meaning they are a seamless and beautiful way to light up your bathroom. This bathroom interior is incredible; the pastel pink geometric tiles look fab with brass accents and wall planters!

Bathroom with white and pink tiles

Sleek Edison Wall Light - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @i.r_interiors_)

Lights, Camera, Accessories!

If you don’t want to give your interior a complete revamp, the perfect way to incorporate this trend is by adding geometric accessories. Accessories such as throws, pillows and wall art are seamless and trendy ways to add a pop of colour. If you’re going for a more minimalistic look, then our retro wall lights add a sense of elegance and luxury to the new trend. Against these luscious pink Moroccan patterns, our copper wall light matches with them flawlessly!

We cannot get enough of these botanical vibes, making use of plants, leaf print cushions and wall art, the pewter finish of our wall light adds an authentic look to help balance with the botanical vibes!

Sleek Edison Wall Light - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Madeleine Amelia Kimberley,  Sailor + Scout @sailorandscout)

Keep It Simple

Monochrome is very much in! If you’re looking for something more subtle, go industrial. Expose elements you'd usually try to conceal and opt for a contemporary colour palette, the white tiles with black finishing touches in this interior make it simple yet incredibly chic. Our pewter wall light fits in dreamily, creating a contrast between the clean lines of the tiles and rustic brick wall, adding plenty of much needed character!

Bathroom with white tiles

Sleek Edison Wall Light - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by

Make It Trendy

Geometric patterns and colours are also cropping up in commercial interiors all around the world. The funkiness of the trend allows commercial spaces, such as restaurants, to create a seamless interior that customers feel at ease in and adds to their dining experience. Le Restaurant de Paul Tower 42 selected various of our industrial lights for their restaurant which helps to tie their whole theme together. The metallic finish of the lights works incredibly well with the bright velvet chairs and the geo print on their bar.

Restaurant interior

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch - PewterBrooklyn Umbrella Pendant - 8 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Le Restaurant de PAUL Tower 42) 

Get Funky

Committing to changing your tiles or wallpaper isn’t always an easy choice. If you’re unsure whether the geometric trend is for you, why not opt for some colourful artwork which could easily become the centrepiece in your interior? Here at Industville, we are advocates of selecting unique and high-quality art; we support aspiring artists’ work and dedicate the walls of our showroom to give them a platform, you can browse some astonishing art here.

We hope this blog has given you all the inspiration you need to try out the geometric trend! Whether you opt for crazy wall art, patterned cushions or geometric splashbacks, vintage lights are the perfect way to complement this trend, as the rustic, authentic feel of our lights helps to balance the modern look of geometrical patterns. If you need any interior design inspiration, our Pinterest and Instagram profiles have all the inspo you need!