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08 May

Project: The Farmer's Mistress

There are several factors that drive the demand for handmade products, including uniqueness, limited availability, and brand story. Consumers want to purchase items that are one of a kind, represent some form of history, and have profound stories to tell. Any product with these qualities convey a sense of familiarity, resonating with customers and provides a unique selling point that will keep clients coming back for more. Read on to discover how indulgent, handmade coffee and bespoke, handcrafted lights make the perfect match!

retro lighting in cafe

20 Mar

Bring The Outside, in With Greenery Trends for Spring 2018

Adding greenery to your interior design schemes is one of the best ways to achieve an instant style update that is easy to maintain, and will liven up any space it is placed. Whether you opt for larger than life greenery for a focal point or take a more subtle approach with smaller, tactile potted plants and vases of flowers; going green is always a good idea.

13 Mar

Kitchen Trends for 2018

Posted by Industville Ltd in interior design, kitchen, lighting

Now that spring is about to be sprung, many will be looking at home improvement options, particularly for rooms like kitchens, and other living spaces that are used by everyone, in keeping with the season. With this in mind, we’ve come up with 10 fabulous kitchen trends that you should consider implementing in 2018. Our trends are all about channelling personality, individuality and unique taste through décor. Keep an eye out for our industrial kitchen lighting, which can help to take you one step closer to your dream kitchen.

a kitchen in 2018

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