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14 Aug

How to Put a Modern Twist on Office Design

The workplace is no longer a corporate 9-5 setting, with many businesses embracing change and flexibility. It’s now more important than ever to ensure the work environment is a cosy and inviting space, whilst also keeping in mind that the workplace needs to be practical, functional and follow the health and safety regulations. With the workspace changing, it’s vital to take advantage of the space we have around us. We’re going to look at how to embrace the modern office style trend whether you’re in a work office or a home office, incorporating retro industrial lighting, whilst also ensuring the workspace is a practical, healthy and functional environment.  

Modern home office with beautiful furnishings

07 Aug

How to Get the Nordic Charm

With Scandinavian trends such as Hygge and Lagom taking the world of interior design by storm in recent years, the heightened focus on all things minimal continues to grow from strength to strength. Both homes and businesses alike are on the quest for the Nordic vibe, the need to achieve stylish Scandi interiors with a chic industrial twist has never been more prevalent.

Industrial kitchen

31 Jul

There’s No Catch to Mix and Match!

When it comes to creating original and inspired interiors, there’s one thing that springs to mind – how to set your home or business décor aside from the rest. Achieving truly unique décor schemes is no easy feat, and chances are you will be influenced by the likes of Pinterest, interior design blogs and the Instagram feeds of your favourite brands. We understand the importance of creating unique interiors and wanted to explore how mixing different styles of lights can be the ideal way to bring character to your home or business.

Mixed metal interiors

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Copper, £99.00Handcrafted Wire Cage Pendant - 11 Inch - Round, £45.00Handcrafted Wire Cage Pendant - 8 Inch - Drop, £45.00Handcrafted Wire Cage Pendant - 9 Inch - Cone, £45.00Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Copper, £99.00Retro Enamel Pendant - 14 Inch - Orange, £69.00Brooklyn Balloon Cage Pendant - 6 Inch - Pewter, £69.00Brooklyn Wire Cage Pendant - 8 Inch - Pewter - Rose, £39.00Brooklyn Wire Cage Pendant - 6 Inch - Pewter - Cone, £39.00Brooklyn Wire Cage Pendant - 5 Inch - Pewter - Cylinder, £39.00 (image supplied by BUHO by DLM Architects)

18 Jul

Industville Lights Feature On BBC’s Million Pound Menu

There are a plethora of reasons to opt for industrial style lighting, but versatility is certainly one of them, and can help you to be flexible with your style choices. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home in a mammoth DIY challenge, or you’re a restauranteur in need of a revamp; our lights make the perfect addition and can take you one step closer to completion.

Industrial lighting

Old Factory Pendant - 12 Inch - Copper, £99, by Industville (Image Featured on BBC Million Pound 

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