Putting The Spotlight On Original Artwork At Industville!

Putting The Spotlight On Original Artwork At Industville!

The showroom at Industville

Here at Industville, we believe there is more to life than just beautiful handcrafted lighting and furniture. We admire skilled craftsmen and artists and we would like to be a part of this meaningful and charitable initiative that not only benefits our customers and their interiors but also makes a real difference to someone’s life. As such, we have devoted the walls of our showroom to promote the artwork of talented and aspiring artists, providing a platform for them to be recognised and rewarded for all their work! 

An example of some of the beautiful artwork available at the showroom!

We are collaborating with a couple of Artistic hubs across London, you can view our latest gallery collection HERE!

Industville supports LARA, a well-resourced and highly professional art atelier. With our financial donation, we helped them to build a new studio and also contributed some of our beautiful industrial-style lights to make the place pretty and cosy. LARA, London Atelier of Representational Art, is an organisation that was established in response to the lack of rigorous and representational art education within mainstream curriculums. They have a unique approach to teaching the most fundamentally important aspects of art, including drawing, painting and sculpture from life.

Industville also collaborates with artists from the Thames Side Studios, a leading arts organisation that supports the development of visual and fine art practice, craft and design making. This initiative allows us to work with artists and art evangelists to create a connection between our beautiful retro lights and unique, high-quality artwork, as well as highlight how they can work together in design for a powerful interior. The artwork is in keeping with some of Industville’s core values, including creativity, originality and creating handcrafted products that can be displayed proudly to become the focal point of both homes and businesses alike.

An example of the beautiful work available at the showroom

We believe that art and lights go well together. Each artist benefits from being displayed in our showroom, alongside our vast collection of beautiful lights. This allows our customers to gain an insight into how the lights and the artwork can complement each other for a powerful interior, as well as discover new art inspirations each time they visit. From stylish industrial-styled hanging lights to innovative, rare works of art; our showrooms provide all the inspiration you need for any design project, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be leaving our showroom empty-handed!

The artwork might make fantastic Christmas presents for someone special in your life this festive season and each piece is as unique and original as the next. Come and visit our showroom, where you can browse our range of lights at leisure, and marvel at the beautiful masterpieces, envisaging how it could transform the home or business space of someone you love.

If you’d like to visit our showroom and explore what’s on offer, in terms of both art and lights, please call 020 7971 7871 to book your appointment

An example of some beautiful artwork available at our showroom!

Alternatively, if you or someone you know is an artist, and would like to showcase your artwork in our gallery space to clients such as Caffe Nero, Jamie’s Italian, Lush and Superdry, please contact us today on jo@industville.co.uk or 020 7971 7871. We are always looking for vibrant artists of all disciplines to feature in our gallery, so please do give us a call today for further information!

Featured Projects: Caroline Hands, Marilyn Durkin, Marianne Simonin.