The Psychology Behind Restaurant Design (Infographic)

The Psychology Behind Restaurant Design (Infographic)

psychology behind restaurant design

Do you know all of the secrets?

It's strange to think that a well thought out strategy has been created in order to lure us in to our favourite restaurants. Surely we are the ones completely in control of this decision? 

Think again.

Every last detail has been carefully constructed to lure us through the shiny doors, and for that to continue again and again. The most meticulous details have been taken into account and are shaped around age, preferences, status and lets face it - it works!

So, how exactly does great restaurant design impact us psychologically?

All is revealed in our below infographic that offers great detail into:

  • How colours affect our appetite
  • Which scents stimulate different behaviours
  • The three primary sections behind planning restaurant lighting
  • How acoustics can trigger certain habits
  • The strong considerations behind designing the interior

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