The Ultimate Guide To Attic Interiors

The Ultimate Guide To Attic Interiors

Attics are often associated with warm, cosy interiors and low ceilings; a contemporary, edgy space that delivers on both comfort and style. Whether you need an extra guest room for the home or fancy a little more leisure space, attic conversions are the perfect opportunity to exercise your inner interior designer. With such a beautiful space available, read on to discover just some of the ways you can make the most of the space available, and avoid any mistakes that may prove costly in the future.

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (image supplied by @siobhanhaylesinteriors) 

Those that are not fortunate enough to have an attic of their own, do not despair, for there are many ways you can implement different elements that remind you of one. For example, attic ceilings are often sloped, perhaps featuring skylights, which means you can opt for wall lights as an ideal space-saving solution. Attics usually consist of storage of some kind, meaning you can get creative with your space-saving solutions. Corner storage and floating shelves are a great and stylish way to keep things neat and tidy. Any room can get the attic vibe with a focus on all things cosy, pairing wooden interiors with metallics such as brass for a warm aesthetic.

Old Factory Pendant - 12 Inch - Brass, by Industville (image supplied by Phil Smith) 

Kitchens with the Attic Appeal

Kitchens in smaller apartments, flats and cottages can be a topic of concern for those living in the area, as having enough room for various culinary creations, including a Sunday roast dinner for all the family, is of vital importance. However, there are plenty of ways an attic-esque kitchen can offer lots of space for your cooking while maintaining an intimate, cosy vibe. One growing trend we can’t get enough of is visible beams, adding character and charm to any room, and one that we think works particularly well in the kitchen. Our metallic industrial lighting complements this style exceptionally well, with pewter and copper accents working in conjunction with visible beams and modern tiles for the perfect finish.

Bulkhead Sconce Wall Light - 12 Inch - Gunmetal, by Industville (Image supplied by Frances Wise) 

Light up the room

One of the best features of an attic is the abundance of natural light available to you. The addition of skylights adds an element of space and airiness, which can be furthered by light wall colours and minimalist décor. Our range of stylish bulkheads are suitable for outdoor lighting solutions but give an edgy feeling to any indoor area they are placed, particularly if exposed brick is also present in the home. If skylights aren’t possible for your home, patio doors or large bay windows can have a similar effect, and curtains should be kept light and open throughout the day. Our pewter and copper domes will give a warm, cosy feeling to any space, and the raw, handcrafted nature of the shades will shine through for this attic style of décor.

Functionality is Key

The key to any attic conversion success is ensuring you make the most out of the space available. The room itself may have everything you’ve been looking for in terms of décor, but it is important that the room is as comfortable and functional as it looks. Lighting is essential to the enjoyment of an area, and contributes towards the overall ambience. Make the most of natural light, and consider wall-lights, an ideal option for rooms with low ceilings. Similarly, think about temperature; attics are typically at the top of the house, and is therefore a lot warmer during summer months, meaning windows that open wide could be a must-have. Strategically position your furniture in accordance to the sloping ceilings, with beds and sofas taking the lower parts, allowing those using the room to avoid head knocks when utilising the ‘living’ space.


Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (image supplied by Amy Williams)

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (image supplied by @siobhanhaylesinteriors)

Anna's Attic

We wanted to discover some more tips and tricks from an interior designer who knows a thing or two about attic conversions and décor, Anna Straw, the brains behind popular blog Anna's Attics. Anna is based in Lincolnshire and offers a personal service for all your interior décor and styling needs, be them private or commercial. Having competed on BBC2’s Great Interior Design Challenge, Season 4, Anna has since completed various commercial and private projects, as well as setting up her own online homewares store and launching her blog. Here’s what she had to say on the topic of attic interiors…

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Brass, Barn Slotted Flush Mount - 12 Inch - Brass, by Industville (image supplied by @annas_attic_interiors_shop)  

Your lovely home was featured in 25 Beautiful Homes magazine last year! How was that experience?

I was approached to feature in the magazine the day after GIDC aired back in January 2017. Being obsessed with interior magazines for many years, I was thrilled to have been approached. The shoot itself was lots of fun on the day and seeing our home featured fulfilled a long-held ambition. We’ve since moved to our new home and having been featured is such a lovely way to be able to look back at our old home. I’ve written a post on the blog all about the experience for anyone wanting to read more. I’m hoping that our new home will be featured at some point, I’d love to share the transformation in glossy mag format.

What’s the biggest lighting trend in your opinion?

I obviously must keep up with current trends but for me rather than following the latest trends lighting is about injecting mood into a space, it also offers a great opportunity to create a wow factor with oversized or vintage pieces. I love to play with scale and love nothing more than sourcing one-off vintage pieces.

What’s your advice on using soft and rough materials?

My own personal style is very eclectic, so I’m all about mixing it up. Our new home is a barn conversion mews, we have lots of original beams and bare brick, but rather than go down a traditional cottage or full on barn route I’m softening the look with beautiful wallpapers from the likes of NLXL, which I stock on the website as well as beautiful fabrics for window treatments and soft furnishings, an abundance of new and vintage rugs and sheepskins soften the look further. I love to use plants in interiors too, they bring life to spaces and are perfect for creating interesting corners, I love real, but there are some wonderful quality faux plants and flowers available now too. 

Do you have any tips on how to get the attic look in a city home?

To me the attic look is all about individuality and eclecticism, you can’t achieve the look at a one-stop shop. Choosing and sourcing pieces takes time, I advise making a list of the items you are looking for and take it from there, the internet is a great place to start but car boot sales, flea markets and auctions are my stomping ground. You never know what you might come across, the pickings are rich, this is where the list comes in, it’s easy to become distracted when there is so much choice, try and stick to the list if possible. That is unless you find something that is too good to resist.

Is there a different thought process that goes into to re-designing commercial spaces rather than private ones? What difference in styles are there?  

When I’m designing a space for anyone my key consideration is the person for who I’m designing, I believe a home is such a personal thing and should reflect those who live in it. This is similar with commercial work, however rather than considering just the client you must also consider any staff who use the space as well as visitors to it. Commercial clients often want the wow factor when they are investing in a redesign; they are often happy to be bolder than private clients as they want to wow customers, choosing an individual design can make a statement and give them an edge over the competition.

Why did you choose Industville lighting?

Our new home is a total renovation. Previously the property was occupied by an elderly lady, and literally, everything needs to be replaced. Our goal from the outset was that we would use the best products that we could afford and invest in items which would be here for many years to come, we want to get everything the right first time and avoid any costly mistakes. It was clear from the images on the website that the products were first class, some of the images on the website of the products used in commercial premises were really stunning too, very inspiring.

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Brass, by Industville (image supplied by @annas_attic_interiors_shop) 

How did our lights complement your interiors?

The vintage industrial look of Industville lighting really complements our property as they have such a lovely aged look to them. We have chosen the Brooklyn brass and pewter dome wall lights and the Brooklyn glass funnel wall lights also in brass and pewter, these materials really complement the older elements of the property such as the bare brick and original beams, whilst also looking great with the natural colour palette we have chosen.

One thing we are not blessed with in our property is high ceilings; the barn slotted flush mount ceiling light was the perfect choice for us, which allowed us to use the existing lighting plan rather than having to relocate them.

I must admit I was really thrilled with the fabulous quality of the lights, they have a real weight to them and the finish on the metal is just beautiful.

Which is your favourite product from our range?

How on earth do I pick one?! I really love the brass and nickel lighting we have used in our lounge and hall and landing, but I really have my eye on a set of Turner Leather and Metal adjustable bar stools for our kitchen. We were planning a kitchen island but recently found an amazing uncycled wooden topped table on adjustable metal legs, which we’ll be using instead. I’m not a fan of the fitted kitchen look, so this find was just perfect. Adding a little bit of the industrial vintage touch that runs through the property. 

Are you inspired by attic interiors? Browse our extensive collection online today, and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to further discuss your individual requirements. Don’t forget to take before and after photos of your projects – we love to keep up with the progress and see how our lights help to transform your interiors.