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 Lighting is often thought about last when designing your interior when in fact it is the key that brings all of the other elements together. Lighting changes the tone of any room, with the use of perfectly placed lights changing the whole dynamics of any given space.
Interior plays a massive role in contributing to the experience of customers; therefore, lighting should be a key feature to consider when planning retail interior design. Lighting should be both for business purposes such as putting empathise on items you want to sell but also to enhance customer experience, allowing them to see the best of your products. 
In coffee shops, lighting is not only aesthetically placed above seating areas to enhance customers visits, but they are also functionally placed above counters to emphasis the tempting treats on offer and encouraging customers to purchase.
Take Caffè Nero as an example, each of their coffee shops is uniquely designed, from their high-street shops through to their chic airport coffee houses, reflecting that of the local community. They look at embracing the natural elements each space entails and needed lights that would create a versatile yet inviting space that welcomes socialising and is still the perfect place to stop by, grab a crafted coffee while creating the ideal space to knuckle down and do some work. Caffè Nero opted to use Industville’s industrial-styled lights that reflect the natural elements, with each of their lights using raw, high-quality materials and with each product being uniquely handcrafted, they were the perfect fit.
In regard to general retail stores, lighting has the ability to have an emotional impact, affecting the way consumers perceive your business, in turn deciding whether they make a purchase and whether they become loyal customers.
Depending on the type of atmosphere you want your business to take, will depend on the lights you select. Softer lighting can make consumers feel more relaxed and at ease when visiting, therefore should be strategically placed in walkways and above seating areas, with brighter, more prominent lights placed above products that you want to sell. Industrial style lights are the perfect addition to interior design, with suspended lights creating a more professional atmosphere and vintage shades creating a more intimate and personal feel.
Retail places shouldn’t be afraid to mix up their lights, especially with different parts of every store being used for various aspects, using a variety of different lighting fixtures will create the perfect atmosphere in each individual area while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.
Browse Industville’s range of vintage industrial lights and retro stools online today at: and get inspired by their stunning projects on Instagram or Pinterest - @Industville. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact a member of their friendly team on 020 7971 7871.


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