50 Elegant Industrial Style Home Bar Ideas

home bar ideas

Not so long ago, industrial wasn’t even a style - it was simply the result of workday life as people creatively integrated ex-industrial pieces into their homes. Much has changed since then, and it’s only recently that we’ve begun to appreciate the undeniable visual appeal, lack of pretension, and character of an industrial style room.

Slowly, this design trend made its way into homes and establishments alike, in part because of the unmistakable and noteworthy use of sharp lines, rough architecture, exposed, raw surfaces, and salvaged industrial, or vintage objects. Restaurants, pubs, and bars proudly showcase one-of-a-kind aesthetic where functionality and humble materials become the focus point.

Similarly, homeowners began gravitating around industrial style design and brought industrial décor into their homes. Today we celebrate this trend by showcasing 50 of the best industrial style home bar ideas.

1. Speakeasy Industrial Home Bar

industrial home bar ideas

Speakeasies are iconic as establishments with a particular ambiance- elegant but not ostentatious, exclusive but not pretentious. Focus on wooden surfaces to create the intimate atmosphere that’s so common in a speakeasy bar and create intimacy by choosing dim lighting.

An alternative is to have lights installed underneath the bar counter- as in the image above and use vintage décor, mirrors, and lampshades to complete the room.

You can always get creative with lighting fixtures and incorporate industrial-style designs or products for an even better outcome.

2. Simple Sophistication

 vintage bar stools

Your home bar doesn’t necessarily have to rely solely on industrial style décor in order to stand out. Sometimes, subtle nuances and cleverly-chosen pieces are enough to make or break a room. An all-wooden bar (showcasing beautiful panels and a raw, unfinished counter) paired with industrial-style bar stools and some chrome lightshades are all you need to give a home bar the edge it needs.

3. A Splash of Colour

 vintage home bar ideas

Though industrial interior design gravitates around neutral, warm tones, you can still make a bold move and choose from a colour palette with a dominating bright colour. Strategic splashes of red beautifully complement the earthy tones of the wooden cabinetry as well as the metallic frames of the bar stools.

4. Maximise Tiny Spaces

 industrial home bar ideas

In spite of our big dreams and wishful thinking, having a home bar isn’t always an option. If you live in an apartment building or a loft, a basement bar is out of the question and so is a home bar- especially if your home is more compact. That’s where a furniture revamp will solve all your problems. Industrial décor is all about finding functionality in everyday items, so take an old, unused dresser, slap on a paint of black paint, and turn it into a mini-home bar - it will certainly do the trick!

5. Revamp Unexpected Pieces

 home bar design ideas

Speaking of refurbished, revamped items, what better way to impress a roomful of guests than to greet them with a huge propeller turned into a coffee table? This DIY industrial furniture design certainly brings a twist to a classy yet modern interior.

6. Polished Wood, Precious Surfaces, and Chrome Bars

 industrial home bar ideas

You can easily play with textures to add character to your home bar. Whether it’s aged pieces of furniture, hard wood floors, or black, textured surfaces, they add appeal to a space. Make sure not to overwhelm the room, though, by choosing too many textures and colours. It’s best to go with either colour accents or textures, not both.

7. Unfinished Concrete and Exposed Brickwork

 vintage home bar ideas

Exposed brickwork is a hallmark of industrial interior design, so why not incorporate it into your home or basement bar? Most often, we don’t have thousands of pounds to spare on redesigning a room, so you can skip on hardwood floors and go for a raw surface instead. Unfinished concrete, for instance, looks stunning when paired with the proper lighting and a couple of cleverly-placed wooden cabinets.

8. “I Will Have Order”

 industrial bar lighting

Industrial design is predominantly masculine, that’s why it works so beautifully in bars and home bars. You can easily polish off this gritty look by choosing softer materials and more luxurious textures. For instance, a marble bar with a sleek counter paired with identical bar stools and a corresponding number of light shades. Symmetry at its finest.

9. On Whom the Spotlight Shines

 home bar ideas uk

Lighting is one of the most important design elements when designing an industrial style home bar. Ceiling lights are becoming more and more common and industrial style illumination can offer a unique take on the traditional designs.

10. Repurposed Firewood

 vintage home bar ideas

Industrial interior design focuses on showcasing humble yet functional materials, so what better to use than firewood? Use your leftover material to construct an entire home bar and mirror the warm, wooden colours by choosing wooden bar stools and elegant cabinetry.

Industrial Interior Design 101 - Introduction

Industrial interior design is all about proudly displaying raw materials and elements that most of us attempt to conceal. Humble materials and salvaged pieces take centre stage, as do raw, unfinished, wood, metal, and utilitarian surfaces.

Industrial style, which lies at the core of industrial interior design, is an aesthetic trend associated by many with loft and warehouse apartments, as well as with modern homes. Nevertheless, the style is extremely versatile and can be utilised in many ways to transform any home or commercial space into a dynamic and trendy environment.

The style has many facets. Along with the concept of creating a setting that is as much about utility as sophistication, industrial designers craft unexpected pieces by utilising particular colours, materials, and finish elements.

11. All-White Surfaces

modern home bar ideas 

Light colours and minimalist furnishing brighten up a room and here’s a perfect example of how a bar can still retain its speakeasy ambiance without having to rely on heavy, antique pieces. Choose all-white furnishing and paint, go for floor or under-the-counter soft lighting and some quirky industrial-style ceiling lights and you’re all set.

12. Industrial Meets Sophistication

 home bar design ideas

This is a great example of unexpected combinations: eye-catching chandeliers, industrial style barstools, and earth tones. It works so well because it can be as affordable as you want it to be: if you’re absolutely in love with a particular element (say, a crystal chandelier), you can balance out the costs with unfinished surfaces or salvaged pieces.

13. Wooden Beams and High Ceilings

industrial home bar ideas 

A home bar doesn’t necessarily mean a basement bar. In fact, many homes boast beautiful attics with high ceilings and undervalued wooden beams. Choose hanging ceiling lights with industrial-style lampshades so as to not draw from the raw appeal of the wooden beams. A minimalist bar and metallic bar stools are all that’s needed for a polished look.

14. Leather and Wood

vintage home bar ideas

Numerous designers celebrate industrial design by incorporating pieces that evoke the past. Leather bar stools with just a hint of vintage-influence are just such an element. When placed alongside a luxurious-looking bar and old wooden barrels neatly tucked behind a metal grid, they create the perfect ambiance.

15. Crates, Bolts, and Wooden Panels

 industrial home bar ideas

A particularly attractive idea is to place illumination sources between the loosely fitting wooden panels of your home bar. Add a couple of metal bolts, screws, and plates for a raw look and repurpose crates as either cabinetry or wall decorations and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind room with a wonderful lighting concept.

16. Bulky Wooden Seats

home bar design ideas

A space can easily feel too cold if you don’t strike an adequate balance between raw materials and softer design elements. Channel this interior design style into a chic look by choosing textures and soft materials. In this case, the only bulky elements are the bar stool seats.

17. Blackboards and Bars

modern home bar ideas

Materials such as iron, copper, and wood ensure that your bar instils that feeling of industrialisation, while quirky details such as having a chalkboards installed underneath the bar counter will hint towards an ingenious mind and add charm to an already stunning room. LED lighting from underneath the chalkboard and the counter help create a calm, laid back ambiance.

18. Farmhouse Home Bar

vintage home bar ideas

Having an eye for detail is very important when designing a home bar. Because industrial interior design relies so much on raw materials such as weathered wood, metal, forged steel, copper, and aluminium pipes, you’ll have to compensate with natural textiles and lighting so as to avoid an uninviting atmosphere.

19. Exposed Brick Walls

industrial home bar ideas

Having an exposed brick wall is a giant interior design jackpot since it adds a raw charm to any room. However, exposed brick walls are that much better when used to delineate an industrial style home bar. Décor elements, chrome or metal lampshades, and vintage-looking bar stools are everything you need to create an unforgettable atmosphere. What’s more, for a bit of edge, find lighted arrow signs or old cog wheels and use them as wall art.

20. Strong, Raw Pieces

vintage home bar ideas

Incorporating pipes into your home bar may seem easier said than done, but at the end of the day, there are many clever ways to showcase this unfinished, gritty look. While particularly handy home-owners may choose to turn an old, rusty pipe into a beer-tap, you can simply place it atop the bar counter and have it serve as a statement piece. Mechanical gears, metal lighting fixtures, and unfinished surfaces complete the gritty look.

Industrial Interior Design 101 Top Tips

Neutral Tones vs. Bright Colours

Colour choices play an essential role in the way we perceive the objects around us. While most of us associate industrial-style spaces with earthy tones and neutrals, bright, vivid colours are also popular yet surprising choices for such interiors. Industrial home décor is all about contrasting tones and textures.  Scroll down to find the ideas and inspiration you are looking for to add a unique industrial feel to your environment.

21. Functional and Stylish

industrial home bar ideas

This white tile + wood combination is surprisingly refreshing, as is that thick countertop edge. Even if such a bar may seem cold because of the all-white wall, you can always compensate by using warm wooden panels to dress-up your bar or wooden bar stools and soft lighting.

22. Glamorous Modern with a Hint of Industrial

vintage home bar ideas

Your industrial style-inspired bar can rely on impressive structural elements if your space allows it: whether it’s a massive glass frontage, an arched ceiling, or stripped-back wooden beams. Luxurious chandeliers add glamour, while the simple wooden bar and metallic bar stools don’t overwhelm the space with unwanted details.

23. A Bar for Two

home bar design ideas

Home bars can often be constructed in the tiniest of kitchens. Use patterned concrete tiles to delineate the space and choose open shelving and white tiles to give the visual illusion of an open, large space.

24. Statement Shelving Units

home bar ideas uk

You can get as creative as you want with shelving, especially if you come across a find such as this one: folding accordion shelves. The motif is actually mirrored in the design of the dimensional triangular tiles, while the splashes of red and the warm wooden ones create coherence.

25. Your Unforgettable Bar

rustic home bar design

Handymen and DIY enthusiasts will find this design particularly appealing. Why choose a statement piece to adorn your home bar when the bar itself can be the statement? Layer wooden panels atop one another but make sure to have each piece slightly misaligned so that the end effect is an easy-flowing, de-constructed piece. Feel free to choose any types of metallic bar stools and try to tone all other design elements down so as to not steal the spotlight from the actual statement piece.

26. Rustic Industrial

industrial home bar design 

This satisfying combo of reclaimed timber, metal bar stools, and folding accordion illumination paints a very eloquent picture of what industrial interior design is all about. Your bar would only need some shelving units and ever important  liquor to be fully functional.

27. Nuts and Bolts

home bar ideas uk

If you’re a fan of stripped down, minimal décor, consider detailing as the defining aspect of your bar. Showcase nuts, bolts, screws, and metal hinges for a bit of flair. Thick countertops are excellent for such purposes, as are all-metal barstools and lamps.

28. Skip the Barstools Altogether

modern home bar ideas

You can always ignore the barstools altogether and use the bar as a makeshift display: incorporate repurposed wooden crates and decorate at will. We also loved this massive, white-painted air duct and the overhead, metal shelving unit.

29. Turning Tiles

rustic home bar ideas

Not so unlike the rearranging bricks masking the doorway to Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies, the design of this bar creates the illusion of movement by showcasing wooden tiles of different colours, depths, and thicknesses. Metal details running alongside the wooden countertops add a raw feeling while the tiny couch installed in the brick wall balances everything out.

30. Warehouse Influences

home bar ideas uk

Depending on the space you have at your disposal, you can easily take advantage of air ducts and unfinished ceilings to give your bar an exclusive edge. If you’re fond of quirky pieces, you can take advantage of boldly-coloured bar stools and choose bulky ceiling lights, however, make sure to not overwhelm the space. In the above example, the abundance of grey balances out the neon-green bar stools.

Industrial Interior Design 101 Top Tips

Raw Materials & Rough Textures


Industrial style interiors combine raw surfaces, exposed brick walls, metal, and wood pieces. Industrial style furnishing, for instance, is mostly based on the use of raw metal and wood. At regards walls, brick or unfinished concrete can also be utilised in innovative ways to add an industrial touch to any space, be it a home or an office.

As you are about to discover, the use of these materials is not limited to shelving units but it also contributes to surprising lighting fixtures and unique décor elements. The beauty of the industrial interior design is that you can play with different textures, forms, and colours to add a trendy look to your home. Even though industrial designers work with ordinary materials, they can elevate quotidian objects by highlighting their hidden beauty and unexpected uses.

31. Repurposed Crates and Rims

vintage home bar ideas

When it comes to interior designing advice, working with what you’ve got is pretty sound. Yet, it’s much more fun to work with what you can find. Salvaged pieces are the heart and soul of industrial interior design, especially when used in creative, unexpected ways. The above example is an epitome of industrial style creativity: painted metallic crates and grids make up the front of the bar while the bar stools are constructed out of old wheel rims and reconditioned faucets.

32. Old Drawers and Cabinetry

vintage home bar ideas

Who says you can’t use cabinetry and drawers as a bar base? This vintage industrial style home bar exquisitely pairs sets of drawers and old cabinetry with metallic bar stools and folding ceiling lights. This combo of rustic wood and old-looking metal is stunning.

33. Painted Ceiling and Bar

rustic home bar design

There’s an unmistakable industrial vibe to this kitchen bar and despite the fact that the statement, metal pendant lights are a definite eye-catcher, it’s because of the masterful all-black ceiling that ties it all together. What’s more, the wooden bar stool seats create a warm accent while the unfinished, rugged look of the stools themselves creates a beautiful contrast against the black bar and polished countertop.

34. Garage-like Cave

home bar design ideas

Some men enjoy the idea of sipping a drink in concrete bliss, atop an industrial, garage-like bar with attention-grabbing shelving units and quirky ceiling illumination. This is certainly a bar to draw inspiration from.

35. Black and White Tiles

modern home bar design

Black and white concrete tiles can look absolutely stunning when showcased properly. This bar, for instance, mirrors this motif everywhere: from its white-leather bar stools to its black counter top, all-black wall paint and shiny white chandeliers.This is a great interior design tool to create a unique atmosphere with one particular place, separating it from the rest of your interior to make your bar feel extra special.

36. Let a Rare Find Take Centre-Stage

vintage home bar ideas

Obsession-worthy cocktails and an unforgettable atmosphere aren’t only the stuff of old London Speakeasies, though you can certainly draw inspiration from these exclusive establishments. For instance, if you come across a rare find (such as an old type-writer or cash register), showcase the piece just as you would expect to see it showcased in your favourite speakeasy.

37. Even More Old Car Parts

industrial home bar ideas

Chipped of white paint, reclaimed wooden panels, large ceiling lights- they are, indeed, essential components of a successful industrial-style home bar. However, if you really want to impress your guests with something out-of-the-ordinary, consider upcycling old car parts into creative and unforgettable furniture pieces. We’ve seen old wheel rims, however, this truck spring bar stool project is in a completely different league.

38. Play Around With Colours

vintage home bar ideas

Traditionally, industrial-style interior design is based on earth tones and metal pieces, however, you can always play around with splashes of colour. Turquoise and blue, for instance, look wonderful alongside light-coloured wooden panels and vintage bar shelves. What’s more, you can always use patterned floor tiles to further accentuate the bar area and highlight the accent colour used in your chosen stool or bar chair.

39. Metal all Around

vintage home bar ideas

The above example takes a bit of everything when it comes to industrial influences: white tiles and open shelving, metal bar stools with quant backrests, a massive wooden bar and unique ceiling lights with eye-catching metal detailing. Of course, the massive metal pipework is a welcome detail.

40. Rugged Industrial Accents

industrial home bar ideas

This industrial style bar features manufactured custom panels and dome shaped rivets alongside the bar counter, as well as massive pipes atop the bar to create a raw, industrial feel. The leather-seated bar stool and warm lighting balances everything out for a manly, rugged feel.

Industrial Interior Design 101 Top Tips

Purposeful Lights

When it comes to lighting, making smart choices can really help you ooze a rugged style and create an intimate, cosy atmosphere at the same time. No wonder the industrial vibe is high on lighting trends right now. Be bold and creative. Revamp unexpected objects or use raw materials to create unique industrial lighting fixtures. You can, for instance, combine vintage style bulbs with bronze pipes.

41. Room Divider Shelves

home bar ideas

If you plan on creating an inviting atmosphere and a homey feel, focus on intuitive and natural materials: reclaimed brick, wooden panelling, floor tiles. This beautiful bar also boasts a beamed timber ceiling and a stunning room divider/shelving unit. The under-the-counter illumination contributes to the cosy atmosphere.

42. Charming Cabinetry

modern home bar ideas 

An eclectic-industrial kitchen boasting charming turquoise cabinetry, exposed brick walls and patterned tiles. The black ceiling lights and bar stools work beautifully together to give the room a sense of coherence.

43. Pipes and Ducts as Key Industrial Elements

home bar design uk

If you’re planning on turning your basement bar into something like this, you’re in luck, especially since you can showcase your pipes and ducts as key elements of the bar’s design. We love the metal grid underneath the thick countertop as well as the multi-coloured bar stool seats and raw surfaces.

44. Machinery and Exquisite Detailing

industrial home bar ideas

Cape Town’s Truth coffee shop has become an inspiration for bar and home owners the world over. This stunning bar creates an exciting industrial feeling due to its strong unique interior design. Featuring cast iron roaster drums, stripped wooden floors, metal girders, mesh, and one-of-a-kind lighting, this particular bar also boasts metal piping and machinery. Granted, a home bar inspired by such a beautiful designing marvel would be difficult, it is a fantastic source of inspiration for budding interior designers.

45. Sharp and Classy Touch

home bar design ideas

Hardwood floors and bars have something particularly classy about them and that’s why their luxuriousness can sometimes balance-out the harsh, raw feel of an industrially-designed space. The shiny, sharp metal ducts creates a striking contrast with the elegant wooden cabinetry and exposed brick walls.

46. Run-down Bar Tops and Vintage Lampshades

vintage home bar ideas

The appeal of this particular bar lies in its wear and tear. Run-down bar tops and wooden panels have an undeniable appeal, as do the three vintage-looking lampshades and textured wall. Open shelving, chalkboards and other quaint details help create an even cosier atmosphere.

47. High Ceiling and Unexpected Décor

home bar design ideas

You can always choose suspended bar stool seating for an eccentric home bar. Pair that with rusty piping, chains, and reconditioned cabinetry and go for the most unexpected of bar décor for a homey feel.


48. Contrasting Tones & Textures

modern home bar ideas

The second black and white home bar idea on our list doesn’t impress because of its choice in colour palette, but rather because of its remarkable choice in textures. The minuscule blood tiles paired with the scale-like motif of the bar and the white-painted, exposed brick walls create help create a friendly ambiance.

49. Writing on the Wall and Chipped-off Paint

rustic home bar ideas

The simplicity of this bar’s design is invigorating: instead of simply having bare brick walls, choose to add personality with writing. The bar base is that much more interesting because of the different shades uncovered by old, chipped paint, and the open shelving adds a crisp, clean feel to the entire bar.

50. Shine On

industrial home bar design

This inspirational bar hasn’t made it on our list because of the thick marble countertops, the raw flooring or leather barstools, but because of the jaw-dropping illumination. These oversized lightbulbs anchored to the ceiling via large, rusty, metal hooks give the whole room an eclectic feel. Most importantly, such a design is quite easily incorporated into a home bar.  

Finding a winning design for your home bar isn’t easy, yet with time and patience, you’ll surely find something perfect! Let us know in the comments section which idea inspired you most.

Industrial Interior Design 101 Top Tips

Industrial-style Signature Elements


All the elements mentioned above come together in a thoughtfully designed room that boasts a “warehouse look” where the industrial feel is combined with a variety of other styles.

Here are some of the signature elements of industrial interior design that add that final touch to a dynamic and beautifully rough environment.

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