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Lighting Tips For Creating The Perfect Ambience

As soon as you walk into a room, whether it’s a commercial space or a home, you can instantly feel the tone and mood of the space. Lighting is key to ensure that the ambience you want to portray shines through! Often lighting is overlooked as a key feature; therefore, sometimes left as an afterthought. However, lighting has the ability to completely transform your space from dull and uninviting to vibrant and welcoming.

We’re passionate about lighting and have picked up many tips and tricks along the way; therefore, we’ve put this handy infographic together to help you create the perfect ambience in your interior with the right lighting. From how lighting affects different aspects in your interior, to using a dimmer switch to the four types of lighting and the perfect light for each, get ready to learn some great tips!

Lighting tips infographic

Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to interior design, as the focus is usually on colours, furnishings and flooring; however, the most luxurious room can be ruined with poor lighting. More often than not, the biggest mistake is by thinking all that is needed is a single overhead light for a room, but lighting should be approached in a layered manner. From the ceiling to the floor, ensuring all architectural and design features of a space are highlighted will build character.

Using high-quality, raw materials such as brass or copper, all of our lights are handcrafted to perfection. Available in an array of options, it is easy to mix and match our lights to create a layered, yet harmonised scheme throughout the space.

8 handy tips for a well-lit home

Don’t forget lighting for outdoor areas, where safety is a crucial factor.  Try to match the style and identity of the lighting indoors, keeping the theme flowing from inside to out.  We are continuously expanding our range of outdoor lighting styles, all of which carry the necessary IP65 rating.

Lighting tips to create the perfect ambience in home decor

Modern LED lighting designs come in all shapes and sizes, and our vintage LED bulbs are stylish yet cost-effective and eco-friendly. Try combining the LED lighting, which allows a space to be bright, alongside some retro and elegant pendants to make the interior feel more homely and on-trend.

The layers of lighting infographic

Whether you opt for a wall light, flush mount, pendant or table lamp, our range of vintage lighting is the perfect way for you to build a unique, stylish room with bundles of character! Here at Industville, we offer a free lighting design service, whether you require help with lux level calculations, your lighting layout and design or technical advice, get in touch today and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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