Go Back To Basics With Stripped Back Interiors

Go Back To Basics With Stripped Back Interiors

Stripped back interiors are set to dominate the rest of this year and continue into the next. We’ll see a shift in interior design, with a focus towards bringing natural and organic elements into the home, bringing a sense of calm and tranquillity into our spaces. Think natural colours such as earthy greens, vibrant browns, oatmeal beiges and raw materials such as bricks, wood and metals. In this blog, we are going to look at ways in which you can get back to nature with your interior this year. 


Neutral colours are the perfect backdrop; taupes, beiges, olives and greys are the perfect colour pallet for a blank canvas, going neutral allows you to get back to basics and focus on the finer details such as your curtains, ornaments and rugs. Over the next few months, we will see interior designers making the most of the natural elements; such as exposed beams, uncovered bricks and industrialised metals. The combination of natural elements creates a simple yet elegant look, allowing you to escape reality and relax.

Raw materials interior design

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light – 7 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image Supplied by @Archer.t.j)

We here at Industville understand the importance of having a consistent colour theme, and that’s why all of our suspended lights come with high-quality, colour fabric flex, which are available in a variety of different colours. Our neutral colour flex cables are the perfect accessory to complement the natural look as woven materials have been used for centuries and are perfectly paired with raw materials.

Cappuccino coloured fabric flex

Cappuccino Twister Fabric Flex – Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, by Industville 

Make A Statement 

Forget statement walls; it’s all about the statement ceiling nowadays! In the past, ceilings have tended to go untouched; however, we’ve been missing a whole avenue. The ceiling has the ability to add character to any room instantly, this could be by adding vintage ceiling lights, patterned wallpaper, a bold coloured splash of paint or geometric tiles; keeping our walls to a neutral colour will complement a statement ceiling.

Brass lights making a statement ceiling

Brooklyn Giant Bell Pendant – 20 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image Supplied by Kensington Design)

Pinterest has seen a 300% increase in searches for statement ceilings, picture the iconic Grand Central and the eccentric ceiling you are welcomed into or going back two thousand years when the Romans established the stand out ceiling. Ceilings have taken a back seat for a few decades, but this year we’ve seen a rise of designers channelling the trend and treating the ceiling as a fifth wall. Industrial style lights are the perfect way to try this trend, a few vintage lights here and there will completely transform a room. 

Fifty Shades Of Green

Replacing the typical neutral colours; shades of sage, jades and olives are set to take over. These colours are perfectly paired with woods and other colours of the neutral pallet such as cream and taupe. The colour green is associated with nature and the fresh air, these subtler tones of green are the perfect way to make a statement while also keeping an earth-toned pallet and allowing you to focus on the finer details. Pair olive walls with a statement ceiling for a watertight combination.

Green walls with industrial lights

Orlando Wire Cage Pendant – 4 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image Supplied by @curious_wonderland)

Paintings have the ability to transform a space, we like to support talented artists and have devoted the walls of our showroom to show off the unique, fantastic art that local artists have created. We have many nature paintings on show, which are the picture-perfect way to add a touch of nature into your space!

Supporting art nature paintings

Supporting Art - June Abundance, More Flowers, More Flowers Under The Tree by Caroline Hands

To The Dark Side

Gone are the days of bleached woods, say hello to seeing bolder woods such as dark oak, ebony, walnut and mahogany in our interiors. Dust off your dark wood furnishings and make them the centre of attention, from mahogany coffee tables to walnut dining tables, with the neutralised walls taking a back seat, it’s time for the furniture to shine! Getting back to nature is all about embracing the shabby chic style and using raw, weathered materials and dark woods are the perfect way to inject a sense of rich and luxury into any room.

Adding a simple stool into your interior has the ability to transform a space, our handcrafted industrial stools come in a variety of finishes, whether you prefer a leather or solid wood finish, they are the perfect way to vintage-up your décor by utilising natural materials.

Industrialised decor

Turner Leather & Metal Adjustable Bar Stool – 35 Inch, by Industville (Image Supplied by www.beau-port-kitchens.com) 

Metal Of The Moment 

In recent years we’ve seen a lot of rose gold in interiors but going back to basics we are finding that interiors are starting to use less shiny materials and incorporating industrial metals such as brass and copper, which add a more organic element to your rooms. As we’ve mentioned, interiors are focusing on neutral foundations; it will be the finer details that need to be focused on. Adding flashes of metals into your décor is a simple way to add some sophistication, complementing dark woods perfectly, brass handles add the perfect finishing touch to glam furnishings.

Natural interior design with brass lights

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image Supplied by @prettycosylife)

As we’re seeing décor going back to nature, an element of this is having well-lit natural lighting; however, if your space is lacking natural lighting, you can easily create this aesthetic by cleverly placing lights into your rooms. Vintage lighting in pewter, brass or copper, whether this is a pendant, flush mount or wall light, is the perfect way to add a touch of the new metals into your interior while also ensuring your space has the right amount of lighting to brighten up your life.

LED bulbs will change your life! Our amber bulbs illuminate a warm glow which are the perfect substitute for natural light, so if you aren’t looking to invest in new lighting features, LED bulbs are the perfect way to transform your room at a minimal cost. 

Statement vintage lights over a dining table

The Globe Collection Pendant – Pewter, by Indsustville (Image Supplied by @callown)

Jungle Fever

Channel your inner Tarzan and incorporate botanical prints in your home, nothing screams natural more than jungle patterns! Instead of the lively floral patterns, this year we’ve seen growth in the interest of leaf patterns. Add palm leave curtains, a feature wall or potted plants which complement raw materials such as wood and brick as well as the neutral colours.

Leave print wallpaper with brass lighting

Shop our brass range (Image supplied by @Happy_number_38)

All White In The Night 

The original neutral colour! If you’re struggling with which theme to go for, all-white is a seamless choice. If white is your choice of colour, you have the opportunity to play around with the textures you select for your space. White walls are the perfect canvas to create a striking room that will never go out of fashion. For a classic look pair white walls with brass lights, to add a pop of colour, or a dark, distressed ebony side table for a monochrome finish.

Natural decor

Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant – 12 Inch, by Industville (Image Supplied by @simplyhouseandhome)

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration on how to bring your interior back to basics with neutral tones and raw materials. Our range of industrial lights are uniquely handcrafted from raw materials, and one of our colour finishes is bound to complement your interior. If you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to contact our ever so friendly team today. There’s nothing we like to see more than our lights in your homes and businesses; you can share your images with us by either tagging us on Instagram - @Industville – or by using the hashtag #Industville