Bring The Outside, In With Greenery Trends For Spring 2018

Adding greenery to your interior design schemes is one of the best ways to achieve an instant style update that is easy to maintain, and will liven up any space it is placed. Whether you opt for larger than life greenery for a focal point or take a more subtle approach with smaller, tactile potted plants and vases of flowers; going green is always a good idea.

Below, we’ve taken a look at just some of the ways you can tap into the greenery trend at home, at work, or for your own business, and how they can be placed strategically in conjunction with our lights for the perfect supplemental décor. Here at Industville, we use the latest on-trend shades that are handcrafted in copper, brass, black and pewter, all of which pair perfectly with greenery inside, as you can see by the beautiful images!

Make the Most of the Natural Greenery Outside

One of the best ways to incorporate greenery with minimal effort, is through making the most of the trees, bushes, plants, flowers and fields outside your home. For areas that should make the most of natural light, including kitchens and bathrooms, opt for unrestricting curtains or blinds that don’t block any proportion of the window.  Skylights are great for highlighting the treetops above and make the perfect backdrop to our ceiling lights, further complementing their handcrafted finish. 

Think Plants for Productivity

Greenery in the home or the workplace will increase productivity by 15% according to a recent study by the University of Exeter. Researcher Dr. Chris Knight said that by adding just one plant per square metre, memory retention improved and employees scored higher on other basic tests. He said “What was important was that everyone could see a plant from where they were sat. If you are working in an environment where there’s something to get your psychologically engaged, you are happier and work better.” Improve productivity for those who work in your business, or build a zen environment that allows more creativity to flow every day. Our retro light fixtures are versatile and can complement a variety of existing interior design themes, including classic and traditional or modern and contemporary. 

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Bulbs

Go green in both senses of the word with the help of our brand new eco-friendly bulbs! Not only do these look fabulous, but they are also planet friendly, utilising cost-effective LED technology to save on energy. The bulbs can last for an average of 15,000 hours – that’s 5 years based on having the light switched on for 10 hours a day! A shift towards more eco-friendly interior design habits is expected to rise in the coming months, and the bulb is a great place to start. These larger than life bulbs also come with a dimmer, meaning you can adjust the ambience according to occasion, and discover the best settings to illuminate your greenery!

Discover the Health Benefits of Greenery

It doesn't take an environmentalist to conclude that plants make things look prettier, but when you dig a little deeper, there are also a plethora of health benefits that come with indoor plants. Greenery can reduce stress levels and improve wellbeing, contribute towards an improved air quality and even help to lower background noise. All of these contribute to creating a pleasant and calming place which to work, move or relax, and when paired with our atmospheric vintage wall lights, the combination is even more cosy!

Size Really Doesn’t Matter

One of the best aspects of the greenery trend is that it is accessible to all, regardless of the size of the space that you are working with. From tiny potted cacti dotted along mantelpieces to large-scale trees and climbing plants; each will bring a splash of green and nature inside. Smaller plants can be made to seem more dramatic with the help of strategically placed lights suspended just above them, and our bespoke services mean these can be hung as high or low as you so wish, depending on the desired impact.

Go Vertical

A recent design trend is to incorporate vertical plant arrangements to cover walls for a feature décor element that truly makes a statement. Position opposite large windows to make the most of the natural light and as a mirror type reflection of the outside. These are the perfect backdrop for our pretty pendant lights, and the handcrafted, raw nature of the shades will further complement this authenticity.

Indoor Gardens are In

Indoor Gardens are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary architecture, and is a great way to convey eco-friendly, natural vibes through your interior. These often work best in conjunction with natural light, given that most living things need sunlight of some description – although sometimes it may seem like a severe lack of sunshine on the outside anyway! The combination of natural light and greenery gives an airy, open feel to any space, but you can also use our antique wall lights or pendants to put the spotlight on your leafy creations. 

Go Potty with Plants

Looking after a potted plant can sometimes include a bit of maintenance, but the effects are well worth the work – those opting for lemon trees may even enjoy the fruits of their efforts in years to come! Pick a stylish, unique pot that complements or contrasts with other elements like the light shade and choose a location that satisfies the requirements of the plant to keep it looking green and decorative. Many opt to bring life to shady areas of a room, and should this be the case, be sure to choose a plant of the shade-loving variety.

Location is Key 

Potted plants are all-to-often neglected in the corner of the dining room, not enabling anyone to appreciate them in all the full 360 degree glory. Get creative with the location of your pots to truly make the most of the greenery trend, placing them on countertops, tables, floating shelves and in spaces like bathrooms will add a unique twist to your interior décor, leaving a lasting impression with those who see it. Place directly under one of our beautiful industrial style lights for it to take centre stage in any room! 

We hope this blog has provided further inspiration for bringing the outside in this spring, and you enjoy experimenting with some brighter shades. To make the most of the vibrancy of these plants, pair with our retro lights to illuminate them for all to see, so even when the weather isn’t quite so spring-like, you can still get your fill of natural green!

Featured Projects: Wringer and Mangle; Bicester Village; Restoran Juur; Humble Grape; Donna Ford; Marks and Rowe Interiors; @emily.musker; COEL Project - Jagex, Cambridge; Interior Editorial Feature As Featured in Homes & Gardens Magazine, July 2016 issue.

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