Be As Bold As Brass – The Metal Of The Moment

Be As Bold As Brass – The Metal Of The Moment

Move over copper, brass is here to take your crown. In previous years we’ve been looking at rose-gold interiors, but now pure raw brass is here to be the metal of the moment. Brass can be used for all types of accessories, such as handles, mirrors, photo frames and lighting. Read on to discover how you can incorporate brass into your interior design, as well as finding out about our new range

Be Timeless

Flashback to the 70s, pure raw brass is seen gracing all homes, restaurants, bars - you name it, and brass will have made an appearance. Fast forward 40 years and brass is again the metal of the moment. Warmer toned metals add a touch of elegance and luxury to any given space. Interior designers have been featuring brass in kitchens, bathrooms and bars for the last few years, but we’ve seen an increase in the need for brass toned products over recent months. Brass is back because it’s a lot less flashy than gold, less dazzling than silver and is a subtle way to add a touch of glamour without going overboard.

Brass toned interior complementing dark walls

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 8 Inch – Brass, by Industville. (Image Supplied by Ruthie Matthews - @design_soda_ruthie)

Why Should You Pick Brass?

Investing in a timeless raw material such as brass is an exciting way to create an industrialised, authentic look using raw materials which are affordable. Brass is easily paired with a number of different textures and colours, meaning if you feel the need to redecorate in the future, you wouldn’t need to invest in new accessories, as brass will continue to complement any given interior choice.

Brass is an investment - it’s durable as well as stylish. Pure raw brass doesn’t rust and is an easy metal to incorporate into more challenging environments such as your bathroom and outdoors as well as any other room you may wish.

It’s been used for industrialised plumbing for many years and adding brass to your décor will allow you to channel the industrial trend, which never seems to go out of fashion. Incorporating brass accessories into your home or business adds warmth and atmosphere to any given space.

Brass industrial lights with leaf print wallpaper

Shop our brass range (Image supplied by @Happy_number_38) 

Add a Touch of Luxury With Our New Range

We’re always thinking of how we can improve the quality of our products by releasing uniquely designed products using the highest quality materials. We’ve recently launched a new range which is made from pure raw brass which will enable you to not only add a touch of luxury to your décor, but also be reassured that it will last for a long time.

Brass is described as a lavish item but is reasonably priced, adding a touch of luxury into your space without the extortionate price tag. Taking a quick glance over our Trust Pilot reviews, our customers are always commending us on providing high quality, beautiful, handcrafted products at a reasonable price, so there is no need to compensate the cost of your desired products for the quality. The most popular products from this range are also weatherproof which means no rusting, so you can use them outdoors!

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Brass, by Industville. (Image supplied by @lifeatthelawn)

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Brass, by Industville. (Image supplied by @lifeatthelawn)

Combine Brass and Wood to Stay on Trend

Pairing metals with natural materials work wonders for any room. Brass and wood work particularly well when combined. Having industrial ceiling lights overlooking wooden worktops or tables is the perfect way to stay on trend. Both raw and natural materials work well outdoors as well as indoors, adding a more vintage feel. Often brass and wood materials share very similar colour palettes, meaning that the possibilities are endless for the looks that can be achieved when combining these materials. 

Add a Trace of Marble For a Luxurious Finish

 Marble has always been on trend but recently has become even more popular for interior design. It’s known as a very instagrammable background, especially when combining the colours white and grey. We’ve seen marble covering our kitchen tops and bathrooms in previous years, but we’ve seen a rise in the need for marble accessories for all over the home.

Mixed materials have recently been taking over the interior design world - it’s been predicted that the combination of marble and brass will be a huge sensation in the coming months. Adding a touch of marble and a trace of brass is an easy way to glamourise your interior. Trends do come and go, but marble and brass have been around for quite some time and don’t look as though they’re leaving any time soon.

How to Create an Atmosphere in Your Bar

 It’s all about creating a place your customers would happily return to. Whether you own a restaurant, a bar or a pub, these types of settings require a large quantity of varied light sources to make lighting work effectively. It’s important to have lighting that works not only for your customers’ needs, but to ensure your place stands out from the crowd. Brass coloured industrial ceiling lights are the perfect feature to have lighting up a table for two, creating the perfect first date setting, or brass wall lights are an easy way to add a touch of cosiness to your pub’s interior.

Industrial lighting above bar

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Brass, by Industville. (Image supplied by Farmer’s Mistress)

Bold Colours as Bold as Brass

Brass already stands out from the crowd, but when paired against bold colours creates a richer look. A colour splash is a perfect way to show off your personality without going overboard. Pops of navy, emerald green and luxurious reds work particularly well with brass tones, giving off an elegant and lavish finish. 

We’ve also seen dark coloured sofas in many interiors this year and these are easily paired with brass ornaments to channel a look the Royals would be envious of. If you like a statement wall, dark patterned wallpaper sits well with the warm tones of brass and is an effortless way to incorporate two trends in one.

Brass industrial lights

Shop our brass range (Image supplied by The Paper Partnership)

Brass lighting with emerald green interior

Sleek Giant Hat Pendant – 21 Inch – Brass, by Industville. (Image supplied by @Oliverthomasesq)

Brass industrial lights

Shop our brass range (Image supplied by @Scrumblesliving)

We hope this blog has given you an insight into how you can incorporate brass tones into your interior design, whether it be for your home or business décor. Our new pure raw brass range can complement any trend, whether this is inside or outside. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact our approachable team today. Don’t forget we love to see your pictures, so tag us on Instagram - @Industville – or by using the hashtag #Industville.