Open plan kitchen interior with concrete and industrial lights

Use Concrete Elements To Create A Minimalistic Interior

Gone are the days of concealing concrete in the home, it’s no longer just for garages and paths, it’s now being brought into our interiors, in a luxurious and sophisticated way! Industrial interiors have been trending for a while, due to adding bundles of character and being incredibly versatile. Concrete or the cement trend, allows you to strip your interiors back to basics to create something that will last forever. For inspiration on how to get the concrete look in your interior, by either utilising the material or by replicating it, read on!

Concrete look kitchen interior with brass pendants above kitchen island

Old Factory Pendant - 12 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @lodgeproject)

Combine With Other Industrial Elements

Some believe that incorporating concrete in interiors will create a cold and uninviting space; however, this isn’t true! When styled correctly, the results are warm and cosy, even if the concrete is dark grey or black. In order to contrast perfectly, pair with lighter industrial elements, such as light wooden floors or exposed white brick walls to open up the space. This is particularly important for smaller spaces, as dark colours often make a space feel smaller, by combining with lighter elements, the space will feel bigger.

Trio of pewter pendants over a kitchen island with exposed brick walls

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image Supplied by @Dreambound74)

Our trio of Brooklyn Dome Pendants looks seamless placed over the dark concrete worktop. The pendants have copper on the inside, which means when the lights are on, a warm and welcoming hue is emitted, looking beautiful contrasting with the darker tones!

Brighten Up With Brass

To put a glamorous twist on the industrial trend that concrete emits, opt for brass accessories to add warmth. All of our retro lights here at Industville are handcrafted with high-quality raw materials in order to craft something unique which will last forever. Dark interiors are becoming increasingly popular; however, as mentioned above, they can often make a room feel smaller. The warm-toned metallic allows you to brighten up a space, while looking incredibly stylish too!

Barn conversion kitchen interior with dark concrete and brass accents

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Naomi Page @barnconversionblog)

Playing with juxtapositions, the kitchen interior above focused on adding a touch of warmth with brass to contrast against the dark tones; the results are stunning. The brass within the inside of the trio of pendants paired with the brass splashback opens up the space, fully embracing the concrete trend. If you’d like to see more images and learn more about this beautiful interior, our case study of the barn conversion will leave you feeling inspired!

Open plan kitchen with dark concrete walls and pewter lights

Brooklyn Giant Bowl Pendant - 24 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Naomi Page @barnconversionblog)

Keep It Simple

For a clean and polished take on the trend, keep it simple by keeping walls white and adding one element of concrete. Whether this is in the kitchen with a concrete countertop or in the bathroom with marble-styled flooring, the options are endless of what concrete can do! A durable material which makes it perfect for kitchen countertops. It’s also unique due to the style and finish of the material, making the material perfect to be paired with our unique lights!

Trio of pewter pendants over a kitchen island

Sleek Cone Pendant - 7 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @house_of_capes)

For a contemporary feel, our Sleek range adds a modern edge to concrete, as the design creates a smooth and clean finish. If you sought after a more vintage feel, our Brooklyn range emits a retro vibe. The majority of our lights are interchangeable, meaning that you can replace the holders with a different one to change up your lights!

Dining room interior with wooden door and industrial globe pendant

The Globe Collection Pendant – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @callown)

It’s All About Textures

For many, textures are an afterthought when it comes to interior design; however, textures have the ability to add character and visual interest into any space they’re placed. They are usually what ties a whole décor scheme together; therefore, they should be thought about throughout the design process! In the bathroom décor below, the concrete on the wall contrasts with the metallic bathtub, greenery and artwork to create a spa-like bathroom!

Concrete bathroom interior with chrome bath, greenery and waterproof wall light

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter & Brass, by Industville (Image Supplied by @annas_attic_interiors_shop)

Concrete pairs perfectly with a number of textures and colour palettes, in particular, exposed brick walls. The kitchen décor below made use of raw materials, such as a wooden bench, concrete worktops and flooring, an exposed brick wall and of course, a trio of our pendants! The textures combined add bundles of character, and a kitchen interior we are obsessing over.

Kitchen interior with kitchen island and trio of pendants

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @sparklyeyedgirl)

Complement With Accessories

It’s not always possible to incorporate concrete in interiors. If this is the case for you, how about adding grey tones into your décor? Typically concrete tends to be grey in its most natural form, and grey is an incredibly versatile colour, meaning it blends perfectly with any interior style! We understand the need for consistency in your interior, and why should your lighting be left behind? We have a wide range of fabric flex cables which give you the opportunity to adapt your lighting and jazz it up!

Silver and grey fabric flex twisted cables from Industville

Grey Twisted Fabric Flex - 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire & Silver Twisted Fabric Flex - 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, by Industville

Artwork helps to pull all the elements in an interior together; we are advocates of incorporating unique art in interiors to allow your personality to shine through. We dedicate our showroom walls to aspiring artists art, browse the collection we stock on our supporting art page. The watercolour grey paired with the darker grey looks mesmerising and would easily add texture to your walls, whichever room it’s placed!

Money Tree (107) by Andrew Ekins

Money Tree (107) by Andrew Ekins

We’re so glad that concrete is no longer being concealed and kept hidden in areas which aren’t always seen and is making a trendy way into our homes. If your interior doesn’t have concrete to utilise, you’re able to replicate in a number of ways, either by concrete look wallpaper or by using paint, for example. The key thing to remember when it comes to concrete is that it blends beautifully with a number of other materials, it’s also well-priced!

So, whatever your interior style, be it modern, contemporary or Scandi, concrete will complement your interior perfectly. What are your thoughts on the concrete trend? Will you be adding a touch of the concrete look into your interior this year? We’d love to know!

If you seek more concrete interior inspiration, browse our Concrete Accents Pinterest board!

Featured Image: Shaker & May June 2019 by Pete Helme Photography @pete.helme