Funky Interior Design Trends

Funky Interior Design Trends

The word funky describes something that is unconventional and unusual, but have you thought about transforming your space into something funky? With the clocks changing last weekend, it’s signalled the official end of summer and the start of the winter hibernation. With Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas on the horizon, there’s a lot to look forward to rather than dread the shorter days and darker nights, even though it’s dark it doesn’t mean everything turns gloomy.

Industrial style lights and bulbs

Vintage LED Edison Old Filament Lamp – 5W E27 - Spiral Globe G200 – Smoke Grey, Vintage LED Edison Bulb Old Filament Lamp – 5W E27 - Small Globe G95, Brooklyn Balloon Cage Pendant – 6 Inch – Copper, Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – PewterBrooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Pewter & Copper, and Handcrafted Wire Cage Pendant – 8 Inch – Drop, by Industville.

With Halloween just a day away, we couldn’t help but pick some of our favourite funky interiors that we think are perfect for this season, if you’re unsure of how to add a bit of funk into your interior, read on for all our tips and tricks and enjoy some hauntingly good interiors along the way.


The Secret To Dark Interiors

Dare to go dark? Searches for dark and gothic interiors have increased over the past year; if it’s a mysterious turn you want to make with your interior, there are a number of ways in which you create this.

Dark interior hallway - monochrome

Brooklyn Umbrella Wall Light – 8 Inch – Pewterby Industville (Image supplied by @malmo_and_moss)

Monochrome can work in any room, whether this is in your home or business and has the ability to add a touch of luxury. The striking interior is an easy base to start with if you’re unsure of which direction to take your décor in. As the base tones of this trend tend to stick to blacks, greys and whites, it is important to add contrasting patterns and materials to add texture to the interior. Wall art is a perfect accessory to stand out and has the ability to change the dynamics of a room.

Brass accessories in a dark bathroom

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light – 8 Inch – Pewter & Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @almaluna_interiors)

In the past bathroom designs have been avoiding the darker tones and opting for neutral pallets, however, in the past year we’ve seen a rise in people wanting darker bathrooms. Darker colours don’t need to feel gloomy, and the right colours can make your bathroom look elegant. It’s important to remember that darker colours have the ability to make a room feel smaller, so being clever about where you want the dark tones is essential. If you prefer dark walls, ensure you have white or light grey accessories to add the contrast monochrome interiors thrive from. Industrial lights are the perfect funky accessory to add more light into a dark space; we have a variety of IP related lights, perfect for any place in your bathroom.

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @lifeatthelawn)

Black has been coming out on top of the colour for kitchens this year, which we’ll see continued into next. Instead of the classic kitchen colours, we’ve seen a shift to a more daring interior. You don’t have to opt for modern or completely monochrome, but splashes of dark have the ability to transform your kitchen into a sleek haven.



Whatever room you’re thinking of turning to the dark side, dark interiors combine perfectly with metallic finishes as they allow the metals to stand out in any given space. Industrial lighting is the perfect accessory for dark or gothic interiors, whether you opt for mixed metals, stick with the one or decide glass is for you, if it’s a wall light, pendant or flush mount you’re after, our range is perfect.

Industrial retro vintage lights

Barn Stem Flush Mount – 15 Inch – Copper & Pewter, Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Round Light – 8 Inch – Gunmetal, Brooklyn 5 Wire Pendant – Brass, and The Globe Collection Pendant – Pewterby Industville.  

Go Bold With Artwork

Dare to be different and stand out from the crowd? Artwork is the ideal way to funky up your interior; whether you prefer contemporary artwork or modernised graffiti, there is artwork for each and every one out there.

Depending on the type of style you're after, will determine which stance you take on artwork, do you want to opt for a white wall with the art being the centrepiece or prefer a more industrial style background with bricks combined with graffiti? Be bold, be different and more importantly choose something that’s right for you!

Modern artwork and vintage lights

Brooklyn Giant Step Pendant – 18 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Filthy Cow - @filthycowuk – Chloe Anne Charnock Photography)

Give Your Space A Splash Of Colour

The arcade interior trend has taken over the interior world by storm, inspired by summer festivals and exotic travel; this trend has seen vibrant colours combined with the industrial vibe. Splashes of lively colours inject a sense of fun into any interior, whatever colour you decide to pick.

Retro lights are perfectly combined with the arcade trend, throwing us back to the ‘80’s and reminding us of Pac-Man and Tetris. Metallic finishes contrast impeccably with vibrant colours, bringing interior back to life and making a bold statement.

Retro inspired bar interior design

Brooklyn Giant Bell Pendant – 20 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Senor Ceviche - @SenorCevicheLDN)

Fall In A Love Spell With Brass

Nothing goes more perfectly with the autumnal weather than pure brass. Brass adds luxe into your interior, with the warm earthy colour complementing any décor. What with the darker evenings taking over and channelling the Halloween vibes, brass industrial lights are the perfect way to light up your exterior while adding character. Brass tones go with any interior or exterior, so you can be sure that whatever décor you currently have, brass will work flawlessly!

Vintage brass weatherproof and waterproof outdoor industrial lights

Swan Neck Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light – Brass, by Industville

Go Pretty With Pewter

What’s the secret to our pewter potion? It’s that it matches every interior style, from Victorian haunted mansions through to modern minimalistic loft conversions! The dark metallic complements interior by adding a luxurious, mysterious feel, pairing perfectly with neutral and dark backdrops.


If you want to trial the mix and match metallic trend and add something funky, we have a variety of mixed metal lights with pewter combined with copper and pewter paired with brass.

Dark interior living room with retro lights

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by @keri1605)

Go Bare With Bulbs

Looking into our crystal ball, we can see that bare bulbs are going to be a future trend! The light bulb is no longer going to hide behind the shade, and we’ll see more bare bulbs in the coming months. They’re ready to take centre stage and create the perfect atmosphere in any room, whether they’re a statement on their own or featured with a shade.


Gone are the days of plain bulbs, it’s all about the Edison bulb, we wanted to create a range of vintage light bulbs that work perfectly with our retro lights. They are a chic way to bring the vintage style back into the lighting, exposed bulbs create a nostalgic feeling and add warmth into an industrial space.

Industrial style lights in a commercial space

Black Round Fabric Flex – 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, and Vintage LED Edison Bulb Old Filament Lamp – 5W E27 Classic A60, by Industville (Image supplied by Lynx Black Space – Shoreditch, London)

Bare bulbs create the perfect atmosphere not only for the home but businesses too; whether this is a restaurant, café or retail shop. They create the illusion of candlelight and evoke a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. With the industrial interior design trend being one that we see never go out of fashion, businesses have been opting to choose industrial bulbs to expand on the trend. Our bulbs come in three colour options; clear, amber and smoke grey, so you have a choice to which hue you want to take over your space.


If you prefer to combine a vintage bulb with a shade, then look no further. To complement the statement bulb, you can pair with glass shades or wire cages. The geometric style of a wire cage creates the ideal statement, adding something different into your interior while keeping the vintage bulb the forefront of the room.

Add A Touch Of Colour With Flex Cables

All of our suspended lights come with a top quality, coloured fabric flex cable, so if it’s funky flex you’re after we’ve got you covered! We understand the need for consistency in your interior, and that is why we have a wide variety of colour choices; whether you decide for a one-colour wire or a duo-colour, the statement flex cable is the perfect way to add the retro-style into your décor and keep on trend.



We hope that this blog has given you an insight into creating a mesmerising funky interior, which trend is your favourite? We’d love to know! If you need any help with which lights to pick or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. There’s nothing we like to see more than our lights in action, don’t forget to share your photos with us on Instagram - @industville – or by using the hashtag - #Industville. There’s one last thing to say…

Happy Halloween!

Industville carved pumpkin

The Globe Collection Pendant – Copper, by Industville