Kitchen Trends For 2018

Kitchen Trends For 2018

Now that spring is about to be sprung, many will be looking at home improvement options, particularly for rooms like kitchens, and other living spaces that are used by everyone, in keeping with the season. 

A kitchen in 2018

With this in mind, we’ve come up with 10 fabulous kitchen trends that you should consider implementing in 2018. Our trends are all about channelling personality, individuality and unique taste through décor. Keep an eye out for our industrial kitchen lighting, which can help to take you one step closer to your dream kitchen.

Opt for Natural Materials and Exposed Brickwork

For those dreaming of industrial-styled interiors, dream no more! Those starting from scratch can opt for exposed brickwork for a forever trend that will be admired by all. However, those who are hoping to tap into industrialism can still do so without requiring a complete kitchen revamp. Utilise natural materials such as wood for dining tables, picture frames and shelves for storage, along with plants and flowers for raw, authentic look that can be appreciated by all. Our retro wall lights complete the industrial look, and encompass the sought after warehouse vibes perfectly. Our handcrafted shades are made with high-quality raw materials that help you to bring the outside in, in a stylish yet authentic way, allowing you to jump aboard the natural materials trend train, full steam ahead! 


a beautiful kitchen in 2018 Make the Most of Functional Storage

Gone are the days of squeaky clean kitchen interiors, all-white units and catalogue-esque décor. 2018 is the year to celebrate clutter, understand that many 21st century homes will have gadgets and gizmos aplenty – from smoothie makers to spiralizers – and as such require adequate storage that doesn’t just sweep everything under the counters, but is functional while you’re cooking in the kitchen. Floating shelves, pull-out pantries, plate racks and creative cabinets will not only look great but will also make actually living in your home a whole lot easier!  You can also make the most of your space with the help of our small lights, strategically placed next to cabinets or ovens as well as cluster lighting hanging over countertops, for minimal restrictions on what you can do with the rest of the room. 

A beautiful kitchen 2018

Embrace Original Statement Art

In 2018, interior décor is all about channelling you. Personality and voice have never been more important when it comes to design, and one of the easiest, most-effect ways to implement this is via the inclusion of original statement art. For some, this may play to their inner artistic flair, as they construct an entire gallery wall dedicated to original pieces of art, in whichever way, shape or form they may be, for powerful results! Equally, one big statement picture can work just as well and adds another dimension to even the most simple of designs. Remember, you can also select the frames to complement your existing design scheme, be it brass, wood or black. 

A beautiful kitchen in 2018

Go Bold or Go Home

 When it comes to kitchen colour schemes, the trends of 2018 have spoken, and it is officially the bolder, the better. Be it kitchen cabinets, work surfaces and ‘not-so-white’ goods or more subtle accessories; there’s never been a better time to get adventurous with your colour choices. These bright and beautiful kitchens are versatile when mixed with natural materials, and are as at home in a trendy, urban space as they are in a country farm cottage. For those looking to incorporate colours in a more subtle way, kettles, toasters and bins are an easy way to add a splash of colour – and remember our vintage light shades can also be painted any RAL colour of your choice!

Top kitchen trends 2018

Contrast your Colours

Contrasting colours have taken the interior world by storm and continues to be a very popular option for kitchens in 2018. Work surface tops will often contradict the colours of the cabinets below, for a stark yet oddly pleasing aesthetic that makes a powerful impact from the moment you enter the room. Hygge is one of the most successful interior trends of the last decade, and the cornerstone of this is contrast – making contrasting kitchens the ideal option for those wishing to keep on top of the latest craze. You can do this with the help of our dark pewter finishes, creating the ideal juxtaposition for white or neutrally-coloured kitchens. 

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @gainsborough_interiors)

Bring in Retro Stools

For those hoping to create a comfortable place to both prepare food and relax, retro stools and contemporary breakfast bars are certainly the way forward. A space-saving solution for those without a dining table or the best way to incorporate a social element to provide company for whoever is slaving away in the kitchen. Again, the functional element of a kitchen takes precedence here, with the ease of serving food straight from cupboard to countertop is particularly highlighted during busy morning breakfast times. The stools themselves are comfy, with a high comfy real leather top, stylish and easy to tuck under the countertops. 

A beautiful kitchen 2018

Utilise Space and Natural Light 

Spring is just around the corner, and although that may mean one hour less in bed is fast-approaching, lighter mornings and evenings will soon be upon us. That is music to the ears of those who start early and finish late, who will no doubt be looking for the ways in which they can make the most out of natural light. Opt for lighter, neutral shades, glossy finishes and keep any greenery outside your windows or doors neat and tidy so that they aren’t blocking the light. This will all contribute to creating the illusion of space, and consider placing actual lights strategically in positions that might not always be exposed to much natural light, but where you may need it most, such as above ovens. Our range of beautiful finishes, including copper, reflect light for ambience, and our collection of bulbs last for five years, making for the ideal, eco-friendly option. 

Beautiful kitchens in 2018

Family Function > Looking Pretty  

The hectic nature of young families means that all-too-often, time spent in the kitchen is more of a mad rush, ensuring everyone is fed, watered and where they are meant to be in minimal amounts of time. Islands are a great way to keep young children seated on one side, while older brothers, sisters, parents, neighbours and whoever else may find themselves in your kitchen can find all they need with ease, on the other side. With what can sometimes be a handful of energetic children tearing around the place, your functional storage game must be on point, making cleaning up as quick and pain-free as possible, and minimal breakables on vulnerable surfaces. Our lights above the island remain out of harms way, and be them a drop pendant or a cluster collection, they will provide ample light for the whole room in a practical yet decorative manner. It’s too soon to say goodbye to that Nutri-bullet…

Family kitchen

Don’t Limit Your Accessories

Opt for a blast from the past and add some character to your home décor with the help of vintage accessories. Whether it be retro tea and coffee pots, old school biscuit jars or classic scales that are reminiscent of a time gone by; steer away from all-white, headache-inducing kitchens and add a vintage twist wherever possible. We don't neglect accessories when it comes to our lights, and you can choose from an extensive range of flex cable to make the perfect fitting for you.

A beautiful kitchen in 2018

Go Big with Statement Lights

Now for one of our favourite trends of 2018, and luckily it’s one we happen to be fairly knowledgeable on! Big, statement lights have been cropping up over the last few years and are seemingly here to stay as popularity has increased tenfold. Industrial pendant lights hang above kitchen islands for the perfect spotlight, both in terms of style and the functionality of food preparation. You can use lighting as a way to implement other trends on this list, including bold colours, contrast and natural materials, choosing from the variety of finishes and colours we have on offer at Industville. As well as spectacular pendant lights, we have a range of antique wall sconces that look perfect by the oven, or in those corners that miss out on natural light.

Beautiful kitchens in 2018

We hope these kitchen trends have given you some inspiration for your own kitchen revamp, and we’ve managed to shed some ‘light’ on all the latest styles. All of the images include our beautiful retro lights, so if any have caught your eye, don’t hesitate to browse our full range online and order your perfect lighting solution today! If you need any further guidance or information, please don't hesitate to contact the Industville team today, who would be happy to help!

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