A contemporary bathroom with green tiling and brass furnishings

Mix Modern With Vintage in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a unique space to design – for some, it’s the easiest in the home, while for others it can feel like a challenge. However, with a clear creative vision and fantastic furnishings like our industrial bathroom lighting, anything is possible.

Creating a timeless bathroom interior which blends contemporary and traditional features is a great way to produce a timeless, versatile and unique interior. Here, we provide some top tips for creating a coherent design that combines old and new.

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Don’t Over Clutter

Whenever you’re working with a bathroom, one of the first things you need to consider is space. Often, bathrooms are compact, and space is equally as important as style when it comes to creating a calming environment.

When trying to combine traditional and contemporary styles, it can be tempting to fill a space with various features in the hope that they complement and blend. However, this can take away from the style you’re trying to achieve.

The best advice is to think clearly about what kind of style you would like to achieve by contrasting old and new. Avoid cluttering with smaller features and stick to refining the essentials alongside a few statement pieces.

A minimalist industrial bathroom design

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Globe Pendant – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @thefamilyfarmhouse_)

Neutral Contrasts

The colours you choose will go a long way to determining the feeling of your bathroom. Experimenting with different tones as opposed to the classic bathroom white can help bring new life to any bathroom!

When mixing modern with vintage, you’ll often look for your bathroom features to take the lead. Therefore, your interior will likely benefit from a more subtle colour scheme that helps draw out those contrasting furnishings.

Subtle doesn’t mean boring, though! Consider how different shades might contrast with your space. For example, pairing green with brass furnishings, or a soft yellow with sharp black features are just two ways of creating spaces with incredible depth and emotion.

A green contemporary bathroom with brass lighting by Industville

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @my_fantasy_extension)

Prints and Patterns

One of the most effective ways of blending modern with vintage is through prints and patterns. Pairing a minimalist bathroom interior with a striking floor pattern or wall print is a great way to bring more style into a space.

Incorporating patterned or tiled floors is a brilliant method of adding depth to a bathroom. Modern tiles can set the scene, allowing vintage furnishings to stand out.

There are so many excellent wallpapers out there that blend classic patterns with modern colours to create a wonderful aesthetic. A vintage wallpaper can also provide the perfect backdrop to sleek, modern features, creating a timeless blend of styles.

A grey bathroom interior with traditional patterned wallpaper

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Helen Hatton)

Sleek Metal Finishes

Metal is a fantastic material to consider whenever trying to blend traditional and contemporary styles. With an incredibly versatile, timeless quality, metals work particularly well as highlights for a soft, neutral bathroom interior.

Pure, smooth metals like brass, copper and pewter are perfect for blending vintage and modern features into a coherent interior. Brass is particularly effective in the bathroom, bringing colour and luxury to clean, minimalist spaces.

A traditional bathroom with industrial lighting by Industville

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @townhouserenovation)

The Perfect Lighting

Lighting is a hugely important feature in any room, but particularly the bathroom. Your bathroom lighting is key to setting the right ambience, allowing you to wake up in the morning and unwind in the evening.

To ensure you have the correct lighting for your space, it’s good to have as many options as possible. At Industville, much of our industrial range is also available with IP ratings, allowing them to be used in the bathroom or garden.

Understanding IP Ratings for Bathroom Lighting

A guide to IP ratings for bathroom lights

All lights designed for the bathroom are given an IP rating based on their protection against water ingress. When choosing lights for your bathroom, it’s crucial that you consider their placement and required IP rating before purchase.

  • IP20 – Protection against solid objects but no liquids. Can only be used in locations unlikely to have contact with water.
  • IP44 – As above, but with added protection against water spray. IP44 lighting can be used close to features like baths, showers and sinks.
  • IP65 – As above, but also with protection against water fired from a nozzle. IP65 lights can be used in the direct area of bathrooms and showers but doesn’t provide enough protection to be submerged in water.

Here at Industville, we have a wide range of timeless industrial-style lights with IP20, 44 and 65 ratings, allowing you to create your dream interior.

A bright, modern bathroom with industrial lighting

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @dovecotebarns)

Statement Mirrors

Another great way of creating a timeless bathroom interior is through the use of statement mirrors. Similar to metals, mirrors can have a timeless quality, providing the perfect bridge between vintage and modern features.

Large, sleek statement mirrors are right on trend at the moment. Having a big and bold mirror feature can add depth to small bathrooms while also providing a sense of luxury, adding the perfect flourish to your design.

A minimalist bathroom interior with statement mirror

Urban Round Wall Mirror - 31 inch - Copper Frame, by Industville (Image supplied by Industville)

By combining elements of traditional and contemporary design, you can create unique and timeless spaces full of character. We would love to see what you create using our lights, so share your designs using #Industville!

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