Prim, Proper, Posh – Luxury Interiors

Prim, Proper, Posh – Luxury Interiors

With Wimbledon well underway, it’s that time of the year that sipping champagne and eating strawberries and cream at noon is completely acceptable. We can’t help but feel extra posh while watching the best tennis players in the world compete, particularly when the likes of the royal family are also watching.

That brings us to interiors that are fit for a tennis star, and the good news is that you do not have to be royal or a talented tennis superstar to afford them. However, you do need to source high-quality products from reputable companies that use raw and authentic materials to achieve the ultimate luxury feel. Read on to discover a few of our top tricks on how you can achieve luxury interiors.

Be Prim with Neutrals 

Neutral colours combine to create versatile neutral colour schemes that are an ideal palette for any style. Neutrals are not only reliable for use in decorating, but they also play a critical role in providing visual relief, backdrops, and a calming atmosphere.

You can also use a dimmer to complement the neutral tones and create an intimate ambience for anywhere in the house.

Interior design

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Copper, (Image supplied by image supplied by @aktaia.interiors) 

Neutral colours work particularly well in contemporary interiors. This is because they allow the fantastic architectural elements in modern design to become the focus.

Beautiful interiors

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Copper, (Image supplied by 3B&ME Photography - @CallowN on Instagram and Twitter, FB -

This concept goes against the mindset of some people, but it’s the absolute truth. When neutral colours are used as the primary backdrop for your interior design, your personal style can shine. It comes to the forefront, and all the details and pieces and accents that make your style what it is are in the spotlight. 

Be Proper with Copper

The combination of pewter and copper gives the ultimate industrial-chic vibe, while the copper gives a warm glow to any interior. This colour scheme really suits any interior design, but we are seeing how it is used more frequently to give a luxury, posh feel to interiors.

Beautiful kitchen

Old Factory Pendant - 12 Inch - Pewter & Copper, (Image supplied by Debbie Wolfe wolfekinch and Shaker Kitchen Company) 

Copper In The Kitchen

Copper elements around the kitchen bring a warm feeling to the overall space, and when they are accompanied by geometric patterns, it brings a modern, posh look that we absolutely adore. Despite its tough exteriors and industrial aesthetic, polished copper will bring an elegant and warm feeling to any home. 

All of our copper lights are handcrafted, elevating the quality of the product, making them Instagram-worthy. This means each light fixture is unique and is almost like a piece of jewellery for the home that provides the perfect finishing touch.

The copper trend has made appearances in recent global events held in Stockholm, Milan and even Shanghai. The shade is strong enough to shine on its own but works best when paired with white and other muted greys.

Copper in interiors

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch – Pewter, (Image supplied by Sturman and Co. Interior Design Studio @bess_designs @aktaia.interiors)

Be Posh with Pewter

Although elegance and the industrial-style may seem like an unlikely duo, people love to experiment and have truly unique interiors as well as combine styles that were previously unthought of. The results are unique and stunning, and can be achieved through Pewter, is a stamp of industrial chic.

A beautiful space

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Copper, (Image supplied by @Dreambound74)

Another way to achieve a posh extravaganza effect is through over-sized light bulbs. These larger-than-life bulbs will bring a retro, individual vibe to your home, and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase go big or go home. 

Big bulb range

Vintage LED Edison Bulb Old Filament Lamp - 5W E27 Spiral Globe G200 - Smoke Grey,

As with many things, your home or business needs detailed planning in order to be effective, so think ahead and order catalogues for inspiration. Here at Industville, we provide sample swatches so that you can be sure of colours and look for accessories that will match the shade.

Expert advice on creating luxury environments with Peter W. Turner 

We wanted to find out a little more about luxury interiors, so we had the pleasure of talking to Peter W. Turner the managing director of Cocoon & Bauer a top interior design company that provide interior design, space planning and 3D visualisations to a wide range of clients throughout the country. We wanted to get a glimpse of the process that goes on behind closed doors to create such luxury interiors.

You do both commercial and domestic projects, is there a different thought process and planning that go into each sector?

Definitely. With a commercial client, it is more than likely to be a team of people who you need to address and convince that your scheme is the perfect solution to their space. Not only that, but you also receive a more detailed brief, right from the offset, so your ideas and plans are more tailored to fit.

With a residential client, making them aware of issues which you need to overcome and how that is achieved is key. Like with this project, the interior was impressive, but there were far too many hard lines and commercial looking elements created by the architect. To make this a more warm and welcoming home, we needed to soften those edges with curtains and blinds, along with rugs, cushions and throws.

Once we’ve taken that “hard edge” away we can begin looking at how we work with the architectural elements and make them seem even more impressive. We decided that we would embrace the more industrial look of the existing exposed brick and chose light fittings that would not only compliment that but also give a touch of luxury.

As we can see from your domestic projects, they have a very luxury feel, is this something people are aiming for a more high-end finish and luxury interior?

In both sectors, commercial and residential yes. Clients, as well as looking for the aesthetic benefits of a high-end finish, the quality which comes with that is appealing because of the longevity. The problems I get with cheaper solutions far outweigh the issues with top-end products.

Beautiful dining room

Handcrafted Wire Cage Pendant - 11 Inch – Round, (image supplied by @cocoonandbauer)

How important is the positioning and look of the lights you choose for your projects?

Lighting is important in any interior. If we think of it as purely a light source, the light levels and the location of the light – whether it be from below above or at the side – effects the mood and ambience of the space. So, when designing for a space with a particular function, the choice of light is essential.

How do they feel industrial lights fit within luxury interiors?

Luxury interiors focus on the quality, not just the look of the product and I feel industrial fittings – especially from Industville – have a fantastic quality. This is evident in the way high-end restaurants and hotels have begun using industrial fittings with exposed bulbs. Aesthetically though, teaming the raw metal and glass work with luxurious fabrics and furniture provides a perfect ying and yang solution to any interior and almost heightens the quality element of both.Industrial style lights

Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant - 12 Inch, (Image supplied by @cocoonandbauer)

What lights did you pick from Industville and what was the reason behind it?

We chose the handcrafted wire cage pendant for the dining area for a number of reasons. The space is a large open plan diner-kitchen-lounge and the walls at the dining area were to be painted in F&B Railings and the dining chairs were existing and of a mid-dark grey fabric.

With the existing dining table being walnut we didn’t want to add too many colours to the area but definitely add depth. So, the horizontal bars of the wire pendant created an obstruction in the sightlines across the space but without blocking it off completely – and when on the warm glow of the bulb creates a beautiful dining setting.

Over the kitchen counter, we decided to go with the prismatic lights for a similar reason. They allowed the light to pass through without being obstructive. But also, like I’ve already mentioned, the quality of the glass and the metal work really comes through.

Would you like to create a luxury interior for your home or business?

Check out our extensive range of industrial style lights today, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to know any more!