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10 Dec

Industville | Christmas Trends 2015


If you have not already started your Christmas decoration or you have the tree but are not sure how to make it work with the rest of your home decor. At Industville we have put together three unique inspiration boards, which will hopefully shed some light and help you create the perfect and most stylish Christmas yet.

As we are sure you are all aware, the trend for metallics in the home has maintained momentum through 2015 and we see no abating its popularity into 2016.

Nevertheless, it is during this time of year, when the nights draw in that they come into their own, adding a warmth and glow to a room that is unrivaled. With Christmas round the corner, they are especially season appropriate, as they are the perfect way to bring that added bit of stylish sparkle and little extra 'Je ne sais quoi' to your interior!

This year, we have divided our inspiration into three distinct themes, making the most of the different finishes that Industville offer. We hope that this illustrates not only the unique diversity of metallics themselves but also the flexibility of Industville’s products more generally and how they can be innovatively used by our customers to create any number of fantastic interior effects, no matter the style or feel that you are trying to achieve. Our three looks are Copper Christmas, Monochrome and New Traditions, with each board illustrating our very own take on some the most popular trends in Christmas decoration this year.


Copper Christmas - 

This beautiful burnished hue has been filtering into our hearts and homes over the past year, with many singing it's undeniable praises. It’s unique pinkish tones adds a lovely new dimension to any interior and works beautifully with any number of interior styles. This Christmas, it has especially come into its own. At Industville, we love the combination of our pure copper fittings with the natural colours and textures of the rich green fir trees alongside a sophisticated palette of textured whites and creams, creating a reassuring yet refreshing take of our favourite time of year.


Monochrome - 

Prefer something a little more subtle? We have seen a huge buzz around the idea of a more restrained palette this Christmas with monochrome colour schemes using patterns, textures and different mid tones to create unique interpretation of the festive season. As many of our products are inspired by the industrial style, we love the way our products work in this scheme, as texture and finish become more important. Monochrome is a fantastic alternative for those wishing to create a more sophisticated and restrained perspective on the festive proceedings.


 New Traditions - 

Then there are some things that never goes out of style! Perhaps in a slightly new understanding, our 'New traditions' inspiration board, combines traditional Christmas flavours but looking to the effortless chic of Scandinavian style.The festive colour combination of red and white with an added sprinkling of vintage style antique brass that oozes Christmas spirit. The golden tones of brass are especially brought alive with when used with Industville’s vintage style LED bulbs, it is a gorgeous way to introduce the warming and comforting effects of candlelight at Christmas. With ‘New Traditions’ we illustrate a new interpretation of our beloved Christmas traditions.

Which is your favourite style for Christmas? Do you stick with the same style every year or do you like to change it up?

Let us know in the comments! Or you can Tweet, Instagram or email us at info@industville.co.uk any pictures of how you've created the perfect Christmas interior featuring our Industville products! 

Go to Industville to see all the products featured in our inspiration boards. 

and if you want to see more like this make sure to take a look at our Projects Page and Pinterest now!

Photo Credits: Pinterest

12 Nov

Vintage & Industrial Interiors

Vintage and industrial lighting is one of the biggest trends in design right now, with plenty of companies and homes adapting this style to their interiors.

Over the past few years the vintage effect has increased in popularity, with many people adopting that style to anything and everything they can. The vintage look can give your interior a lot more character, but also express both the brand’s personality and yours at the same time.

Another popular trend is industrial, with many interior designers using the basis of existing or original architecture to show the original structure of a building. Baring brick walls and metal pipes can offer an interesting combination alongside any vintage furniture.

At Industville we offer a wide range of lighting and furniture which reflects the industrial or vintage style. With our retro and antique styles, our products will offer a unique stamp on any interior, whether it be in your home or business.

We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the restaurant and retail industry, ensuring that they have the best products to suit their setting and creating the most outstanding atmosphere for their customers. Here are some of the interiors we have created for our clients using our range of lighting and furniture:

Jamie Oliver


This Vintage Industrial Cage Bulkhead Wall Light Sconce Lamp with Glass has been featured in many of Jamie's restaurants. Get the same look in your home for £79.00.


Our Large Retro Industrial Metal Pendant Bar Light features in many of the Costa stores across the UK. Available in a range of colours to suit any interior and reasonably priced at £79.00.



Both of these light fittings, Vintage Metal Swivel Sconce Adjustable Wall Light and Vintage Antique Dark Grey Pewter Sconce Wall Lamp, are available online to buy today both priced at £79.00.

Gordon Ramsey's Restaurants


We offer a wide range of Handcrafted Cage Pendants, all of which have featured in Gordon Ramsey's restaurants. Prices start from £33.00.

As you can see from the above images, our lighting can create a unique ambiance. These antique looking lights make a huge statement and can reflect the mood that you are trying to reflect in either your home or restaurant. 

12 Nov

Lighting Through The Ages

Lighting in the home, by the early Victorian period, was still a somewhat drab and shadowy affair of flickering candles and burning oil lamps. Interior fittings were usually chandeliers – fittings suspended from the ceiling- or sconces, wall mounted light holders. Early lighting was functional rather than stylish and decorative, but the life changing industrial revolution was just getting into gear and big changes just around the corner.    

Oil Lamps 

Records show oil lamps have been in use since at least the Palaeolithic period, some 2.6 million years ago. Oil lamps were fuelled by a variety of oils including olive oil, fish oil, whale oil and even oil from certain nuts.

Oil lamps and candlelight were the main form of lighting in the ordinary home, and remained more or less unchanged until the industrial revolution when new technologies were being introduced into everyday living with labour saving devices changing the way we live. Things were starting to brighten up!

Gas Lamps

Throughout the 19th century, gas lights replaced oil lamps and candles, although they were simply naked flames of varying shapes and size, depending on the type of burner; two such early gas lamps were cockspur and fishtail. Although much brighter than candles or oil lamps - they were still very poor by modern day standards. The first gas lighting utilities were seen in London between 1812 and 1820.

The Victorian era was one of innovation and elaboration. Fashionable town houses reflected the changing times: with grand rise-and-fall gasoliers, that could be raised to showcase intricate ceiling decoration, and lowered when more light was required for reading and dining.

Electrical Lighting

1878 saw one of the most important developments in the history of modern lighting, when Sunderland-born Joseph Swan invented the first practical electrical light bulb and interior lighting would never be the same again.

The Tyneside industrialist, William George Armstrong, Baron Armstrong of Cragside in Northumberland developed hydroelectricity in 1878. And, in 1880, he installed one of Joseph Swan’s light bulbs in his home, making Cragside the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity.

By the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, electric lighting was gradually introduced around the country; electricity would transform the way we live from this time on.

Victorian Light Fittings

The advent of electricity and the industrial revolution sparked an explosion in home design: Light was available to all within a few short years, and light fittings became an integral part of modern living- became not just a form of illumination, but works of art in their own right.

Electric light bulb design advanced rapidly and soon bulbs were made in all sorts of shapes, in sizes to fit various recesses- light shades and candelabra designs were many, from rustic and classical, to elegant and sparkly- the Victorians did not lack in style and today, antiques from this era are much sought after.

However, the increase in popularity of all things vintage has led to an increase in the manufacture of some excellent reproduction light fittings. Finding antique light fittings in usable condition, at an affordable price is increasingly difficult, so look carefully at where you’ll find good quality fittings that look great, in a range of styles.

Arts & Crafts Lighting

The Arts and Crafts Movement that flourished between 1880 and 1910 gave birth to a style that reflected traditional craftsmanship using simple materials, forms, and methods: a style that harked back to a previous age, a mix of medieval and folk in style and decoration.

The Arts and Crafts Movement was greatly inspired by the ideas and creativity of John Ruskin and William Morris, and quickly spread from Britain to America, Europe and Japan.

Art Nouveau Lighting

Art Nouveau is a style that was popular from 1880 - 1910.  It was inspired by nature and natural forms such as flowers, plants and trees: straight lines, corners and geometric form were replaced by curves and free flowing, graceful shapes.

Art nouveau is the first 20th century modern style – a style that did not look back for inspiration and ideas, drawing inspiration instead from the natural world. Silver, Copper and pewter became favourite materials during this time. Light fittings, furniture and art coordinated harmoniously during this elegant era. 

Art Deco Lighting

The Art Deco movement of the 20’s and 30’s discarded the flowing organic shapes and colours of Art Nouveau, in favour of bold geometric shapes and straight lines, shiny fabrics and chrome. Art Deco shouted Hollywood and glamour, cocktails and Poirot - the roaring twenties of flapper girls, sleek and slick.

Art Deco lighting graced luxury ocean liners and suited perfectly the new age of the skyscraper, and the fantasy world of Hollywood. Art Deco style light fittings blend well into today’s modern interior and add a touch understated elegance to most styles and tastes. Lamps, available in a range of patterns and finishes will showcase your most favoured features, or will stand alone as the focal, talking point in any space.

21st Century Lighting

Interior design tastes in the twenty first century vary widely as more and more choose to mix the best of today, with the loved and stylish from yesterday – new and shabby chic, classical with vintage commercial - a mix of old, worn charm and hi tech all of which can work well with a little thought and imagination.

Industrial lighting is minimal yet stylish, simple but bold, a mix of clean lines and graceful curves- but never too excess- flat finishes and understated tones give metals an organic feel. Today’s trend of mixing vintage industrial, with just about anything else looks set to continue a while yet.

For original hand-crafted vintage, industrial & retro style lighting. Pendant ceiling & wall lighting & furniture, take a look at our website.

20 Oct

How to Bring Vintage and Industrial Style into Your Home

Every ten to twenty years styles make a comeback, only in slightly different way. Usually the world of fashion will encourage the new trends and home interiors will follow suit, in this case, the past few seasons have seen us experience a growing number of vintage and industrial styles becoming increasingly popular within homes.


Old styles reinvent themselves in new forms, peeling back the original designs and going back to basics, industrial style reveals the bare bones of existing materials. Industrial style emphasises sharp lines, polished and rough surfaces. Textures are an important part of industrial style so, if you’re planning to introduce more than one industrial style, make sure you use colours that complement each other. Much of the colouring for our various products is taken from the same palette with metallic tones in either a matt or shine finish.



Vintage style takes into consideration the past trends and how they can be adapted to the present. This is an alternative to those who love an older style but prefer a modern finish on the design.

When adapting a vintage concept to your home it is important for everything to tie in together in order to avoid clashing themes or unintentional cross over; this is why vintage style with a modern twist is easy to work with. Our furniture and lighting offer a number of vintage looks, from caged lighting and textured glass shades through to brass pendant lights, solid oak and metal furniture.


All of our products will fit in with any vintage or industrial style to choose for your home, should you require further advice or details on our products visit the Industville website and view the wide product range available or visit our Facebook page to see how some of our customers have used our products.