Vintage & Industrial Interiors

Vintage & Industrial Interiors

Vintage and industrial lighting is one of the biggest trends in design right now, with plenty of companies and homes adapting this style to their interiors.

Over the past few years the vintage effect has increased in popularity, with many people adopting that style to anything and everything they can. The vintage look can give your interior a lot more character, but also express both the brand’s personality and yours at the same time.

Another popular trend is industrial, with many interior designers using the basis of existing or original architecture to show the original structure of a building. Baring brick walls and metal pipes can offer an interesting combination alongside any vintage furniture.

At Industville we offer a wide range of lighting and furniture which reflects the industrial or vintage style. With our retro and antique styles, our products will offer a unique stamp on any interior, whether it be in your home or business.

We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the restaurant and retail industry, ensuring that they have the best products to suit their setting and creating the most outstanding atmosphere for their customers. Here are some of the interiors we have created for our clients using our range of lighting and furniture:

Jamie Oliver


This Vintage Industrial Cage Bulkhead Wall Light Sconce Lamp with Glass has been featured in many of Jamie's restaurants.


Our Large Retro Industrial Metal Pendant Bar Light features in many of the Costa stores across the UK. Available in a range of colours to suit any interior and reasonably priced.



Both of these light fittings, Swan Neck Wall Lights and Vintage Antique Dark Grey Pewter Wall Lamp, are available online to buy today.

Gordon Ramsey's Restaurants


We offer a wide range of Handcrafted Cage Pendants, all of which have featured in Gordon Ramsey's restaurants.

As you can see from the above images, our lighting can create a unique ambiance. These antique looking lights make a huge statement and can reflect the mood that you are trying to reflect in either your home or restaurant.