The Charm Of Bulkhead Lights: Why Your Home Needs Them

The Charm Of Bulkhead Lights: Why Your Home Needs Them

An example of our vintage bulkhead lighting

Vintage bulkhead lighting has become a staple element of industrial design. It steers away from the child-like palettes and striped materials of nautical, and introduces a rawer use of the product, in pursuit of achieving a stylish industrial vibe. The bulkhead light has the power to transport people to humbler times; a nostalgic trip that provides city dwellers with a breath of the ocean, without ever having to leave the buzz of beloved metropolitan cities. 

In order to perfect this modern, oh so stylish décor, it’s important to understand its background, benefits and how to use it alongside other elements of your home design.

Let There Be Light

The history of the bulkhead light is an interesting one. They were first made in the beginning of the 20th-century, sometime after the boom of the industrial revolution. They provided good waterproof lighting to the partitions that divided the hull of a ship in relatively dark conditions. Since their effectiveness in boats, the bulkhead light went from workplace to workplace as an efficient lighting solution, featuring in industrial warehouses up and down the country. 

Fast-forward to today and the bulkhead light is still utilised within these settings but has additionally cemented its place within the home as a fashionable lighting fixture that adds an element of quirkiness to any home.

Its heritage in both maritime and industrial industries makes the bulkhead light fixture possess a versatile range of uses, as well as own an unquestionable charm for all types of projects. Perhaps this rags to riches story behind the industrial theme is what makes it such a popular choice in the 21st –century.

An example of our vintage bulkhead lighting


Light Up Your Life: The Benefits of Bulkheads

The form of bulkhead allows for bright light to cascade into any setting, a condition essential for many industrial sites of both the past and the present. Their durability made them ideal choices for outdoor fittings, within the confines of warehouses or even within commercial buildings.

Their functionality and durability makes them particularly useful within industrial buildings while their robust design makes them seamlessly blend into the look of the industrial environment. Check out our brand new copper bulkheads that can match exposed pipeworks perfectly!

Their design ensures they are tough, withstanding the attacks of dust and water, whilst their ability to provide a vast amount of light make them useful features on the outside walls as a valuable security measure. These great incentives, even today, translate into highly valuable reasons to invest in them for the home, as well as any outdoor buildings.

The charm of our bulkheads is that they are high-quality, hand-finished products, with their own individual quirks. It is this rarity that sets it aside from the mass-produced, high street features that utilises cheap and underwhelming materials.

Other benefits of the bulkhead light include that they are wall-mounted, which provides a flusher fitting than other lighting options. This makes it a particularly ideal lighting solution for those limited in space.

 An example of our vintage bulkhead lighting


How to Perfect the Industrial Vibe

In light of their highly functional purposes, Bulkhead’s are now a focal point in modern industrial design, adding an element of eccentricity to any home interior. They are a must for any vintage-lover, true historian or trend-setter amongst you, but how can you achieve the look?

If you are trying to add an industrial vibe within your décor then this lighting fixture is by far the easiest and perhaps the most inexpensive way to do so. They sit perfectly against an accent wall of either exposed brick or crisp white, and can finalise the sought-after rustic aesthetic you seek. Bulkhead lights accentuate the timeless charm of your historic home (or add this if it's a new build!), and brighten up any room, both metaphorically and literally!

Bulkhead lights are, by nature, chunky, masculine-looking products. We encourage our customers to be brave and take a one-way trip out of the comfort zone when it comes to achieving their ideal look. Pair them with soft woods or pink colours and other feminine features to highlight their ruggedness; a stark comparison that will compliment your interiors tenfold. Fortune favours the brave!

Couple your bulkhead lighting with vintage artwork to truly make a statement with your interior design. You could even look to find to incorporate works from the 70s to pay homage to the previous boom of the industrial look. Alternatively, create an ultra-sleek look with a modern piece available to buy from our showroom. 

The industrial trend has given the simple bulkhead lighting fixture a revived sense of purpose since their initial invention, and is perfect for anyone looking to add a unique flair to their homes. Just remember, the power of industrial design lies in its subtleties.

 An example of our vintage bulkhead lighting


If you want to discuss more about vintage bulkhead lighting, get in touch with Industville today to arrange a visit to our showroom.

Image credit: Caffè Nero and Fat Walrus, New Cross