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Smashburger Restaurant Lights Project

Since arriving in the UK, Smashburger have set a new benchmark in the burger game, offering fresh handcrafted burgers across the nation. Smashburger approached Industville to help them achieve a unique look within the UK market. Producing high-quality bespoke items, Industville have provided Smashburger with a distinct style of lighting and seating that highlights the high standards they have set themselves. Taking inspiration from the 20th-century wharf lighting, The Harbour Vintage Flush Lights have been situated in the Bath restaurant. Using a colour submitted from the RAL chart, Smashburger used this bespoke service to create a selection of products which work to reinforce the branding of the company. Along with this, Smashburger have chosen to include custom finished Tall Vintage Real Leather & Metal Work Bar stools to the seating area. Smashburger have added a further twist on a classic with customised leather seats which Industville created exclusively for them at their factory.

Harbour Flush Mount - 6 Inch - Pewter, £89; Brooklyn Flat Pendant - 8 Inch - Pewter, £89 by Industville. (Image Supplied by Smashburger)

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