Q&A with 2 Lovely Gays | Interior Design Interview

Q&A with 2 Lovely Gays | Interior Design Interview

Q&A with 2 Lovely Gays Tweet: Q&A with 2 Lovely Gays

Our second instalment of our interior design Q&A is brought to you courtesy of Jordan and Russell aka 2 Lovely Gays.

Having both started out as actors and pursuing there passion for the west end for a number of years, Jordan and Russell met and decided to pursue their other passion in interior design, and rightfully so as the work they produce is outstanding.

Which started as a hobby soon progressed in to a career, and the guys have worked on a number of interior design projects all perfectly suited to the simplicity and elegance that leaks from there style.

We wanted to pick there brains some more and learn more about the current projects they're working on, along with what inspires them within each project.

To start, tell us about how it all began for your interior design career.

"We both started out as actors, having successful careers in the west end and on TV.

When we met 10 years ago our passion for interior design was fuelled by each other. We started by experimenting with textile design and screen printing as a hobby.

We soon realised that we wanted to have a part in creating the whole picture and not just the textiles.

We had an opportunity to work on a hotel in Kent, it started off with working on just two suites, but they liked what we did and asked us to come on board and design the entire hotel, which included over 20 rooms, a bar, restaurant and entrance.

It was this "baptism of fire" that cemented the fact that we wanted to make the move permanently into interior design.

We are now members of the BIID and our business is growing from strength to strength."

Talk us through your creative process, how do you approach each project?

"Each project is entirely different. We are certainly not a one size fits all interior design studio.

Part of the excitement of each new project for us is getting into our clients minds and coming up with a unique design that is entirely tailored to them.

As a duo we have a unique perspective. when we first meet a client we come away and fill in a questionnaire that we have devised individually, we then bring our thoughts and answers together and compare ideas.

This is the same for every project we do but the outcomes vary wildly!"

How would you describe your style, to those who aren't familiar?

"Our style has been described as "restrained opulence" and that we are "fearless with colour"...we will take that!"

If you could only pick one project from the last 5 years that you're most proud of, which would it be?

"That's a tough one, we fall in love with every project that we take on.

At the moment I would have to say it's a project we are working on in Brockley, Its a 4 storey town house and its a stunner...watch this space!"

How often do you incorporate industrial or vintage elements in to your designs?

"We are often dictated to by the property itself, we have just taken on a loft in Shoreditch that is very industrial by nature.

Its' great to work with that but also great to play against it!"

What's your take on the introduction of metallic tones within interior design?

"Metal is so important but also so versatile. We are all about mixing metals at the moment.

The copper movement was huge but I think people are already moving onto brass and I'm sure chrome will be next.

But as I said, people should be far less strict when it comes to picking one metal for hard wear. Mix it up!"

Name (any) three things that you think will shape the future of interior design.

  1. Individuality

  2. Collaboration

  3. Curiosity....and us of course!

What's to come for you in the coming 2016, anything exciting you can share with us?

"We are so busy! Not that we are complaining.

We have just launched our first collection of bedlinen (you can shop it here) and we also have rugs and wallpaper planned to launch in September.

On top of that, we have some really exciting client projects to work with meaning 2016 is set to be a fantastic year!"

In our next interior design Q&A, we'll be speaking with Letty White-Spunner from Jane Churchill Interiors.

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