Mixing Old With New

Mixing Old With New

Many people love antique furniture and vintage accessories but struggle to blend the best of the past with up to the minute modern and the results are often disappointing.

Mixing vintage with modern can work extremely well with each complementing the other perfectly. But creating harmony between old and new can be a challenge; the best results don’t happen by chance. However, with planning and thought, great things can be achieved by bringing the past into the present and giving your home a unique and timeless character all of its own.

Your vision and passion combined with a few helpful tips can transform a quite ordinary space into something very special. Take the time and consider the following suggestions.

Planning a Mix & Match Interior

Many of us have favourite pieces that, although much loved, don’t look quite right wherever we try to site them. Treasured heirlooms that lie forgotten or original period features in some older homes can all be focus points in your new mix and match interior. Vintage/antique fireplaces, period coving and cornice, original doors, floors, windows and skirting can all figure in our mix and match interior; a great starting point.

Having a Theme

Determine the era or style you prefer and follow this path. Mixing art deco with Georgian and French country chic rarely works, if ever. So choose a theme that will combine with and compliment your “can’t do without” modern.

Avoid Clutter & Overcrowding

Don’t go overboard and feel you need to fill the room completely as this will cause a loss of balance, contrast and harmony. The vision should be a smooth transition between the old and new. A subtle contrast of background colours will further enhance the overall effect.

The desired effect of a room can be easily lost if overfilled with antiques so showcase and display your period pieces alongside the more modern pieces - but give them space.

Use Neutral Background Colours

Use neutral muted tones of colour as your background when mixing old with new. The focus should be on your precious furnishings and accessories; bold colours and patterns can obscure and detract attention from intended points of interest.

Earth colours such as gray, green, cream, beige, or brown are perfect for mix and matching and will give a quiet contrast to almost anything. Combining these colours with black and shades of white ensures that classic antiques and flea market finds will blend easily with one another and create an ambience of both contrast and harmony.

Blend Materials & Different Textures

Texture is an important factor in creating a successful interior. Use a combination of textures to provide a tactile and pleasing aesthetic effect to your space. Certain materials will be difficult to marry together; stainless steel for example does not always sit well with Arts and Crafts furniture or show case eighteenth century porcelain.

Light Up Your Home with Beautiful Vintage Light Fixtures

One of the most overlooked yet important design elements in any house is the lighting. Choosing the correct lighting fixture should be a prime consideration when trying to create a harmonious blend of old and new. Today, there is a big demand for vintage lighting with styles varying considerably; all, however, can bring something special to the party.

  • Arts and Crafts style
  • Art Nouveau
  • Art Deco
  • Victorian or others

All of these in the right setting can add that special something and provide the finishing touches.

Vintage Industrial in a Home Setting 

More and more people are discovering the wonders that may be found in architectural salvage yards and through specialist vintage industrial dealers. Fit for purpose and built to last sums up perfectly the demands placed on industrial furniture, lighting fixtures and fittings of old. The fact a lot of it is so fantastically stylish and appealing today is just an incidental bonus. Check out the styles of seating and lighting, storage cabinets and shelving systems that are available at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay for a ‘proper’ classical antique.

There is No Single Recipe for Mixing Styles

Fusing the old and traditional with the very best of modern is exciting as it’s a method that is original and creates a feeling of timeless elegance. You are limited only by your imagination and success does not depend solely on your budget, you can spend a fortune and not get it right.

When you are making your plans and get to the fun bit- the searching around for treasures and little gems- check out our website, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.