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We love lighting - Valentine's at Industville!

Love and lighting is in the air here at Industville and we are ready for Valentine's Day to light up the rather gloomy February weather.


Bespoke Brooklyn Vintage Dome - 13"


 The appearance of some fantastic and absolutely beautiful bespoke shades in the showroom, alongside the hotly anticipated arrival of our new range of high quality fabric flex, straight from our Italian suppliers has left us wanting to share our February lighting loves with you all. 

Bespoke Old Factory Pendent & Bespoke Brooklyn Vintage Dome - 8"


Painted in a seductive raspberry tone, we think these shades look tempting, to say the least, and will be wonderful way to bring some love into their new home! We think they look great but if you don’t fancy painting the town red this Valentine’s, fear not! Our bespoke service is the perfect thing to induce some lust and (hopefully) love worthy lighting of any colour into your projects at home. Any of our shades can be painted and with over 200 colours to choose from, you can create something completely unique. So if you’re feeling creative just get in touch and we will help you bring your dreams to life creating something that you will love forever! 

Large Globe Bulb with Pewter Bulb Holder and Magenta Flex & Small Globe Bulb with Brass Bulb Holder and Pale Pink Flex


If you need a little help getting in the mood this Valentine's, our selection of vintage-style filament LED bulbs are a great way to create that soft, romantic atmosphere perfect for a Valentine's date. Plus, the great thing about these bulbs is due to the LED technology, they are much more energy efficient and cost effective. These bulbs have an unrivaled life-span, lasting approximately 15,000 hours or around 5 years, which means your guaranteed to have romance in your life everyday and not just for Valentine's.


Bespoke Old Factory Pendent Light - Dark Pewter
Magenta & Pale Pink Flex

 As you can see, our new range of fabric flex is another fantastic way to bring some love into your home and heart. Made in Italy, this high quality fabric flex is available in a whole rainbow of colours – we have included examples of our pale pink and magenta options – is it Valentine’s after all! Available in two different effects, braided and round, this 3-core lighting cable, is a great way of avoiding the concessions of traditional ugly lighting wires, to create a light which is completely beautiful and seamlessly blends with the entirety of your decorative scheme. Increasingly we are seeing customers really take advantage of the range that includes over 20 different colours, especially the brighter shades and using them to create some really distinctive and exciting lighting displays at home but also in more commercial projects including bars, restaurants and shops. 

Small Globe Bulb (4W) with Brass Bulb Holder and Pale Pink Flex
Large Globe Bulb (2W) with Pewter Bulb Holder and Magenta Flex


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