Introducing Industville’s New Range of Eco-Friending LED Filament Lightbulbs…

At Industville, we have chosen this as the perfect moment to start afresh and introduce our new range of light bulb options for our customers. As some of you may know, under EU law, there has been a slow process of changing regulations regarding light bulbs over the last few years. Subsequently traditional incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in favour of more environmentally friendly and energy efficient options.

Bearing this in mind, at Industville, we have seen this as an opportune time for us to introduce a new range of eco-friendly LED filament light bulbs. Click Here to see the full range!
  • Produce a warm white or golden light - 2700K, 240 or 480 Lumen
  • They are fully compatible with standard E27 screw-fitting lamps and can be used in all our existing designs

 New Vintage Edison Bulb Old Fashioned Light bulb - Pear (ST64), Clear, 4W  & Copper & Pewter Vintage Industrial Barn Flush Mount Ceiling Light 

Our new range of eco-friendly LED filament bulbs have been designed to seamless blend vintage style lighting with ultra-modern technology. Remaining true to the vintage look, these bulbs are available in a selection of antiquated shapes and emit a soft, warm white or golden light depending on your colour choice (available in clear or amber finish). As shown in our new Copper & Pewter Vintage Industrial Barn Flush Mount Ceiling Light (pictured above), these bulbs are the perfect choice to create the soft warm glow associated with retro, vintage mood lighting suited any number of lighting projects but especially effective in our own Industville industrial style light fittings!











New Vintage LED Filament Bulb                                                                                                                         Orlando Balloon Cage Wall Sconce 

Brooklyn Vintage Antique Flat Wall Lamp                                                                                                                New Vintage LED Filament Bulb                                                                                     

 In keeping with the vintage style, they exhibit the elegant internal element with a filament constructed from energy efficient LED tubing which has been shaped to replicate the shape and style of the original wire filament. Not only does this create a unique design element it means that these bulbs do not produce the inefficient, and in some instances dangerous, heat common to traditional incandescent light bulbs.


On this note and perhaps most importantly, is their efficiency. These bulbs have an unrivalled life-span and will last approximately 15,000 hours, the equivalent to around 5 years even when used up to 10 hours a day. Therefore making them an undeniably attractive option for commercial and domestic spaces alike.


Our Brooklyn 16" Cream Step Shade pictured with a New LED Filament Bulb


Industville’s range of Edison Filament LED Bulbs illustrate the some of the first viable eco-friendly options in the vintage style lighting market, proving that style and substance can, in fact, be natural bed fellows. Proving that a true heritage lighting effect can still be created in any space without having to compromise on cost or efficiency. At Industville, we feel that these light bulbs illustrate a new dawn in lighting technology and we hope that this new development will inspire continued innovation within the field.

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