Top Bedroom Interior Trends For 2020

The most intimate and cosy room of the home, the place we unwind at the end of a long day and get some much-needed rest. The bedroom is our safe haven, and a New Year welcomes new interior design trends!

From using natural materials such as wood and raw Brass to imperfect design, in this blog, we’ll look at the top bedroom interior design trends for 2020!

It’s All About You

Without being said, your interior should reflect your personality. 2020 is all about taking an individual approach by putting your own creativity to work to create a place which is all about you.

Here at Industville, we encourage you to be creative, and if you are unable to find the right light from our range, we offer a bespoke service, which allows your own vision to come to life. As well as our free custom lighting design service, where our experts can help advise you on the ideal lighting for your space!

Mix & Match

In addition, our range is interchangeable, which means you are able to mix and match shades, holders, finishes and wires, without having to buy a whole new fitting. Let your imagination run wild this year!

Add Vibrancy With Jewel Tones

Think emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue, jewel tones are being brought into the bedroom to add elegance, depth and a dramatic edge to the space.

Whether you decide to incorporate jewel-toned accessories such as candles, cushions and throws, or create a feature wall, the perfect way to allow the colours to pop is by introducing metallic accessories.

Brass and Copper metallics look seamless with jewel tones, add a Copper pendant or a Brass wall light to illuminate your bedroom in the perfect way. The tones will work seamlessly and emit a dramatic yet cosy vibe!

Bedroom interior with brass pendant lights and mustard and navy furnishings

Sleek Edison Pendant – 1 Wire – Brass, £29, by Industville (Image supplied by @oakappledecor)

Gold Twisted Fabric Flex - 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, £4, Dark Blue Twisted Fabric Flex - Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, £4, & Yellow Twisted Fabric Flex - 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, £4, by Industville

If you’d like to take the jewel tones a step further, why not jazz up your lighting fixture with a coloured flex cable? Our range of lighting flex cables are available in a variety of colours, including jewel inspired colours. They’re the perfect way to add a touch of luxury into your bedroom!

Opting For A More Natural Look

The bedroom is the room we should feel at ease in, the place we start and end our days. The best way to create harmony in the space is to use natural materials, which is why in 2020, we’ll see natural elements such as wood and Brass being used more.

White bedroom interior with wooden bench and pewter wall light

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch – Pewter, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by @simplyscandikatie)

Introduce wooden side tables, neutral coloured rugs and plants to add a touch of nature into your humble abode. All of our products are handcrafted with raw materials, bringing in natural elements.

A beautiful home is good for wellbeing and waking up to a space you feel proud of is sure to help with the day ahead. Lighting is essential as it helps to set the tone and mood of the room, and our range of retro bedroom lighting will illuminate your room in a beautiful and stylish way!

Natural bedroom decor with pewter wall lights and greenery

Swan Neck Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch – Pewter, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by @our1930sproject)

Go Handcrafted

Why should you opt for handcrafted accessories in your bedroom? Handcrafted products are of higher quality and have a more authentic feel. This year we’ll see the rise of people introducing more handcrafted accessories throughout the home, and especially the bedroom!

Hygge inspired bedroom interior with white wall panels and glass wall lights

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light - 7 Inch, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by @the_indigo_house)

Handcrafted accessories tend to cost more because the materials used are raw and therefore, will last the test of time! These items are an investment which means that it’s essential to find the right accessories for you.

Our Handcrafted Process

All of our products are uniquely handcrafted by experienced artisans, meaning each and every product we sell is entirely unique to only you! Whether you opt for a pure Copper pendant or a refined Brass dome, all of our lights have been made with love and allow you to add your own personal touch into your bedroom.

Luxurious blue bedroom decor with copper bath and industrial wall light

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Pewter & Brass, £139, by Industville (Image supplied by Channel 4 'The Great Hotel Escape' at Kilmartin Castle)

Embrace Imperfection

2020 is set to put the focus on imperfections in the bedroom. Forget concealing exposed brickwork, visible pipes and wooden beams, but rather, embrace them! The industrial style dates back to the 70s, the unfinished and stripped back aesthetic focuses on the combination of textures.

Textures are the perfect way to add depth and meaning to a space, which is why searches for industrial style interiors have doubled in the last five years! Our industrial style lights have taken inspiration from warehouse buildings, which focus on high-quality, raw materials. Pair our industrial lights with an unfinished wall and textured rug in a clutter-free space!

Imperfect bedroom interior with exposed wall and industrial brass wall light

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Brass, £29, by Industville (Image supplied by Channel 4 'The Great Hotel Escape' at Kilmartin Castle)

Create Balance With Green

Every New Year comes with new colours; we have Classic Blue as the Pantone Colour of the Year and Tranquil Dawn as the Dulux Colour Of the Year. However, WGSN who are trend forecasters covering interiors, fashion and more, predict that Neo Mint is set to be the spring and summer colour of 2020!

Bedroom interior with green side table and glass wall light

Brooklyn Glass Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by Design by @lunaslittlehouse Photo by @snookphotograph)

The colour green is strongly associated with nature and helping to establish balance and harmony. Making it the perfect colour to incorporate into your bedroom décor, whether you opt for jewel-tone emerald green, or a pastel shade, green is set to be big this year!

Green & Brass = The Perfect Match

When green is paired with Brass, it emits a warm and welcoming feel, the perfect way to ensure your bedroom is as cosy as it can be! Take the below interior, for example, the statement green walls paired with our glass pendant with the Brass holder adds a sense of luxury and warmth.

Green bedroom decor with glass pendants over bedside tables

Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant - 7 Inch, £69, by Industville (Image supplied by Jennifer Herridge @jenherridge)

Go Bold With Artwork

Art has the ability to add depth and meaning to your bedroom décor; we’d always advise investing in pieces you love and allow your personality to shine through. In 2020, trending wall art will take inspiration from the bold and abstract design. Think geometrics, bold patterns and a colour palette which follows the colours of the year.

Browse Our Artwork

Here at Industville, we’re passionate about unique interiors, and artwork helps to add a unique touch. We showcase talented artists work on our Supporting Art page to give them a platform to grow!

“Glacial” by Samuel Deacon

“Glacial” by Samuel Deacon

What are your thoughts about the bedroom décor trends for this year? The key takeaway for 2020 is it be creative and put your own spin on your bedroom interior. If you’re in need of some bedroom interior inspiration or any home décor ideas, browse our Pinterest boards and let your imagination run wild!

There is nothing we like more than to see your own interiors, tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #Industville.

Featured Image: Channel 4 'The Great Hotel Escape' at Kilmartin Castle

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