Three Industville tinted glass shades hanging over a table

Change Your Shades

Here at Industville, we love that lights have the power to transform interiors and instantly elevate your spaces to a whole new level!

Switching up your lights is a great way to breathe new life into a tired interior design, especially when you want to complement changing seasons or effortlessly transform your spaces for different events. However, we know that doing a complete overhaul on your light fixtures can be a hassle.

This is why we also love the idea of changing your light shades to help embrace new styles and completely different looks with ease and convenience!

With many of us choosing to renovate rather than relocate, introducing new shades is the perfect way to cater to our need for a change! Our shade-only products allow you to create a whole new feeling in your spaces in a matter of minutes.

Update Your Look in Seconds

Switching out your lights provides a great opportunity for you to get creative - you can choose from a vast yet versatile range of interchangeable light shades that give you total design flexibility.

Many of our industrial-style holders will fit any of our shades, making it easy to instantly create a completely new look, all without having to worry about the usual installation costs or work involved when replacing an entire fitting.

Whether you’re just craving a new look or want to match your industrial-style lights with a new piece of statement furniture, swapping out your existing light shades for new ones is an easy and effective way to get that updated feel.

Two amber glass pendants hanging over a kitchen island

Sleek Tinted Glass Cone Pendant - 6 Inch - Amber, by Industville (Image supplied by Jane Renwick)

Decorate for Seasonal Changes and Special Events

Often, many of us want to embrace a different look for each new season. Swapping your light shades is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get a fresh look that leans into seasonal trends.

You could choose sophisticated, smoked glass with its subtle, understated appearance that’s perfect for spring and summer and opt for the warm, welcoming tones of amber glass during autumn and winter to tap into evolving trends over the course of the year.

When simply changing your shades rather than committing to changing your entire fixtures, you can think of your lights as a piece of jewellery - as you would swap out a necklace to match your outfit or mood, you can easily switch your light shades to match the seasons or a special event.

Redecorating your entire space for an event or holiday isn’t always possible, but when you incorporate new lights shades, you can achieve a whole new look to bring that sense of occasion to your interiors.

You can then swap your shades back to suit another event or style. Below, you can see how you can bring a different feel to a room just by altering the light shades: 

A room decorated with a metal pendant light

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Monkstadt / Andy Haslam photography)


A whole new look can then be given when the metal light is swapped with a glass shade - it's that easy!

A room decorated with a glass shade pendantBrooklyn Tinted Glass Globe Pendant - 9 Inch - Smoke Grey, by Industville (Image supplied by Monkstadt / Andy Haslam photograph)


Our New Tinted Glass Range

Replacing your metal shades with a shade from our new tinted glass range or vice versa is a wonderful way to get the feeling that you’ve just moved house and are enjoying a totally new space, giving you a fresh, holiday-like experience.

Our new tinted glass range offers effortless style and can be easily incorporated into your home and existing Industville holders. The new range includes five elegant shapes of shade to choose from and is available in either smoked grey or amber tinted glass.

From swapping the shade on your small chic wall light to changing a set of three statement pendants over the kitchen island, the new design possibilities are endless!

Two Industville grey tinted glass shades hanging over a dining table
Sleek Tinted Glass Schoolhouse Pendant - 10 Inch - Smoke Grey, by Industville (Images supplied by @henrickhouse)

Achieve a Look that Lasts

When choosing lights and new shades for your home, it’s important to consider the quality of the product. Again, like with jewellery, a stunning, handcrafted piece will have a longer life and will take your interiors to a whole new level.

Our team of designers and craftsmen have worked to create a large collection of stunning industrial-style lights handcrafted from the very finest natural and recycled materials.

The timeless Industville collection incorporates three core metals - copper, pewter and brass. They are not only made to last but also have the ability to evolve with any interior style.

The fine quality metal and glass shades are equally suited to a country home or city apartment and have been designed to last, allowing you to enjoy their timeless, classic styles for many years.

A small tinted glass ceiling light by a shelving unit

Brooklyn Tinted Glass Dome Flush Mount - 8 Inch - Smoke Grey, by Industville (Image supplied by Debra Little) 

Sustainability: Saving the Planet and Your Pocket

Here at Industville, we’re always striving to become more environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious in everything we do. Our products are built with sustainability in mind, ensuring you can design your interiors in a way that reflects your values.

The interchangeable shades not only offer an easy style update but can also be used time and time again. Your alternative shades can be carefully stored away when not in use, ready to use again when the seasons change or a special event calls for fresh-looking interiors.

Insta-Worthy Interiors

Glass lights are becoming an increasingly sought-after trend - on Instagram, we're seeing more and more top interior design projects led by prestigious designers that make use of the sophisticated nature of glass lights.

The home renovation corner of Instagram is where many of us find ourselves when craving a change and seeking inspiration. The simple trick of changing your light shade, whether it’s to suit a particular interior trend or just to ring in the changes at the start of a new season, can totally transform your interiors, effortlessly giving you that Insta-worthy look!

Two Industville grey tinted glass shades hanging over a kitchen island
Orlando Tinted Glass Dome Pendant - 8 Inch - Smoke Grey, by Industville (Image supplied by @lynzpr)

A simple change of shape, colour or material of a light shade can make a surprising difference to the look and feel of a space and without needing to spend a fortune. Browse our collection of shades now to find the perfect style for you - there are so many possibilities!

If you need a bit more interior inspiration before you make the change, check out the rest of our blog or head over to our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages.

Header Image Credit: Andy Haslam photography