Create A Timeless & Elegant Interior With Glass

Create A Timeless & Elegant Interior With Glass

To create an interior full of light and industrial charm, why not consider glass lighting? In this blog, we’re going to look at why glass lighting is the perfect way to brighten up any room of the home, and end with some key lighting tips and tricks for kitchen and bathroom interiors!

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Create A Brighter Space

It can, at times, be challenging to make use of natural light; this is particularly apparent in the autumn and winter months as daylight hours are reduced. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more widely recognised during these months, as our bodies are exposed to less light. Lighting has the ability to set the atmosphere and mood of the space, helping to combat the effects of SAD; it’s key to ensure all rooms are sufficiently lit.

The perfect way to cascade and create more light in interiors is by opting for glass lighting. Helping to craft a brighter interior, they are the perfect option for all rooms of the house as well as commercial interiors. In the kitchen, a trio of glass pendants look seamless placed over a kitchen island, not only looking incredibly stylish, but making the space functional for tasks such as cooking.

Trio of glass pendants over a grey kitchen shaker island

Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant - 8 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @hestherlawrence)

Whatever Your Style, Glass Is Perfect

The best thing about glass lighting is that it is so versatile - suiting every interior style, whether that’s modern and contemporary or vintage and rustic. If you decide to renovate your interior, uniquely designed glass lights will remain an integral part of your design, easily adapting to any style they’re placed within.

Restaurant interior with glass pendant lighting

Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant - 8 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by The Woodford)

Emitting timeless class and elegance, our range of glass lights are the perfect way to light up any room of the house; whether that’s the kitchen, dining room or bedroom! They complement any style perfectly, tying all aspects together in harmony.

Green bedroom interior with glass pendant

Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant – 12 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @alittlehomeinyorkshire)

Keep It Minimalistic

Clean lines, structure, simplistic, are all factors of minimalist design. Many interior designers are embracing the style as it allows them to focus on the finer details, such as artwork, lighting and accessories. Splashes of colour, monochrome hues and textured materials all work well in minimalistic interiors. A flawless way to complement this is to focus on the lighting to ensure the space is lit to perfection!

Illuminate your interior with vintage Edison filament bulbs, the beautiful style of these retro bulbs looks stunning whether they’re placed in a shade, or on its own. Emitting a warm radiant glow wherever they’re placed, our range of bulbs are available in three different colours; Amber, Clear and Smokey Grey. To put the focus on the beautiful bulb, why not opt for a simplistic yet stylish holder or shade? One of our ranges which will complement the minimalistic design is our Sleek Edison range. The modern design of the Sleek range allows you to put the focus on the exposed bulb!

Neutral bathroom interior with pewter industrial wall lights

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @r2bathrooms - Halycon range)

Handcrafted to perfection, all of our lights here at Industville are curved, sculpted and polished by one of our skilled craftsmen. With attention to detail being at the forefront of our products, each is finished individually for the height of originality. So, you can shop our products and be assured that each is unique to you and handcrafted using the highest-quality materials.

Handcrafted glass light in production

Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant - 7 Inch, by Industville

Light Up Your Outdoors

Ensuring the outside of your property is sufficiently lit is key, especially during the darker months, this includes both home and commercial exteriors. We are continually expanding our range of outdoor & garden lights (which are weather and waterproof!) to ensure you don’t have to sacrifice on style. Our statement glass lights or globes will add a touch of warmth and softness to a space. The minimalistic style of them allows them to be adapted to any space, whether that's to enjoy alfresco dining, ensuring employees have enough light as they leave work or to simply make it easier to see outdoors!

Pewter globe wall light on an outside brick wall

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Globe Wall Light – Pewter, by Industville

Top Tips For Kitchen & Bathroom Interiors  

Kitchen and bathroom interiors are the most popular rooms of the house to decorate. Whether that's investing in renovating the rooms or simply just redecorating them! Glass lighting looks seamless in either room as the fixtures are so versatile! 

Go Bare With Lighting In The Bathroom

The last two years have seen bathrooms becoming an increasingly important room in the home, seeing the highest levels of investment after the kitchen. Therefore, bathroom interiors have had to step up too, with people now viewing their bathroom more as somewhere to relax and unwind.  To create a calming atmosphere, lighting is incredibly important, with ceiling pendants & wall lights combining to provide ambience as well as functional lighting.

Marble bathroom interior with greenery and waterproof wall light

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @fj_interiors)

Our vintage bathroom wall lights are as practical as they are beautiful, providing a stylish solution for any bathroom interior design. In terms of the regulations, all of our light fittings that are non-IP rated can be used outside of Zone 2. Zone 2 describes the area stretching 0.6m outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor, as well as the area around a washbasin, within a 60cm radius of any tap. An IP rating of at least IP44 is required in this zone. For those looking for installing lights within Zone 1, an IP rating of IP65 lighting is required.

Waterproof lighting for use in Zone 1 is now available in more on-trend styles than ever before, so you no longer need to sacrifice style for safety.  We have recently launched many new designs of IP65 rated lights, which co-ordinate perfectly with our lighting for other rooms of the home.  These include both wall lights, pendants and flush-mounted lights, so there is now much more choice for the bathroom.

Bathroom interior with brass accessories and white tiles

Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Oval Light - 6 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Design by @lunaslittlehouse - Photo by @snookphotograph - Fitting by @ashislandloft)

Gone are the days where you would include only big fluorescent lights; now it’s more about creating a spa-like atmosphere and expressing your unique style through the interior design.  This has enabled people to choose something that is more decorative, rather than purely functional.

Stay On Top Of Trends

In many ways they have, we have seen a huge increase in pendant lights for both rooms, and it adds a uniqueness to the bathroom, especially. We are also finding that customers like their interior style to carry from room to room, so having consistency in lighting design and colour for both the kitchen and the bathroom is key. 

Both rooms are similar in that they benefit from functional task lighting as well as decorative lights, which helps to create a layering effect. This means the rooms can be brightly illuminated for carrying out practical tasks, but different lights can be utilised to create a more calming atmosphere, for example, entertaining in the kitchen or relaxing in the bath.

Trio of glass cone pendants above a kitchen island

Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant - 7 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @house_on_the_crescent)

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For Or Need Some Help?

We understand the need for adaptability here at Industville, if you can’t quite find the perfect retro lights for your interior, we offer a bespoke design service, which allows your vision to come to life. Our lights are interchangeable, which means that you are able to replace the shades of many of our light fittings to another in our range so you can mix and match whenever you’d like!

If you’re unsure of the type of lighting you require for your interior or need some technical advice, we offer a free lighting design service. Advising on lux levels, helping you understand the best places to situate your lights and supplying you with cost-saving calculations, get in touch today and let us help!