Copper pendant being handcrafted

Why Opt For Handcrafted Lights?

Offering a higher-quality and more authentic feel, handcrafted products are the perfect way to create a unique interior, with attention to detail being at the forefront.

Curved, sculpted and polished, all of the products here at Industville are individually handcrafted for the industrial style that has become so sought-after. Each and every product is designed in the UK by in-house designers and exclusively manufactured by our team of expert craftspeople.

In this blog, we’ll go through the process each of our products goes through before ending up in your interior. We will also explain why opting for handcrafted accessories is the perfect way to create a unique and striking interior!

Industrial Cooper pendants being spun

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Copper, by Industville

Highest Quality, Raw Materials

Each and every one of our products are made from raw materials; whether that's our pure copper domes, refined brass wall lights, leather stools or glass pendants. All of our lights and stools use the highest-quality materials to ensure they are there to brighten up your interior for years to come. Interior designers are utilising raw materials more often nowadays, not only because they last longer, but because the imperfections in the materials create something unique and perfect in its own right!

Pure copper being poured to create handcrafted lighting

Based on the original design from the 19th and early 20th century, our stools and benches have been made with solid wood and heavy iron. Handcrafted with goats’ leather that is sourced responsibly, and durable to give the authentic vintage look!

Handcrafted stools being made in the UK

Tall Vintage Real Leather & Metal Work Bar Stool - 32 Inch, by Industville

Bar interior with brass pendant lighting and handcrafted stools

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Brass, Orlando Cylinder Wall Light - 3 Inch - Pewter, Brooklyn Giant Step Pendant - 18 Inch - Brass, & Turner Leather & Metal Adjustable Bar Stool - 35 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by Brick & Liquor)

Get To Know Our Process

From inception to creation, our process ensures exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship for every single one of our products. An ancient skill remastered for modern times emits the vintage feeling so many long for. Our team of experienced artisans take great care in delivering a product of timeless beauty with the highest standards of craftsmanship in mind.

Glass light being formed in a UK factory

Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant - 7 Inch, by Industville

Vintage glass lighting being created

Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant - 7 Inch, by Industville

The Coal Shed Brighton interior with statement glass lighting

Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant - 7 Inch, Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant - 12 Inch, Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant - 8 Inch, Brooklyn Cone Pendant - 12 Inch - Brass, Brooklyn Giant Bell Pendant - 20 Inch - Brass, & Brooklyn Cone Pendant - 7 Inch - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by The Coal Shed, Brighton @thecoalshed)

We are passionate about creating authentic products which are entirely unique to each and every one of our customers. Every single one of our products is individually handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen to make each product completely unique to the individual, because we understand that quality lies in the details. So, you can shop and know that any product you receive is unique just to you, helping you to create the interior of your dreams!

Whatever Your Style, Find Your Light

Whether it’s modern or vintage, monochrome or Scandi chic, whatever your interior style, there’s a light which is your perfect match! Our products are designed to be versatile so that if you decide to renovate or try a new interior style, you won’t require new lighting.

Industrial lights in a dark room decor

Mixed Shades (Image supplied by James French Photography)

Industrial inspired kitchen interior with exposed wooden beams and industrial lighting

Orlando Wire Cage Pendant – 4 inch – Pewter, & Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @woolhousedesigns)

Our lighting is also interchangeable, meaning that if you decide to change your interior, you can choose a different shade, bulb holder or flex cable to transform your interior, without the need of buying a whole new lighting fixture. With over 700 variations, there are so many options, whatever your interior style.

Be Unique

One of the main benefits of opting for handcrafted products is that each one is sculpted individually, giving an authentic look and feel. Which means each may have slight variations, making it completely unique to you! Being individual is key in both home and commercial interiors. Our homes are a place we can escape from day to day life. The home is our own, and it is a place we allow our personalities to shine through, and the perfect way to do that is through the right lighting!

Kitchen in a barn conversion with brass splashback and pewter and brass pendants

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Pewter & Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Naomi Page - @barnconversionblog - Andy Haslam Photography)

Whether that is placing a trio of lights over a kitchen island to enhance your cooking experience or above bedside tables in the bedroom to help you unwind with a good book. Designing an interior which is unique to you rather than from the pages of a magazine is the perfect way to design a space you love for years to come!

Bar interior with industrial stools and handcrafted pendants

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch - Copper, & Turner Leather & Metal Adjustable Bar Stool - 35 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by Wringer and Mangle)

In regard to commercial interiors, the décor of the establishment could affect how long a customer spends in the place, whether they make a purchase as well as determining whether they become a regular customer. Being unique allows businesses to stand out from the crowd and could help in ensuring a customer has a positive experience. Opting for a floral wall, neon signs or a modern chandelier to put the focus on the ceiling, are all ways which can help to create a unique interior.

Poorly lit rooms can be a deterrent for customers, and that is why lighting design is incredibly important when it comes to commercial interiors. By opting for uniquely, handcrafted lights, businesses can not only ensure they’re providing the correct amount of light, but they look aesthetically pleasing too!

Avobar London cafe interior with greenery and brass industrial lighting

Sleek Flat Pendant – 15 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Avobar - James French Photography)

Can't Find What You’re Looking For?

You, our customers, are at the heart of our business. We understand that lighting is not always one size fits all; therefore, we are able to bring your vision to life. At Industville we have our own manufacturing facilities on site which means we are able to customise, tailor and craft the light of your dreams. We offer a number of services; whether that’s crafting your perfect light out of our wide variety of components and shades, painting our shades to a colour of your choice or lending a hand with designing something. Get in touch with our team, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Bespoke pewter pendant in a restaurant interior

Bespoke version of Retro Large Pendant - 17 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by The Watch Factory)

We hope this blog has inspired you to incorporate handcrafted products made from raw materials in your interiors. Not only do they look beautiful, help make your interior unique, but our products also carry a low carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for further inspiration, we update our Instagram daily as well as creating new boards each week on Pinterest, where we like to keep up to date with the latest trends! If you’d like to see our products in person before you make a decision, why not book an appointment at our showroom in London with one of our team? If you need any advice about which industrial style lights to go for or anything else regarding your lighting, don’t hesitate to get in touch!