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Lighting in interior design is one of the most important aspects to think about, as the right light has the ability to change the dynamics of a space to create the perfect mood. There are three main types of lighting; ambient, task and accent, all adding a different layer to your interior.

Each room of your home will have different requirements, with the kitchen needing more prominent lights for cooking and the bedroom requiring softer lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.

In this blog, we are going to look at the fundamentals of lighting before exploring the types of lighting needed for the main rooms in the house. Ending the blog with an interview from Siobhan Hayles, an interior designer based in Devon, chatting all things interior, what to expect this year and the difficulties of lighting.

What Are The Three Main Types Of Lighting?

Lighting in interiors is often left as an afterthought; however, the right lighting has the ability to change the whole dynamics of a room. There are three main types of lighting; ambient, task and accent, each having a different function and fulfilling specific needs.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting is used for setting a specific mood or impression, it’s the most prominent type of lighting, providing a room with sufficient lighting. Whether you opt for multiple pendant lights or a variety of bare bulbs, it is essential to have a comfortable level of lighting to avoid any unnecessary headaches.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting helps to accomplish daily tasks such as preparing your meals, reading and brushing your teeth. If this type of lighting is wrong, it can put strain on your eyes, making daily tasks difficult. Bendable wall lights positioned above a bedside table create the perfect lighting for an evening read or pendants placed above kitchen worktops to light up your surfaces.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is the last type to think about, creating drama and putting the focus on whatever you wish, such as artwork, plants or sculptures. This type of light requires three times as much light as the surrounding areas to create the focal point.

Wall sconces are usually used in art museums where they put a focal point on the paintings; these can also be used in the same way in homes, putting the focus on wall art or sentimental photographs.

Hallway Lighting

The first space we walk into when entering the house, the hallway should set the tone and character of your abode. Your hallway interior design should be welcoming and the perfect place to connect all rooms.

A pair of wall lights with amber light bulbs are the idyllic way to set the scene and create sufficient ambient lighting. An industrial ceiling pendant placed close to stairways or close to the front door is the perfect task lighting to welcome guests or search for your keys on a mad rush out!

Hallway interior design ideas

Brooklyn Dome Flush Mount – 8 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @geddydoo)

Kitchen Lighting

Not only is the kitchen the space we spend time cooking, but it also serves as one of the main spaces we entertain in. The British public spends an average of six hours a week cooking; the right lighting will make the task of preparing and cooking easier, as well as creating the perfect atmosphere to catch up with family or friends over a coffee.

When it comes to ambient lighting in the kitchen placing large pendants or wall lights around the space will create the perfect amount of light needed to cook up some fabulous cuisine.

Task lighting in the kitchen is just as important as ambient lighting; pendants are the ideal style of light to cast the correct lighting where needed.

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 13 Inch – Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by Alison Golby)

Dining Room Lighting

Another multi-functional room of the house, the dining room is used to eat and entertain, amongst other things. With the right lights, your dining room can shine, especially as we tend to spend most of the time in the space in the evening.

Lights should be strategically placed above the table to create the perfect atmosphere for dining, either opting for suspended vintage Edison bulbs, a cluster of globe pendants or caged lighting, vintage lights are a superb addition to any dining room space.

Dining room lighting trends

The Globe Collection Pendant – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @callown)

Home Study Lighting

Lighting in any workplace is important, contributing to productivity and creativity levels, good lighting is just as vital in a home study than it is in an office setting.

Depending on the size of your study will determine the style of light you need, all offices will need a main light for ambient lighting. A stylish table lamp is a perfect way to light up your desk for daily tasks.  

Brooklyn Pharmacy Adjustable Dome Table Lamp - 7 Inch - Gunmetal, by Industville

Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is the room we spend the majority of our time in, relaxing at the end of a busy day. Bedrooms need more than one source of light, pendant lights are the perfect solution for ambient lighting, illuminating your room to the best it can be, making getting ready a lot easier.

There is nothing better than getting into the bed at the end of the day and tucking into a good book; task lighting is required to make this easier. If you lack space on your bedside table for a table lamp, opting for a wall light will save you space while being the perfect focal point. 

Bedroom Interior Design Tips

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by George Clarke - Old House, New Home S3 E1)

Gone are the days of plain bulbs, we’re seeing the use of filament bulbs on the rise. Our vintage light bulbs come in two different colour options; amber and clear, giving you the option to decide which hue you want your space to be.

Living Room Lighting

Like most rooms, when first thinking about lighting up your living room it’s important to focus on ambient lighting to start with. A successful living room interior will feature various different lighting sources, from pendant lights in the centre of the room to light up the interior room to wall lights above the sofa to create the perfect space to tuck into a good book.

Just like the kitchen, the living room is also frequently used for entertaining and tends to be a room that is filled with photographs and wall art, accent lighting is needed to put focus on the pieces you are proud to show off, wall sconces and flush mounts are the ideal lighting solution to show off certain areas.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting can be tricky as certain areas of the room require different IP ratings, if it’s stylish yet waterproof lighting you’re after, look no further than our Brooklyn outdoor & bathroom range! If you’re unsure which IP rated light you require for different parts in your bathroom, you can check out our handy diagram.

In the morning we’d want to wake up feeling energised, with a shower to wake us up, whereas in the evening we’d want to unwind and relax with a long bath, there needs to be a balance between ambient and task lighting in the bathroom.

Industrial task lights in bathroom setting

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Dome Wall Light – 8 Inch – Pewter & Brass, by Industville

Pendant lights or flush mounts are perfect for ambient lighting, casting the ideal amount of light over the room. Whereas, wall lights are the idyllic task lighting, either placing them either side of your mirror or one above, making applying make-up or shaving easier. 

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is the most challenging place to light up, due to regulations. Unlike the usual dull and boring options, our range of outdoor lights are stylish and waterproof, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style for functional lights.

Outdoor lighting not only illuminates your garden, but they also provide security. Whether you prefer a flush mount, pendant, wall light or bulkhead, our lights come in three main colours; copper, brass and pewter, giving you a wide choice to select from.

Siobhan Hayles Interview

Siobhan Hayles is an interior designer based in Devon, after working in luxury travel, she moved to Cornwall where she offered clients an end to end service designing holiday homes. After completing an Ivy House Design course, she moved to Devon and now works as a freelance interior designer and property stylist; we caught up with her to find out where she finds her inspiration, what trends she thinks we’ll see more of in 2019 and how decorating each room differs.

How important is lighting in interior design?

Lighting in interior is very important; people always underestimate how many lights they need in a room for great lighting. It’s all about the layers of lighting, I would advise on a combination of bright, functional lights and stylish, vintage lights that really bring out character.

Home interior design inspiration

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light – 8 Inch – Pewter & Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by Siobhan Hayles Interiors)

What differs in decorating different rooms such as the bathroom, living room, hallway, kitchen and bedroom?

Every room of the house requires different levels and layers of lights; hallways require something characterful to tell a little about you and providing an introduction to your home. In the bedroom, a few layers of lights are needed; functional, bright lights that are there to light up the space, combined with soft, relaxing lighting that can be used to bring a calming atmosphere.

The bathroom is another room that needs layers, soft lighting to enjoy a nice calming bubble bath while also some bright lights for task lighting. In the kitchen, I like cage light and exposed bulbs with a clear bulb, as the kitchen needs bright lights for tasks. For the living room, wall lights above the sofas with amber bulbs are perfect for relaxing and cosying up with a book.

Rustic looking bathroom interior

Brooklyn Glass Dome Wall Light – 8 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by The Rust & The Wolf – Siobhan Hayles Interiors)

What inspires you when working on client’s projects?

With my clients I get to know who they are, what music they listen to, what art they like, these are all important factors when decorating a space; it has to reflect the individual. It’s not a one size fits all, it’s all about finding out what each person wants.

Home decor inspiration

Brooklyn Dome Wall Light - 8 Inch - Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Siobhan Hayles Interiors) 

How do industrial style lights fit in with your work?

Industrial lights have an extremely versatile look to them, fitting in with various types of interior, from high-end luxury to contemporary interiors. I’ve used Industville lighting in Devonshire Cottages, Georgian Style Townhouses, a Victorian terrace and three commercial spaces this year alone! 

Brooklyn Balloon Cage Pendant – 6 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by Siobhan Hayles Interiors)

Which interior trends do you think we’ll see in 2019?

Dark kitchens are still going strong! We’ll see an increase in bold walls with daring colours, patterns and wallpaper. Greenery will also make a comeback, with homes incorporating more plants, as well as tropical and palm prints.

We loved catching up with Siobhan and to hear her thoughts on our lights! We hope this blog has given you an insight into the type and style of lighting that is required in each room of the house. If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team or leave us a comment on social media! As always, we love seeing your pictures, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram - @Industville – or by using the hashtag #Industville.