Metallics The 2020 Trend

Expert Tips To Get The Perfect Metallic Look

Everywhere you look this year, you’ll see metallics! From copper industrial wall lights to brass candle holders and pewter plant pots. Rather than an individual metallic being the focus of interior design, 2020 will see all shades being popular!

If you’re thinking about which metallic will work best in each room of your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. Read on, get inspired and discover why metallic interiors will shine bright this year!

Think Industrial

Here at Industville, we live and breathe all things industrial, using raw, high-quality materials in the creation of each of our products. We saw interior designers embracing the industrial trend over the last few years; instead of concealing natural elements, they’ve been embracing them!

Industrial design has taken a cosy turn and is no longer seen as a cold and dark warehouse décor but rather has a modern twist by incorporating earthly toned natural textures such as leather, marble, wood and brick paired with metallic lights for a homely yet authentic feel.

Opt For Copper

The warmly toned metal can work wonders in any space of the house, adding a luxurious feel to any room the metallic is placed in. Copper was the most popular metal last year, and this shows no signs of slowing down this year - this finish will help create a modern and bold look in your home décor or business space.

Copper is used as a standout feature, so is best placed in interiors with a neutral background so that the colour can really make the room pop.

Copper lights whether they are flush mounts, wall lights or pendants can completely transform the feel of the room. You can then incorporate copper accessories to complement the light fixtures, either in the kitchen with appliances, in the bathroom with copper taps or in the bedroom with photo frames, tying in the colour scheme for a chic finish.

Copper In The Kitchen

Dark kitchen and metallic lights interior

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch – Copper, £89, by Industville (Image supplied by @Dreambound74)

This warmly toned metallic is also perfectly placed in hallways as the colour sets the tone as soon as you walk into a house. A statement copper pendant is a perfect way to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Copper tones also work incredibly well with minimalistic commercial interiors. Lighting in restaurants is key as it sets the tone of the establishment and copper lights add warmth and character to a space.

Go Bold With Brass

Last year we saw the warmer toned metallics being in the spotlight, and just like copper, brass is also showing no sign of slowing down. Interior designers have been incorporating the warm hue metallic in kitchens and bathrooms for the last few years as it adds an elegant touch, but this year we’ll see interior designers incorporating brass accents in every room!

Dark kitchens are growing more popular, becoming more mysterious and more daring. Black, navy and dark grey tones look eccentric in kitchen interior, and brass is the perfect tone to contrast against the darker colours, giving the cool tones a splash of warmth.

Kitchen interior design with trio of metallic lights

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 8 Inch – Brass, £69, by Industville (Image supplied by @KettleCoKitchens)

Brass Looks Stunning In The Bathroom

Brass also works incredibly well in the bathroom; we’ve seen brass taps being introduced more and to give your bathroom the ultimate luxurious feel, why not pair a brass wall light with a brass mirror to create a vintage feel?

Brass metallic accents in bathroom interior

Orlando Wire Cage Wall Light - 4 Inch – Brass, £49, by Industville (Image supplied by @Resi_UK and Home design by @Resi_UK)

Dark bedroom interiors are also going to be big this year. Brass pairs perfectly with dark, mysterious hues as the metal makes darker interiors more enticing, characterful and adds an idyllic glow.

‘‘We love our Industville Brooklyn Cone Wall Lights; the brass goes perfectly with our deep blue wall colour, and they give the perfect amount of reading light in our bedroom. We like them so much that we have ordered some matching pendant lights for the kitchen!’’ - @ruthzoo

Dark kitchen interior with brass metallic lights

Brooklyn Cone Wall Light - 7 Inch – Brass, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by Ruth Hill - @ruthzoo)

''I absolutely love these Brooklyn Dome Pedants. I got them in Pewter to work well with our kitchen and in brass to complement our Royal blue dining chairs. They are great quality and value and make great statement pieces. Excellent customer service and very quick delivery. Highly recommend.'' - @velvet_and_ash

Velvet blue dining chairs in a dining room with brass lights

Brooklyn Dome Pendant - 13 Inch – Brass, £69, by Industville (Image supplied by @velvet_and_ash)

Brass In Commercial Interiors

Place brass lights in commercial interiors for a look that screams vintage class and adds plenty of warmth and charisma. Placing statement lights above mirrors in a barber shop will give both the barber and the customer the perfect amount of light for a positive experience.

Barbers interior design trends

Swan Neck Round Wall Light - 11 Inch – Brass, £89, by Industville (Image supplied @Ruffians)

Be Powerful With Pewter

This cooler-toned metallic has the perfect rustic vibe. Pewter isn’t as much of a statement as brass and copper, and if you’ve already incorporated warm tones in your interior, then pewter metallics could be the perfect match for you.

Cooler toned metals bring a more modern aesthetic to interiors as the hues are more minimalist. Minimalistic interiors rely on neutral colours to not cause too many distractions, and pewter lights are the perfect way to add a statement while also ensuring the décor is kept simplistic.

Make A Statement 

Pewter is the model metallic to channel the original industrial vibe, as the interior trend initially focused on neutral colours - think panels of wood paired with pewter exposed pipes. Our pewter lights are the perfect way to channel the original trend, becoming a statement piece.

Metallic lights in home decor

The Globe Collection Pendant – Pewter, from £69, by Industville (Image supplied by @callown)

The décor rule is that when designing your interior, you should go for colours that are opposite to each other on the colour spectrums. So, if you have a bright, warm orange tone, you’d want to pair it with something cooler such as greys to not have an overpowering décor.

Lighting In Restaurants

Poor lighting in restaurant interiors will have a negative impact as lighting creates the ultimate ambience in restaurants and helps to generate the perfect dining atmosphere. Successful restaurants will pay close attention to the lighting they use as it sets the tone of the establishment, adds plenty of character and establishes sophistication.

Metallic lights in a restaurant interior

Brooklyn Step Pendant - 16 Inch – Pewter, £104, by Industville (Image supplied by @RestoranJuur)

Mix & Match Your Metals

You no longer have to decide between which metallic tone you want to incorporate into your interior; we’re a massive fan of mixing metals when combining metals, you should think about the temperature contrasts.

Warmer toned metals pair perfectly with cooler toned metals as they have different undertones. We embrace the clashing of metals as it creates an authentic and unique interior. When you mix warm hues with cool, it creates a luxurious yet minimalistic look.

Metallic tones can be found in many of items from artwork to chair legs and decorative pots to lights. Our lights come in a combination of Pewter and Copper and Pewter and Brass colours, both bringing a warm glow to any interior they’re placed in.

Metallic tones in interiors create so much character, whether you opt for warmer tones such as copper or brass or decide that the cooler-toned pewter is the perfect match for your décor.

Find Your Perfect Light

We have a variety of lights to choose from which all bring personality to any space, and if you can’t decide which tone would look best in your interior, why not go for a combination? If you need any more tips about how to incorporate metallics into your home or business, we cover five ways to do so in one of our previous blogs.

We hope this blog has inspired you to add metallics into your interior this year; we’d love to see what you create. Follow us on Instagram to be inspired by all of the home décor trends this year!

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