Mid-Century Modern: The Interior Trend You Need To Know About

Mid-Century Modern: The Interior Trend You Need To Know About

Every day, new interior trends are appearing all over our feeds, from brand new trends to revitalising old ones with a twist. One of our favourite trends at the moment is Mid-Century Modern, the décor which became popular in the 1950s focuses on clean lines, an array of textures and a timeless décor. This interior style has been popular for many years, and it’s not difficult to see why. In this blog, we’re going to explore the style, why you should look at incorporating it into your interior, as well as how you can too!

Mid-century modern living room interior with vintage pendant and blue velvet sofa

Sleek Large Edison Pendant - 1 Wire – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @oakappledecor)

Why Go Mid-Century Modern?

A timeless and elegant style, Mid-Century Modern is all about opting for clean lines and an understated look. The décor is meant to be practical and provide comfort to all those who set foot in the space, focusing on natural elements and the structure which is already in place. This beautiful trend is the perfect way for you to focus on the finishing touches and allows you to really bring your interior to life!

Incredibly charming and bringing bundles of character, Mid-Century Modern is showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. With a design which is a timeless classic, opting for this décor in your interior will mean your space will never go out of fashion.

Focus On Durable, Natural Materials

Mid-Century design is all about working with what is already in your interior. Rather than conceal those exposed brick walls or wooden beams, make use of them! Not only are utilising industrial materials in your interior stunning, but they’re durable too, meaning they will last for years to come. Using materials such as wood, brick, brass and copper have incredible benefits to your well-being; helping to spark creativity, reduce stress and improve concentration.

All of our products here at Industville are handcrafted with durable, high-quality materials such as brass and copper. These stunning metals never go out of fashion, so they are perfect for a Mid-Century Modern interior! Our range is incredibly versatile, which means whatever the style, whether that’s Mid-Century or not, they’ll compliment your interior, adding a touch of luxury.

Vintage-inspired bedroom interior with patterned wallpaper and industrial pendant

Sleek Large Edison Pendant - 1 Wire – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @oakappledecor)

Create A Bold Statement

One of the characteristics of this trend is to make a bold statement but in an understated way! The perfect way to add a Mid-Century bold statement is by putting the focus on your ceiling. A trio of our copper pendants are placed above this kitchen island, with the simple lines and patterned floor, they create a focal point. The copper of the shades pair with the copper elements in the furnishings, tying the interior altogether. All of our pendants come with a 1M flex cable which you can re-wire to any colour, or length you wish!

Open-plan kitchen interior with trio of copper pendants over kitchen island

Old Factory Pendant - 12 Inch – Copper,  & Black Round Fabric Flex - 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, by Industville (Image supplied by @house_on_little_red_hill)

It’s All About Handcrafted

The accessories and furnishings used in Mid-Century Modern interiors are all handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. All of our products, from our stools to our range of vintage lighting are handcrafted, using a technique which craftsmen used 100 years ago to ensure each product is authentically vintage and individually finished.

Glass vintage pendants being made in Industville factory

Brooklyn Glass Cone Pendant - 7 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by The Wright Brothers + Factory images by Industville)

Add A Colourful Pop

With a distinctive colour palette which includes pretty pastels, neutrals and rich hues, there is sure to be a Mid-Century Modern colour which fits in with your aesthetic. When it comes to adding a pop of colour into your décor, it is best to keep it simple and opt for one or two colours, as this is what the design is all about. With a pop of yellow, an alluring navy and a bold piece of art, this bathroom blends both modern with vintage, and our brass pendant helps to tie the interior altogether.

Navy bathroom decor with graffiti and brass pendant

Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Dome Pendant - 8 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @mamashepshouse)

Mix & Match

When it comes to adding your personal touch, why not craft your own light? With 1,000’s of combinations, you are able to mix and match to create something unique to you! Whether you mix different tones, varying shades or create something completely new, here at Industville, we encourage our customers to be creative!

If you need a helping hand with your lighting, whether that’s help with your lighting layout, lux levels calculations or you want to see your own vision come to life, we offer a free custom lighting design service!

Simplistic Elegance With Sleek

Another characteristic of Mid-Century Modern is sleekness. Think smooth lines, simplistic accessories and a focus on the detail. Our sleek range is a beautiful way to inject a bit of Mid-Century modernism into your décor! The simplistic yet modern design makes them the perfect fit for any interior style, the design allows the focus to be on the exposed bulb, cascading an alluring glow across the space.

Cosy corner in a home with dark walls, brass wall light and pink velvet chair

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by @fixingupfarnley)

Opt For A Modern Chandelier

Combine the old with the new with a modern chandelier! Create something quirky and unique by opting for a modern chandelier. Whether you’d like to mix and match the shades, choose a cluster of lights or expose vintage bulbs, our range of lights are the perfect way to add a modern edge to the classic chandelier. Our 5 wire pendant was placed above this dining table, bringing a modern-esque edge to the classic styling, and the results are stunning!

Modern chandelier placed over a dining room table

Brooklyn 5 Wire Pendant - Brass - Includes Shades, by Industville (Image supplied by @off_the_wall_interior)

Add Some Artwork

When it comes to artwork during the Mid-Century, there was a wide range of art styles. So, if you’re thinking of going Mid-Century, you can choose any style of art you wish and still encompass the trend! The key thing to remember is to select art which reflects your personality and not overdoing it, as this interior trend is about showcasing things you love, in a decluttered way. Select pieces which are unique and original to make your interior your own, we dedicate our showroom walls to original work from aspiring artists, browse the range here.

Dark Forest - The Sentries by Bob Dawson

Dark Forest - The Sentries by Bob Dawson

Mid-Century Modernism is a beautiful way to decorate your interiors. Allow your personality to shine through by stripping your décor back to clean, simple lines which only showcase the things you actually love. The ideal accompaniment for this popular design is vintage lighting, helping to add timeless class to your interior, and the high-quality materials used will ensure you’ll have a fixture for years to come! If you’re unsure on the type of light you require, whether that’s the style or finish, why not visit our London showroom or one of our stockists? With various stores across the UK, you’ll never be too far to finding your perfect light!

What are your thoughts on the Mid-Century Modern interior trend? Will you be incorporating it into your interior? We’d love to know! If you’re looking for some Mid-Century inspiration or interior design inspiration in general, be sure to browse our Instagram feed and Pinterest boards for bundles of inspiration!

Featured Image Credit: Home Design by @Resi_UK