New Year, New Interiors

January marks the beginning of a new year, which is the perfect time to think about renovating our homes; whether this is a complete refresh, a lick of paint or new vintage lighting. New Year’s is the right time to plan for the year ahead and to schedule in when you can redecorate. We’re here to inspire you all year round and wanted to give you some points to consider when thinking about renovating and decorating this year, later on in this blog we speak to Nigel Havers, one of our customers who created the perfect industrial décor when renovating, here’s to a creative 2019!

Think Outside The Box

Be creative, your home is your haven, and you can achieve whatever look you wish. In our interview with Nigel Havers which comes later on, he talks about thinking outside the box and created this fantastic interior, embedding vintage lighting into a wooden beam, which is incredibly creative and completely transforms the space. When thinking about your interior, go as unusual as you like and create something unique and interesting, Pinterest is a great place for inspiration.

Consider 2019 Trends

We’ve already seen predictions for what interior design trends will be taking over our homes in 2019. The ones we’ve seen the most of are; velvet, dark kitchens, tropical vibes, nude tones, patterns and industrial lighting, you can read more about each of these trends here. If you’re looking at redecorating be sure to do some research on the upcoming trends and get inspired!

Find Something That Works For You

Interior design trends are there to inspire you, but it’s important to find something that works for you. If you don’t like the look of the 2019 trends, be unique and discover what suits your home and style. With interior design, it’s not one size fits all and something that may look great in another home may not look great in yours. If you need more inspiration, follow us on Instagram, where we post an array of our customer’s incredible interiors, from dark kitchens to chic bathrooms and cosy hallways to cute home offices.

Get Inspired

Our clients inspire us on a daily basis, receiving multiple interior renovations we are constantly impressed with their creativity. Therefore, we wanted their thoughts on renovating and redecorating and how they made their dream interiors become a reality, take a look at these before and after photos!



Dark kitchen interior design

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 8 Inch – Pewter, £69, by Industville (Image supplied by @mylittlegreyrenovationhome)



Renovated kitchen and dining room space

Brooklyn Cone Pendant – 12 Inch – Brass, £69, by Industville (Image supplied by @thenewfrontwall)


Before photo of a studio space


Renovated interior design space

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 18 Inch – Pewter & Copper, £299, by Industville (Images supplied by Woolwich Print Fair design photos @restoringlansdowne)

Interview with Nigel Havers

We had the pleasure to speak to Nigel Havers, who in his spare time is an avid interior design enthusiast, he completely renovated his kitchen into an industrial dream, we talk about the project in more detail, got his thoughts on our lighting and got to see some incredible pictures!

Firstly, tell us more about your project?

It started as a small project which grew. We found an old piece of wood from a barn that was pulled down, to add additional character to the new kitchen and provide direct lighting over the sink area. The beam looked unique, this fabulous piece of old oak which was cleaned, dried over a few weeks, then finally put together into the lighting beam using a custom combination of Industville lighting components, over a weekend.

We can see a lot of raw materials being used, is a natural interior the look you were going for?

Carrying the industrial themes, this LED-bulb style industrial look was important for us. We had to argue with our designer to add a classical industrial kitchen ducted steel tube - exposed in our kitchen! Most people would probably have it hidden, but we wanted it exposed to add to the urban character of the kitchen.

Copper toned industrial lights in a renovated kitchen

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 8 Inch – Copper, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by Nigel Havers - @nigel.havers)

We love that the lighting is embedded in a hanging wooden beam, where did you get the inspiration for it?

I just wanted to create this suspended piece, creating artwork to fill the spacious high ceiling area. At first, we thought of using it as a fake beam, but when we realised during construction more lighting was needed over the sink area it seemed like the perfect fit. It was so unique and contrasting this old timber offsetting the new house extension. These fabulous lighting components such as the Brooklyn lights we used, add to the character and in itself become features, that have given our house value.

Copper retro lights in a renovated kitchen setting

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 8 Inch – Copper, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by Nigel Havers - @nigel.havers)

What made you choose Industville?

It was very simple, seeing your website and comparing it to other sites, you've got the best range, particularly the industrial style which we were looking for. In my search, Industville by far had the best selection of lights, bags of character, lots of finishes such as copper, you get that old aged look, so you can pick and choose a different range.

We found this one company that did similar lights, but they were far too expensive and as we were reworking our house, we noticed our budget getting stretched but the price range of Industville was reasonable considering the great quality. Pinterest kind of led us to you and a few web searches showed that there wasn't a lighting range quite like yours.

How did Industville lighting help bring your vision to life?

It's a shame we couldn't get down to see the showroom before we bought our lights to see them in person, but your technical team that I called a few times, were great and so helpful. For the bathroom, your team chatted to us, and they were really helpful and gave us some excellent recommendations, based on the look we described.

How did you decide which lights went into each room? How does each room differ in style?

In the kitchen, we purposely added orange-style light to give warmth to the exposed raw materials. It was just missing the homely feeling which is completely fixed now.

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 8 Inch – Copper, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by Nigel Havers - @nigel.havers)

The hallway is meant to be welcoming, and still, we were using the copper interior with outer darker shades, they give defined pools of light.

Retro lights in a hallway

Brooklyn Cone Pendant – 7 Inch – Pewter, £69, by Industville (Image supplied by Nigel Havers - @nigel.havers)

 The bathroom was meant to be fun; it’s over the top for such a small room, the lighting especially gives it character. We bought the cage lighting to give it the wow factor, so that when someone comes in when they notice the lights first and think wow! - that’s literally the factor we were going for and succeeded in implementing.

Vintage lights in a bathroom

Orlando Cylinder Wall Light – 3 Inch – Pewter, £49, by Industville (Image supplied by Nigel Havers - @nigel.havers)

Copper lighting and wood are trending right now, did this inspire you for this look?

I think copper is trending, we were surprised when we were looking for copper accessories, there’s a good range and wide variety everywhere now, but quality varies. I love that exposed metals are trending, five years ago products were fully painted, but now raw materials are trending – like wood, copper, and alloy. When we started adding copper, we thought what an appealing warmth it gives, again contrasting the sharp raw industrial theme in the room. We notice that increasingly, restaurants and bars are adding this warm and dark look to bring character to their renovations, and we wanted to bring that to our home too, so that was another way we got some of our inspiration.

In your search for the right kitchen for your house, have you noticed anything that is trending in interior design for 2019?

I think the industrial look has started to trend increasingly and is continuing to be a big feature in kitchen interiors. We had two designers create designs; both provided us with industrially themed plans.

This natural theme in kitchens, a theme with particularly wood, exposed wood, metal rather than the high glossed ones have started getting popular, which takes us back to a more natural style which we were aiming for. Like the timber, that’s certainly where we wanted a piece of that in our home.

Nigel has left us feeling incredibly inspired with his creative and innovated interior. Industrial décor is set to grow even more in 2019, with many interior designers incorporating it into every room of the house. If you need any help with deciding on what lights to choose or have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Nothing makes our day more than seeing your pictures, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram - @Industville or by using the hashtag #Industville, here’s to a New Year full of good interiors!

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