Project: The Farmer's Mistress

Project: The Farmer's Mistress

There are several factors that drive the demand for handmade products, including uniqueness, limited availability, and brand story. Consumers want to purchase items that are one of a kind, represent some form of history, and have profound stories to tell. Any product with these qualities convey a sense of familiarity, resonating with customers and provides a unique selling point that will keep clients coming back for more. Read on to discover how indulgent, handmade coffee and bespoke, handcrafted lights make the perfect match!

Vintage lighting in The Farmer's Mistress

The Farmer’s Mistress is an independently owned eatery in the heart of Battersea and boasts a self-confessed ‘naughty’ menu including delicious dishes, mouth-watering cakes, tasty treats, wines and superfood cocktails. All of the food is produced from fresh, seasonal and natural ingredients, allowing you to indulge on snacks and drinks virtually guilt-free.

retro lighting infront of cafe sign

Much like Industville, The Farmer’s Mistress focus is on handcrafted and unique products that set them aside from the crowd. Whether it’s a top-secret ingredient or a custom-designed lighting fixture you won’t have seen anywhere else; giving your customers something to remember you by is vital to success and survival in the ever-competitive consumer landscape. As with many things, you get out what you put in to a project, and when you’ve spent the time to perfect every last detail, all your hard work will be rewarded by positive results.

Industrial style cafe lighting

Here at Industville, we love to help businesses of all types and sizes realise their dream interiors with the help of our vintage industrial lighting solutions. Whether you’re looking for urban chic with a contemporary twist or classic country cottage with a more traditional vibe; there’s a retro lighting shade for everyone and one that can put your home or business in the best possible light – quite literally!

handcrafted retro lights

Joanna Gascoigne is the founder of the wonderful eatery, and she had a vision to create something healthy yet indulgent for customers so that they could strike an even balance, but she also needed the perfect interior design to match her winning idea, which is where we came in. She wanted to create a practical yet decorative interior that was stylish and classy, but relaxed and comfortable for everyone. The interior needed to reflect a casual dining space that could flow effortlessly from day to night, with the help of mood lighting. She wanted a contrasting combination of classic and contemporary to achieve a relaxed farmer vibe with specs of glam to represent the mistress element.

cafe interior designs

Joanna used two designers to help with the layout, but designed the interior finish by herself, along with dimension interiors, meaning she could have everything exactly how she wanted it. When it comes to her experience with Industville, she said she was 1,000,000 per cent likely to recommend Industville to a member of family or a friend, as was she 1,000,000 per cent likely to consider our company when looking for a similar product in the future.

Industrial cluster lighting

We asked Joanna, what was the brief and challenges you faced during the project?

“We wanted to create a very welcoming casual style eatery that looks stylish and classy but relaxed and comfortable for everyone. 

I needed different section lighting that all blends together also and the quality and range (at Industville) were exactly what I was looking for. The products are top quality and they have a fantastic customer service full of knowledge and expertise. I feel like I have a premium product at a reasonable price and it’s the style, range, price and customer service that sets Industville aside from the rest.”

retro lighting

Are you a small business owner looking for a revamp? Perhaps you’ve just had a winning idea, like Farmer’s Mistress, and are looking to get the project underway. Or maybe, you just fancy treating yourself to a home décor update. Whatever your reasons, don’t hesitate to browse our extensive range of vintage, retro and antique lighting fixtures today! All of our products are available in high numbers, meaning you won't have to scour the internet for originals, and they can be dispatched the same day for fast and efficient delivery. If you have any questions at all, or would like some help in securing your dream lighting solution, don’t hesitate to contact a dedicated and passionate member of the Industville team who would be more than happy to help!

Industrial style lighting


Featured Project: The Farmer's Mistress