Go Rustic: The Interior Design Style You Need To Know About

Go Rustic: The Interior Design Style You Need To Know About

The style that is full of character; celebrating raw materials, a neutral colour palette and bringing the outdoors in, rustic interior design is a trend you’ll want to know more about this year! From using natural materials to incorporating soft colours into your décor, we’re going to explore the ways you can bring the vibes of the seaside into your own interior.

Opt For Raw Materials

The whole idea of rustic interiors is to connect the indoors with the outdoors; the perfect way to do this is by opting for raw materials. Think about replacing floors with wooden panels or exposing brick walls we tend to hide. Another way to embrace raw materials is by opting for shabby chic looking furniture, such as weathered side tables or even wooden wall art.

Industrial lighting pairs perfectly with raw materials as they work seamlessly together to create a rustic dream! Our 5 wire pendant complements the wooden materials in the interior below. These beautiful lights are available in our three finishes; copper, pewter and brass, all being easily customisable with a variety of different shades to suit your own unique style!

Rustic decor in a kitchen interior

Brooklyn 5 Wire Pendant – Brass – Includes Shades, by Industville (Image supplied by @mather6855)

If your home is old, keep the original architectural detail which speaks truly of the rustic trend and oozes character! If your home is a new build, you can easily replicate the feel with reclaimed wooden beams and vintage accessories.

Calm It With Soft Colours

Science suggests that softer colours can relax you and the idea of rustic décor is transporting you to the seaside, picture the waves gently hitting the pebbles and you’ll instantly feel relaxed. Neutral colours help to soothe our minds after a stressful day, and therefore the serenest of colours is usually recommended.

Industrial kitchen design with exposed beams and vintage lights

Brooklyn Cone Pendant – 12 Inch – Brass, by Industville (Image supplied by Charlie Kingham Kitchens)

Think about colours such as creams, taupes, olive greens and duck egg blues, stripping the bold colours from your interior allows you to focus on the finer details. They’re also a great way for you to put the focus onto the accessories and furnishings you want to incorporate to create a style unique to you.

Focusing on welcoming beiges and gentle blues, the living room interior pictured below is a rustic dream! Our handcrafted pendant blends in beautifully with the neutral tones, adding in the ideal amount of character.

Handcrafted ceiling pendant in living room interior

Handcrafted Wire Cage Pendant – 11 Inch – Round, by Industville (Image supplied by @housereno1920)

Put The Focus On The Ceiling

Ringing true to the unique style of the trend, many rustic interiors put the focus on the fifth wall – the ceiling! When you picture rustic décor you instantly think of wooden beams, they not only look great, they also help to tie the interior together.

Copper ceiling lights in a rustic interior decor

Brooklyn Dome Pendant – 8 Inch – Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by @Nigel.havers)

The perfect way to add a warm glow into your interior is by incorporating copper lights which add that warm summer glow which is lusted for all year round. Copper accessories work seamlessly with wooden elements, adding a modern twist into the contemporary feel of the rustic trend.

Copper flush mounts in a rustic interior decor

Brooklyn Dome Flush Mount – 13 Inch – Copper, by Industville (Image supplied by Charlie Kingham Kitchens)

Go Green

Although the rustic interior trend focuses on a softer colour palette, it’s also about bringing nature in and what better way than to introduce a splash of green? Green represents nature, oozing balance and harmony. A splash of colour helps to bring your interior alive for a twist on the contemporary look on the trend.

Another material which is commonly used in rustic decors is panelled walls as they add an authentic touch and character to any space they’re placed in. The splash of green on this panelled wall adds a vibrant feel, especially when paired with a stained-glass window and our pewter wall light!

Green panelled wall with stained glass window and industrial wall light

Orlando Wire Cage Wall Light – 4 Inch – Pewter, by Industville (Image supplied by @talesofsilverdale)

Finishing touches in an interior are what tie the whole interior together, so if you’re looking for a subtle way to incorporate a hint of green the perfect way to do so is by including a coloured Fabric Flex Cable with your vintage ceiling lights.


Go Rustic Glam

Not usually a pair you’d hear together but rustic and glam work incredibly well together, it’s a combination which is hard to perfect, but when it is, has incredible results! The elegant feel of glam paired with the old-fashioned look of rustic oozes style.

The ideal way to ensure you get the combination right is by introducing subtle glam accessories such as glass lighting. Our glass wall light pairs perfect with the white panelled wall and neutral textures which are spread throughout the space.

Rustic bedroom interior with panelled white wall

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light – 7 Inch, by Industville (Image supplied by @the_indigo_house)

Think Outside

Although we’ve covered bringing nature in throughout the blog, we can’t forget about taking the rustic charm outside too! Come rain or shine, there is nothing like getting a breath of fresh air, and even more so in an interior, you love.

Terrace  with outdoor wall lights and a bright pink front door

Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Sconce Wall Light – 12 Inch – Black, by Industville (Image supplied by @apairandaspare)

We have the perfect outdoor range allowing you to light up every space around your home. We understand the need for consistency; therefore, our ever-expanding range of weatherproof lights are the perfect way to channel the rustic vibes!

If you’re looking to change up your interior this year, the rustic trend could be perfect for you. Our industrial lights are incredibly versatile, working with any interior style, including the rustic trend! Do you have an interior you’d love to share with us? We’d love to see it! Tag us on @Industville - or by using our hashtag - #Industville.

Featured Image Credit: @medieval_barn_location