How To Incorporate Structured Simplicity Into Every Room Of The Home

Deriving from the Nordic Retreat interior trend of 2019, structured simplicity is all about stripping interiors back to basics, using neutral colours and high-quality natural materials to create a calm, cosy and relaxed space.

Switch the bold and daring colours for new neutrals; these tones help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and help to emit a zen feeling.

Structured simplicity works in every room of the home, helping to uplift and regenerate to create an inviting space which you can retreat to after a long day. In this blog, we’re going to look at how you incorporate the trend into every room of the home!

The Bedroom

The room we start and end our days in, the bedroom should be a restful space. If the space is full of clutter and incredibly busy with the décor, it can be hard to switch off. This is where structured simplicity works incredibly well in the bedroom.

By stripping your interior back to basics and only featuring items which are needed, will help to create a serene and tranquil space. The décor doesn’t have to be bare, but by incorporating natural materials will help craft a relaxed space.

Be Minimalistic

If you want to incorporate a darker colour into your décor, ensure that there are plenty of neutrals to help balance this out. In this bedroom interior, a darker colour was used on the walls but is balanced out with a white panelled wall and neutral furnishings.

Bedroom interior with dark walls and white panelling and industrial wall lights

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light - 7 Inch, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by @the_indigo_house)

Two of our Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Lights are placed either side of the bed above the bedside tables; this helps to free up space and create structure. Sconce lights are perfect for placing over bedside tables, many hotels do this to help create a tranquil space, and the design of our glass wall lights emit that feeling!

The Bathroom

After a stressful day, there is nothing quite like having a long soak in the bath. Bathroom interiors tend to be quite simplistic. However, there is no need for the décor to be dull!

The structured simplistic interior trend is all about having clean lines, and if your bathroom is on the smaller side, this trend will help to open up your space to create a spa-like feel.

Brass & White = The Perfect Pair

White tends to be used quite a lot in bathroom interiors as the colour reflects light and makes a room appear larger. However, it can be hard to make an all-white bathroom visually appealing. By introducing white tiles with black grout, helps to add depth.

Incorporating brass accents into your bathroom décor helps to add a luxurious touch. Our Brass Bulkhead lights are placed either side of the circular brass mirror to bring character into the space!

White bathroom interior with brass mirror and brass wall lights

Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Oval Light - 6 Inch – Brass, £99, by Industville (Image supplied by @lunaslittlehouse, Photo by @snookphotograph - Fitted by @ashislandlofts)

The floating shelves with a touch of greenery, minimal products on display and our waterproof wall lights help to bring the structured simplicity trend to life!

As Featured In Good Homes Magazine

Our Brass Bulkhead wall lights were featured in December’s edition of Good Homes Magazine. Helping to create a serene and spa-like bathroom, the industrial design of the lights suits the structured simplicity trend perfectly. Our Bulkhead range is incredibly versatile, as well as being IP65 rated, meaning you are able to light up even the trickiest of areas with style!

Good Homes Magazine – December 2019 Issue

Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Oval Light - 6 Inch – Brass, £99, by Industville (As featured in Good Homes Magazine – December 2019 Issue - Image supplied by @lunaslittlehouse, Photo by @snookphotograph - Fitted by @ashislandlofts)

The Kitchen

Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is the place we eat, plan and catch-up. Kitchen interiors have become incredibly popular over the past few years, and with the increased popularity, comes plenty of kitchen trends!

Structured simplicity works really well in the kitchen, as the simple lines help to craft a clean look. The kitchen can become cluttered and messy when preparing meals, so the simplistic look helps to work in unison with this.

Create An Illusion

A perfect way to make a space appear bigger is to paint the cabinets the same colour as the walls. This works particularly well in smaller kitchens. To encompass structured simplicity in the kitchen, choose a neutral colour palette; such as greys, beiges and whites. To bring the interior to life include textures and fittings, such as a marble worktop and industrial Lights to add focal points.

Open plan kitchen interior with trio of industrial pendants over kitchen counter

Sleek Cone Pendant - 7 Inch – Pewter, £69, by Industville (Image supplied by @house_of_capes)

A trio of our uniquely handcrafted pendant lights are placed above this kitchen island, bringing structure and allowing light to reflect, perfect for cooking! Raw materials have been used in this kitchen, such as the marble worktop and wooden stools, and the glass doors help to bring in plenty of natural light.

The Living Room

Structured simplicity doesn’t need to be overly minimalistic; it’s about incorporating accessories and features which mean something to you. In the living room, you’ll want to create a relaxed and comfortable space to allow you to switch off and cuddle up after a long day.

Bring unrefined finishes, handcrafted elements and artisan-style features into the room to design an understated and honest décor. It is essential to invest in high-quality pieces which will last a lifetime, than opt for quick-fix buys.

Think About Placement

Composition is key in this interior trend; the room shouldn’t feel cluttered but instead planned. The mementoes placed on this shelf are thought about and aren’t overly cluttered, which helps to create a relaxed space while still adding some personality into the room.

Simplistic living room interior with sleek wall light

Sleek Edison Wall Light – Pewter, £29, by Industville (Image supplied by

Our Sleek range is perfect for structured simplicity; they’re designed to be simplistic yet modern, making them ideal for any room of the home as well as any interior style. Putting the focus on the exposed bulb, our Pewter Sleek Wall Light is a beautiful way to cascade an alluring light across the living room!

The Hallway

Usually, hallway interiors aren’t thought about, as we don't tend to spend too long in them. However, the hallway is the gateway to your home and often is the first thing people will see when visiting your home, so it’s key to make a good first impression!

Think About Storage

The hallway is often used to store items such as coats and shoes. There are numerous ways you can add storage into your hallway, so to encompass the structured simplicity trend, think about clever storage solutions. If your hallway isn’t big enough for hidden storage, strategically place coat racks or hooks to create unison.

Hallway interior with pewter wall light

Brooklyn Flat Wall Light - 8 Inch – Pewter, £79, by Industville (Image supplied by @Blackshorestyle)

Pair neutral walls and cupboards with darker elements to add visual interest. Using raw materials in interiors helps to bring plenty of character. All of our industrial lights are uniquely handcrafted with high-quality raw materials to ensure they stand the test of time.

Our Brooklyn Flat Wall Light is used in this hallway to blend in with the simplistic, chic feeling this décor emits and the results are simply stunning!

The Outdoors & Garden

One of the best things about structured simplicity is that the interior trend is timeless and will always be on-trend. Think about safety and creating an inviting space. We tend to do a lot in the garden, from alfresco dining in the summer to enjoying the crisp mornings in the winter. Therefore, your outdoor space and garden should be thoroughly thought about.

By opting for neutral colours and high-quality features, you will ensure you are able to enjoy the space with friends and family for many years, without the worry of the style going out of fashion.

Think About Lighting

As we utilise the garden more nowadays, you are able to add style to create a beautiful space with further investment into waterproof lights.

Here at Industville, we have a range of waterproof Lights, perfect for the garden. We are continuously expanding our range to bring more styles and finishes to you.

Garden interior with trio of industrial wall lights

Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Round Light - 8 Inch – Gunmetal, £89, by Industville (Image supplied by 3D Boffin)

A trio of our Bulkhead Lights are placed on this garden wall, as they’re perfectly in-line they add clean lines. The modern design of the home helps bring structured simplicity to life. By incorporating high-quality, stylish and waterproof lights, you are ensuring that your outdoor space will look simply beautiful for years to come!

Looking To Add Some Cosy Accessories?

Structured simplicity is about focusing on the textures and accessories in your interiors to ensure that the neutral colours pop. A subtle yet stunning way to add texture to your lighting fixtures is to use our Fabric Flex Cables, coming in over 50 colours and two different styles; round and twisted, they’re the perfect way to add a simple touch of texture.

Neutral coloured fabric flex cables

Linen Twisted Fabric Flex - Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, £4, & Cream Round Fabric Flex - 3 Core Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire, £4, by Industville

Reflect your personality and inject some character into your interior with some artwork. A piece of wall art, like the painting below, will work wonders when paired with a neutral wall. The grey tones will add visual interest and a focal point to any room they’re placed.

Money Tree by Andrew Ekins

Money Tree by Andrew Ekins

To allow aspiring artists a platform to showcase their incredible artwork, we feature numerous pieces of art on our site. So, whatever the style you’re looking for, find a piece perfect for you and your home!

Structured simplicity is all about creating a warm and welcoming interior and can be incorporated into every single room of the home. Invest in accessories which reflect your personality, our range of industrial Lights are the perfect way for you to light up your interior, whatever your style!

If you’re in need of some inspiration, we upload to our Pinterest and Instagram profiles daily, to encourage you to let your creativity shine! If you’ve got an interior you’d like to share with us, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram - @Industville – or use the hashtag #Industville. We love to see what you create!

Featured Image: Alice Mctavish

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