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The Complete Guide To Salon Lighting And Design Ideas

An example of salon lighting by Industville

If you are looking to open a brand-new salon, or give your current business a well-deserved renovation, there’s plenty of interior design factors to consider. Comfortable chairs with extravagant massage settings are a must, along with state-of-the-art sinks, luxurious towels and robes and even a well-equipped coffee station. Clients visiting you at the salon are not only looking for a new do, but also a rare few hours to themselves where they can sit back, relax and be pampered. A visit to the salon is not only an essential service, but an experience, and it is the quality of the time they spend there that will have them return to your salon time and time again in the future.

With that in mind, it’s a wonder that the lighting arrangements of a salon are quite often overlooked. The atmosphere provided by the way in which the lights are designed, positioned and how that light is distributed can impact both how a client will feel about the service provided and their opinion of the salon itself. Given that the importance of salon lighting is largely underestimated, we have decided to create a helpful guide for any salon owners, existing and aspiring, on the various aspects to consider when it comes to lighting and how it can help to create the optimum environment.

Below you will find three major areas to consider before choosing salon lighting, along with five rules to abide by and a testimonial from a leading barbershop in London and how Industville helped them to create a stylish and effective interior.

An example of salon lighting by Industville

How to Choose the Right Colour Index

One of the most important traits of salon lighting is that it accurately represents and reflects colour. While it’s important that the client looks and feels a million dollars whilst in the chair, there needs to be an element of accuracy in how the colour will look the minute they step outside. This is vital to ensure repeat customers will trust the beautiful colour you have created and are more likely to re-book. How well a bulb can render colour is decided by its Colour Rendering Index, which refers to quality of light and its ability to accurately render colour.  As a general rule, salon-style lighting should have a rendering index of 86 or higher, and professionals such as our passionate and dedicated team will be able to help with that. 

How to Flatter Your Customers

Most salons will aim for a warm lighting solution, which will flatter both the appearance of the client and the design elements of the salon. Cooler counterparts will often mirror that of daylight, grey out any warmer parts of the interior and wash out guests, which is the last thing you want to do. Bulbs are usually available in a range of temperatures, from very warm to cool, and once you’ve decided on an estimated bracket for your salon, you may wish to consider experimenting from each end of the spectrum until you find the one that works for you.

How to Remove Shadows  

How a guest looks and feels in the chair is critical. Creating an environment that is selfie-ready for all your #FreshFade snaps, without the need for cute filters, is of paramount importance and will greatly impact how they feel about the overall visit to your salon. One of the best ways you can guarantee this is by positioning lighting at either side of the mirror, alongside a functional lighting solution throughout the salon. In this sense, wall lighting such as the Vintage Sleek Edison Wall Light is the best option for next-to-chair lighting, while a low-hanging pendant such as the Brooklyn Antique Flat Industrial Pendant could be used in central areas for a space-saving yet stylish focal point. 

An example of salon lighting by Industville

 Follow These 5 Rules of Salon Lighting:

  • Make the most of natural daylight where possible, but remember to respect the privacy of your clients. No one wants to be exposed to a busy high street with a head full of foils.
  • Light within the law. It’s imperative that lights comply with UK regulations as this could affect the validity of your insurance. Ensure you buy from a reputable business or trader such as Industville, where you will be able to ask about conformity.
  • No space? No problem! Smaller salons can use the lighting and the mirrors in conjunction with each other to create the illusion of more space.
  • Use a variety of lighting styles, including a combination of wall and pendant lights such as the Vintage Industrial Bulkhead and the Vintage Sleek Edison Dome for the optimum atmosphere.
  • Ensure the main lighting solution is enough for the tasks that need to be done. Your stylists should not need to rely on additional sources of light such as a lamp, which may result in the interiors seeming cluttered.

Here at Industville, we provide the best-quality salon lighting solutions for an interior that is as practical as it is decorative. If you have any questions about salon lighting, please do not hesitate to contact us today, where a member of our knowledgeable and professional staff will be able to help. Allow your salon to shine as brightly as your platinum highlights, and work with Industville!


Image credits: Rogue Barbers, Ruffians and Drakes of London

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