The Ultimate Guide To Dining Room Interiors

Elevate your dining room experience, whether you use this room on a daily basis or on special occasions define the space and give it a touch of style.  

Here at Industville, we have come up with a complete guide to dining room interiors, including how you can make the most out of yours for an interior to be proud of, that will inspire family and friends that visit. Read our extensive checklist, before browsing our extensive collection online for the industrial dining room lighting that works for you!

Choose your theme

As with many things in life, consistency is key, meaning you should decide upon a theme that is apparent throughout your home. Be it a modern, urban space looking for that little something extra with our futuristic cluster lights or a classic, country cottage after an antique wall sconce to cement more traditional vibes; there’s a light to suit every style at Industville. Keep in mind your chosen theme when selecting colour schemes, furniture and accessories.

dining room interiors

Cluster lights for a unique twist

A recent interior trend in kitchen and dining room areas involves hanging multiple lights above the table or breakfast bar for an impressive finish. Our globe collection means that you can suspend lights of your preferred colour and style from the same outlet, for a stylish effect that is totally your own.

dining room interiors

Work effectively with the space available, be it big or small 

Smaller spaces may choose to opt for bar stools as opposed to chairs, because they can be easily tucked under the table and out the way; particularly useful for kitchen/diners. Provide a sense of cosy comfort in your living space with stylish retro bar stools. They are notable for their smooth lines and timeless design giving character to every table. 

dining room interior

Create an atmosphere with wall lights

There’s something truly special about antique wall lights, the ambience they provide to the rest of the room and the vintage nature of their role through time. Whether you opt for classic bulkheads for a nod towards the nautical or caged lights for a slightly more retro feel, the way in which you light the room can help you to create the desired atmosphere.

dining room interiors

Opt for originality wherever possible 

Being original is the number one trend for interiors in 2018, with many striving for a décor that can be set aside from the rest of the crowd. Gone are the days of pining over catalogue images, and instead, people are searching for originality in any which way they can. All of our lights are handcrafted, and can be designed to preference via our bespoke services, meaning each fixture can be as wonderfully unique as the next. Those looking to separate themselves completely can also opt for original artwork available at Industville, and is also a way of supporting aspiring artists. Who knows, you might even secure yourself a masterpiece! 

dining room interior

Use large statement lights for a fabulous focal feature

Another trend making waves in the world of interior design is positioning a large, statement light above a table or breakfast bar, making for a spectacular-looking spotlight over social areas. Not only is this functional, cascading light to the main focus of the room, but it also looks fantastic and will certainly make a lasting impression on your visitors. Our giant step, bell and hat ranges are the perfect way of achieving the look, and can be purchased in the latest on-trend shades including copper, brass and pewter. 

dining room interior

Detail creates perfection. Remember the little things.

As with many things in life, when it comes to the interior design of a dining room, the devil is in the detail. Whether you are matching flex cable with feature walls or light holders with curtain rails; these little details will not be left unnoticed by guests. Our bespoke services mean lights can be painted in any RAL colour of your choice, allowing them flexibility to fit in with your interiors.

dining room interior

Quality over quantity EVERY time.

It may come as no surprise that quality trumps quantity every time in home interiors, even if that means searching a little longer for your perfect pendants. Here at Industville, we use high-quality, raw materials for a handcrafted, authentic finish that will contribute to the pure nature of your décor. We use the best possible copper and brass, and this is noticed immediately with the powerful impact provided by shades.

dining room interior

Say ‘yes’ to budget-friendly options

As mentioned previously, we use only the finest, high-quality materials but that doesn't mean that our fixtures come with the same eye-watering price tag that you might expect from such excellent condition. The price of our products is widely in line with other high street alternatives, but rest assured, you are not sacrificing on quality. Our products start from £29, and the high-quality nature of the shades and the bulbs make for a long-lasting light that will continue to dazzle for years to come.

We hope this has provided you with some light inspiration for your dining room renovations, or at least something to consider for projects in the future. If you’d like further information on any of the products, or advice from any of our in-house specialists, please don't hesitate to contact the Industville team today, where someone will be happy to help! 


Featured Projects: Burley Manor by Ben Harcom Photography, @siobhanhaylesinteriors,, marks_and_rowe_interiors, Jordan Evans, @emily.musker, Martin Lee 
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